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40 Trendy Perm Hairstyles For Men

Men with curly hair are fashionable again, which means perms for guys are becoming popular. If you’ve always wanted to try a wavy or curly hairstyle, a perm is your chance to experiment with this unique hair type. While curls can be hard to manage, perm hair offers unique styling options worth the extra effort. Once your hair is permed, you can try different cuts and styles to find the perfect look.

To inspire you, we’ve compiled examples of the best perm hairstyles for men. From tight to loose and short to long, explore these popular perm styles to find a sexy look.

Perm Hair Men

What Is A Perm For Guys?

A perm is the chemical process of converting straight hair into wavy or curly hair. Also known as a man perm or merm, perm hair can work for men with short, medium-length and long hair as well different types, resulting in a universally-flattering look.

Versatile and modern, perm hairstyles can also be styled with loose or tight curls to accommodate any preferred styling. Popular perm styles range from the short curly hair fade to flowing long hair. A short hair perm can be finished with a fringe, comb over, or faux hawk while long curly hairstyles maximize flow and movement.

Perms For Guys

With the added volume and fullness, permed hair offers limitless styling ideas. Once you get a perm, guys can experiment with a number of cool cuts and styles to find the right look.

Types of Perms For Men

There are many types of perms for guys to get. While men can get curly hair at home, perming at a salon provides longer-lasting results. If you’ve been encouraged by male perm styles and want to make your hair curly, then it’s time to compare the different types of perms for men.

Perm Hairstyles For Men

Perm Hair Men

Short Hair with Perm

A short hair perm is a low-maintenance and trendy hairstyle. If you want the volume a longer curly hairstyle offers, but without all of the weight, this is a great option. Your curls will be tighter and more defined this way, and the perm gives off a youthful look.

Short Hair Perm

Short Hair Perms For Guys

Medium Length Perm

A perm with medium length hair is the more relaxed and effortless version of this technique. You can keep the curls more natural by using a curl cream or go for a more professional appearance by using a curl-defining spray. No matter how you style it, this easy cut will shine.

Medium Length Perm

Long Hair with Perm

Achieve that rocker image by going with a long hair perm. Stemming from the 70s, this curly hairdo is a modern twist on a retro classic. When deciding to go with this longer hairstyle, make sure to grow your hair out more than usual because once curled it will be shortened.

Long Hair with Perm

If you’re really looking to bring back this old-school curly hairstyle, you can pair it with a trimmed goatee or a bushy beard.

Men's Long Hair Perm

Fade with Perm

Curly hair can be styled a number of ways, including combining a perm with a fade. A popular option for the modern man, the short hair on the fade emphasizes the curls even more and makes it appear that your hair has more volume than it does. If you go with a fade, you can pick from many different types of fade haircuts.

Fade Perm Men

Whether you choose a low, mid, high, skin, bald, drop, temp, or taper fade, the men’s perm will always be the focus. Versatile and trendy, you’ll be able to style your curly or wavy hair on top in a number of cool ways to experiment with different styles.

Men's Perm with Fade

Undercut with Perm

You can further define your curls by going with a perm and undercut. The undercut essentially does the same thing as a fade, creating contrast and emphasizing your curly hair on top. However, an undercut gives you that little bit of extra edge and works well with a hard part or line up. To make the contrasting lengths really stand out, keep the hair long on top to create a long fringe.

Perm Undercut

Loose Curls Perm

A loose perm features more relaxed curls and a more casual finish. Whether you just want wavy hair or loose curls, this style works can be enhanced with a light cream or mousse for extra control, texture and volume.

Loose Perm Men

We also recommend you keep the sides short with a fade or undercut to focus the eyes on the styling on top. Ultimately, the loose curl perm is a favorite among guys.

Loose Curl Men's Perm

Tight Curls Perm

A tight perm can be more difficult to style, but well-defined curls can also be completely worth the extra trouble. The tight curls perm is ideal for short to medium-length hair. Use a strong pomade or curl-enhancing smoothie to keep the kinky coils on top bouncy and frizz-free.

Tight Curls Perm Men

Tight Perm Men

Wavy Perm

A wavy perm can be achieved when your curls start to loosen and stretch out, eventually transforming into waves. Wavy hair can also be the result when men try to perm medium length to long hair. Ultimately, wavy perms offer a unique textured style that can elevate any good men’s hairstyle. Guys should use a light styling product like mousse or cream to control yet maximize the wavy effect.

Wavy Perm Men

Men's Wavy Perm Hair

Light Perm

Light perms can be great for men with long hair. How lightly your hair gets permed depends on the strength of the treatment process as well as how thick and straight your locks are beforehand. Generally, a light perm can give you cool waves that are well-suited for most trendy hairstyles.

Light Perm Men

Fringe with Perm

One of the most on-trend men hairstyles is a perm with a fringe. A curly hair fringe takes advantage of natural curls and makes bangs. Keeping the fringe long in front creates drama on top and is an option for men who wish to cover their foreheads. While you can keep the hair the same length all the way around, you can pair this fringe with a fade to draw even more attention to the permed hair in front.

Curly Perm Hair Fringe Men

Comb Over with Perm

Add a little more drama by combining your curly hair with a comb over. The perfect look for men with short to longer hair, the comb over perm is a diversion from a normal side part since guys can get more creative with their styling. Whether you sweep your curls all the way over to one side or let some of your hair hang over your forehead, the hairstyle is meant to be sophisticated and fashion-forward.

Comb Over with Perm

Curly Perm Hair Crop Top Fade

Another good team up with a perm is a French crop. A permed crop top fade hairstyle keeps the hair on the sides short and uniform to accentuate the hair on top. It also works for men with different face shapes and hair textures. However, if you decide to go for this styling, make sure to keep the hair long enough on top to highlight the curls and to achieve the classic cropped haircut.

Curly Perm Hair Crop Top Fade

Curly Hair Perm with Drop Fade

For those interested in going for an extreme appearance and to shake up the norm, a perm with a drop fade is the way to go. To achieve this hairstyle, your stylist will likely curl the center and either leave the side hair straight or curl it as well. If the sides are straight, the style will blend better into the drop fade. This contrast in lengths is extremely modern and striking.

Curly Hair Perm with Drop Fade

Faux Hawk with Perm

A curly faux hawk is the latest take on the classic mohawk. The fohawk works nicely with wavy, thick, and straight hair since you have the volume and bounce already built-in. Your barber will keep the sides short with a fade or undercut to highlight the styling on top. To style, simply add hair products to push and spike the hair in the center.

Faux Hawk with Perm

Bleach Hair with Perm

Get that classic sun-kissed look when you bleach your perm. The blonde hair stands out, especially in the summer, and can be worn by a wide variety of men. If you’re interested in this style, make sure to give yourself enough time between bleaching and curling as both require chemicals and you don’t want to damage or dry out your hair.

Bleach Hair with Perm

Hard Side Part with Perm

To create even more definition, pair your perm with a hard part. This curly side part hairstyle is all about contrast, and looks particularly stylish with a skin fade on the sides and back. Your stylist will shave a thick line to create the hard part, and you’ll want to part your hair naturally to the other side of your head.

Hard Side Part with Perm

Long Fringe with Perm

Permed hair with a long fringe is a great way to boost your natural curls. A short fringe works well with this type of permed men’s hairstyle, but a longer fringe with curls creates even more volume and dimension to your overall look. It can also be an option for men who wish to cover their larger foreheads.

Long Fringe with Perm Men

Skin Mid Fade with Perm

Try upgrading your style by pairing a mid fade with a perm. This is a substitute to an undercut for those you are looking for a less severe appearance but still want the edge that a skin fade haircut provides. The mid fade will highlight your curls on top and keep you looking fresh and fun.

Skin Mid Fade Haircuts with Perm

Middle Part with Curly Perm

An alternative to a side part, the middle part with a perm is perfect as a cool curly style. Popular during the 90s, this parted hairstyle is simple yet stylish, and will stand out in any crowd.

Middle Part with Curly Perm

Mohawk Perm

Be a trendsetter by going full out with a mohawk perm. This look is bolder and more daring than a faux hawk but can be styled tastefully, if necessary. To style a curly mohawk, you’ll need to use styling products and blow-dry the look in place.

Perm Mohawk

Curly Hair Perm Pompadour

If you’re wanting even more volume on top, try pairing your curls with a pompadour. This timeless hairstyle may have been made famous by Elvis Presley, but modern men are updating the pompadour. A straight hair pompadour is traditional and easy, whereas teaming it with curly hair creates a more dramatic and tousled appearance. This style can be achieved with short or long hair, depending on your cut and look.

Curly Hair Perm Pompadour

Volume Perm

Boost your curls to the next level by going with a voluminous perm. Perming your hair doesn’t just achieve a head of luxurious curls, it can also be to give your hair volume and thickness. Getting this look is similar to the traditional process accept, you remove the shaping rods before a neutralizer is applied. Your curls will be looser and will naturally fall around your face.

Volume Perm Hair Men

Digital Perm

A digital perm is a popular modern type of hot perm that results in softer, looser curly hair. Instead of a traditional perm, the digital perm uses hot rods with a temperature system that is controlled by a machine that has a digital display. The process thermally reconditions men’s hair, allowing your curls to last longer. Effective and fashionable, most men love how soft, smooth, and shiny their curly hair feels after a digital perm.

Digital Perm Men

Body Wave Perm

A body wave perm for men gets you a looser type of curl. Ideal for medium to long hair that doesn’t easily hold curls, body waves can give you the necessary texture and styling required for a trendy wavy hairstyle.

Body Wave Perm Men

White Men with Perms

The white guy perm looks good with many of the best men’s hairstyles today. Popular curly styles include tapered, faded or undercut sides with short to medium-length curls on top styled into a fringe. Apply a light styling product for a clean, handsome finish.

White Men with Perms

Black Men with Perms

Black men with permed hair can enjoy a variety of cool, rugged hairstyles. Long and messy curly black hair looks great with a temp fade. On the other hand, short to medium-length perm hairstyles can be low-maintenance and easy to achieve. Pair the look with a beard for a sexy, handsome look.

Black Men with Perms

Asian Men with Perms

Asian men like being able to change up their hairstyles with a perm. Known for their thick straight hair, Asian guys with permed hair can benefit from a new dimension to their style. From waves to tight curls, experiment with an Asian perm for texture, volume, and flair.

Asian Men with Perms

Perm Hair For Boys

Teenage boys are loving the perm. Boys with permed hair look stylish, especially when they get the curly fade haircut. Loose or tight, perm hairstyles stand out in the crowd at school. Invest in a good hair product to stop frizz and keep the look in place all day.

Boys Permed Hair

Perm Hair For Boys

How Much Does A Perm Cost For Guys?

On average, men’s perms cost between $50 and $150. The price of a perm for guys depends on your location, the salon, stylist, the treatment, the type of perm you choose, and the amount of time it takes to get your hair permed.

How Much Does A Perm Cost For Guys

For men with short hair, expect to pay on the lower end; prices are higher for long hair. If how much your perm will cost is a concern for you, consult your stylist before following through with the treatment.