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30 Best David Beckham Hairstyles

As a fashion icon, David Beckham has always been widely followed as a proxy for the latest and most popular hairstyles for men. In recent years, the David Beckham haircut is an undercut on the sides and back with longer hair on top to create a fashionable slick back, comb over, buzz cut or faux hawk. With several different looks, David Beckham’s hairstyle has been a great inspiration for guys looking to experiment with new cuts and styles. Some men may want to experiment with a buzz cut or slicked back undercut for a cool short hairstyle, while others might consider a longer style for a casually trendy look. To inspire you with ideas, we’ve compiled a list of the best David Beckham hairstyles. From short to long hair, explore these stylish haircut styles to find a cool look!

David Beckham Hairstyle

David Beckham Hairstyles

David Beckham Short Hair

David Beckham’s short hair is a stylish look that took center stage for much of his soccer career, highlighting his rugged and masculine style. These short hairstyles have been low-maintenance and refreshing with a shorter cut on the sides and longer hair on top. With strong facial features, the footballer has rocked everything from a military buzz cut to a daring undercut with a comb over.

David Beckham Short Hair

To keep up with his fashionable wife Victoria Beckham, his style never look unkempt. Instead, he maintains a uniform length with regular trims for a sleek and cool look. For an effortlessly sexy appearance on and off the pitch, David Beckham invests in a high-quality wax, pomade or styling cream to create natural texture and movement.

David Beckham Short Hairstyle

David Beckham Long Hair

David Beckham’s long hair is a versatile and trendy style that has been synonymous with the star’s playful energy and youthful look. During his younger years, Beckham’s longer hairstyles were often styled with shoulder-length hair that was left loose or tied up into a loose ponytail or man bun. Medium to longer hair can be a challenge to style and maintain but can give guys a hot vibe. To recreate his flowing long styles, you’ll need to grow your hair out and add light layers for definition.

David Beckham Long Hair

Long styles work best on straight hair as it lies flat, but you can attempt these styles on wavy or curly hair for a bolder look. You’ll want to wash your hair with a quality shampoo and conditioner to add moisturize and fullness to your look. When styling, consider a light hair clay or cream with a matte finish for a textured effect.

David Beckham Long Hairstyle


The David Beckham undercut is an edgy haircut style that creates the contrast necessary to style a bold look with the longer hair on top. While there are different types of cuts, the disconnected undercut has been Beckham’s favorite style. This popular cut features longer hair on top with a sharp transition on the sides and back for a modern look. Beckham likes to style a slicked back undercut with a textured finish, but the cut works with many different hairstyles. Great with a comb over or quiff, this stylish haircut can look classy and subtle or casually chic and fun.

David Beckham Undercut

David Beckham Slicked Back Undercut


The David Beckham fade is a short haircut that offers a low-maintenance and cool look for guys who want a modern cut. The fade haircut features tapered hair on the sides and back with longer hair on top, resulting in a trendy style that pairs perfectly with all the most popular men’s hairstyles. You can choose a low, mid or high fade and ask your barber to taper the cut into the skin for a clean finish.

David Beckham Fade

David Beckham Fade Haircut

Comb Over

The comb over is a classic style for guys who favor a timeless, fashionable appearance. David Beckham’s comb over makes the most of his thick hair and he often wears it slicked back or combed into a gentle side part for an elegant, formal look. He builds volume and texture in the crown with a strong wax or pomade for events but will blow dry his hair and fix it with a light hairspray for casual days. To keep all hairs in place, check your hair carefully in the mirror and slick down any cowlicks by brushing hair in the direction of growth.

David Beckham Comb Over

David Beckham Comb Over Haircut

Buzz Cut

The David Beckham buzz cut is a military-inspired style that looks ruggedly handsome with no styling necessary. Buzzed haircuts are short and low-maintenance, making them great styles for athletes. During his career, Beckham has rocked everything from an extremely short buzz cut to longer variations like the crew cut. To achieve this look, ask your barber to use clippers with a number 1, 2 or 3 guard. For a softer look, consider a longer style with a skin fade haircut on the sides and back. Guys can choose between an even length all over or a tapered cut that creates contrast.

David Beckham Buzz Cut

David Beckham Buzz Cut Haircut


The David Beckham quiff is an excellent hairstyle for guys who want a timeless look with volume and style. Stylish with a fade or undercut on the sides, Beckham typically keeps his hair short to medium length when styling a quiff. To get an elegant look, ask your barber for a classic taper haircut with extra length on top. Experiment with a bald fade for an edgy finish that blends the sides into the scalp. Using a matte styling wax or light-hold pomade will give your hair texture without weighing it down for a dapper look.

David Beckham Quiff

David Beckham Quiff Haircut

Faux Hawk

The David Beckham faux hawk is a daring hairstyle that the famous soccer player rocked in his younger days and spoke to his punkish, playful side. While he got into more sophisticated cuts later, this spiky style contributed to Beckham becoming a fashion icon. As a less-extreme mohawk, the faux hawk haircut features short shaved sides and longer hair on top that is spiked up towards the middle of the head. To recreate this trendy look, use a strong pomade or wax and spike your hair in different directions.

David Beckham Faux Hawk

David Beckham Faux Hawk Haircut


The David Beckham pompadour is an elegant hairstyle that offers versatility and height for a cool look. The pomp can be worn tousled and spiked for a disheveled look or slicked back for a fashionable style that’s ideal for professional settings. The front and middle of the hair are typically kept long, but the sides can be tapered to add contrast and depth. Keep the lines neat for a timeless look that’s always on-trend.

David Beckham Pompadour Haircut

David Beckham Pompadour


The David Beckham mohawk is an edgy and extreme haircut that put the soccer player on the map as a guy willing to push boundaries. He began his soccer career with shorter styles but began to switch things up by pushing his hair upward and rocking a shorter back and sides. To get a mohawk that won’t look severe, avoid shaving your sides and ask your barber for an undercut or taper faded haircut.

David Beckham Mohawk

David Beckham Mohawk with Shaved Sides


The David Beckham mullet is a retro hairstyle with a modern twist that worked to look stylish and cool. The style features tight sides and relatively short hair at the front and longer hair at the back. Beckham makes this cut look good by keeping the difference between the back and the sides less pronounced. This gives him a relaxed style that looks fresh and put together without giving him a country vibe. He uses styling creams and waxes to lightly push the hair back and visits his barbers for regular trims to avoid looking scruffy.

David Beckham Mullet

David Beckham Mullet Style

Crew Cut

The David Beckham crew cut is a charming haircut that looks preppy and handsome on guys who need a low-maintenance professional style. The crew cut has been a fashionable look for years and continues to be a popular trend. Beckham frequently sported this Ivy League style during his football days as it allowed him to look good on the pitch without affecting his gameplay. To add dimension to your style, consider pairing your crew cut with a classic fade for a sophisticated vibe. For a rugged casual appearance, grow light stubble or a full beard.

David Beckham Crew Cut

David Beckham Crew Cut Haircut

Messy Hair

David Beckham frequently made waves in the fashion industry with his messy hair. Although he typically looks polished and put-together, Beckham’s layered locks and messy bangs turned him into an attractive bad boy. To get his rebellious style, ask your barber for choppy bangs and layers. You’ll need decent length and volume to work with, so be prepared to grow out your hair for a few months before trying this look. For more texture, use a styling wax or pomade and pull your hair into different directions for a disheveled bedhead vibe.

David Beckham Messy Hair

David Beckham Messy Hairstyle


The David Beckham cornrows is an iconic style that remains as one of the footballer’s most memorable looks. These types of braided hairstyles look best on black men who want a protective low-maintenance look. There are many different cornrow styles for guys to consider so make sure to visit a barber that specializes in black hair for assistance.

David Beckham Cornrows

David Beckham Cornrow Styles

Spiky Hair

David Beckham’s short spiky hairstyle has become one of his most popular looks, offering a bad boy style that complements light facial hair. With a taper haircut on the sides and back, spiky hair can look clean and universally flattering for guys who want a cool business professional cut.

David Beckham Spiky Hair

David Beckham Short Spiky Hair