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50 Best Short Haircuts For Men

If you want a new look, short haircuts are a popular choice for men who want a stylish and masculine style. Short men’s hairstyles can be versatile, low-maintenance and effortlessly cool options that can help create a chic, modern look.

Whether you need a business professional cut for work or a cool and casual look for school, these stunning short haircuts for men will elevate your look with a fresh style. Some men will want a short cut on the sides and back with longer hair on top for a fashionable finish, while others may prefer a taper fade with a cropped top for a rugged style.

When looking for trendy haircut styles, there are almost limitless choices that can make the process overwhelming.

To inspire you, we’ve compiled examples of the best short haircuts for men. From classic to modern, these popular men’s short hairstyles will help you find cool looks for your next barbershop visit.

Short Haircuts For Men

Short Hairstyles For Men

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a simple short hairstyle that offers a timeless and classy look. This classic men’s haircut features short hair on top with an even shorter cut on the sides and back. Most guys will ask their barber for a fade or undercut to complement the longer top. The crew cut hairstyle can be styled textured, messy, spiky, or swept to the side. To style the crew cut, you’ll want to use a good men’s hair product like a matte pomade, wax or clay. Guys with thin or thinning hair should use clay for a textured finish that will make their hair look thicker.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut Haircut

Comb Over

The comb over is a modern men’s hairstyle that exudes class and style. With short sides and longer hair on top, the comb over haircut is typically cut with a fade or undercut. You can choose from many different types of fades, including the low, mid, high, skin and drop fade. The short comb over works well with all hair types, creating a business professional hairstyle for guys who want an elegant and versatile look. For an edgy touch, you can always ask your barber to shave a hard part for a more defined style.

Comb Over

Comb Over Fade Haircuts


The fade is a short haircut to get on the sides and back, giving guys a low-maintenance and modern cut that looks sleek. The fade haircut will taper the sides and blend the hair shorter for a seamless finish. This haircutting technique can be paired with many different hairstyles to create contrast with the longer hair on top. The low taper fade is ideal for business professional styles, while the high fade provides an edgy and sexy cut. The mid fade can be the perfect option between high and low, tapering the hair for a balanced look.

Short Fade Haircuts

Fade Hairstyles


The quiff has become one of the most popular hairstyles for men, offering a stylish and classy look that works great with short hair. The quiff haircut is often paired with an undercut or fade that shows off the texture and styling of the longer hair on top. When styling, use a strong pomade or wax to maximize volume and create a casual look. If you’re looking for a fashionable style, the quiff continues to be a cool barbershop trend.

Quiff Hairstyle

Modern Textured Quiff

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a very short haircut that looks great with thick hair for a rugged style. This military-inspired hairstyle comes with short hair all over the head, making it a low-maintenance cut for guys who want an effortless and simple look. For a modern variation, you can ask your barber for a fade haircut on the sides and back. The buzz cut fade can be paired with a line up to clean the hairline and accentuate the sharp masculine haircut. Whether you want to cut your own hair at home with professional clippers or just need a classic cut to get at the barbershop, this style is worth experimenting with.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut Fade

French Crop Top

The French crop is a charming men’s style that features short hair on the sides and a longer fringe. This crop top haircut is cut with a fade to accentuate the shorter hairstyle on top. Similar to the Caesar cut, the crop top fade is often styled by applying a matte pomade and then brushing the hair forward. The bangs in the front can be choppy or blunt, but the look is undeniably chic and natural. Well-suited for guys with thick, straight and wavy hair, this cropped style can be a way to transform your style.

French Crop

Crop Top Fade

Messy Hair

If you want to stand out, a messy hairstyle can be an easy look for guys who want an edgy and relaxed style. Short messy styles are effortlessly cool and simple to achieve, allowing you to tousle your hair for a loose and fun finish. Use a light styling product to create a disheveled look with your hands or just let your hair fall naturally.

Messy Hair

Short Messy Hairstyles


The undercut is a trending men’s haircut that features an iconic and stylish way to cut short sides. The undercut hairstyle is trimmed all one length, creating an even cut all around the sides and back. Some guys will pair the undercut with a fade for a blended cut, while most prefer a disconnected cut that is defined and distinct. The undercut can be paired with different types of haircuts such as the slick back, comb over, faux hawk and pompadour to create cool styles.

Undercut Haircuts

Short Undercut

Slicked Back Hair

The slick back is a retro hairstyle that requires combing all your hair straight back for a sleek look. For a modern style, guys will want to pair the slick back hairstyle with a short fade or undercut on the sides to highlight the longer hair on top. Ideal for straight thick locks, slicked back hair can be styled with a strong pomade or wax. For thin or thinning hair, consider using a matte product for a textured natural finish that will give your hair a fuller look.

Slicked Back Hair

Short Slicked Back Hair

Spiky Hair

The spiky hairstyle has made a fashionable comeback, offering a daring and cool look for guys. Spiky haircuts are attractive for teen guys and young men who want to stand out. With a taper fade or disconnected undercut, short spiky styles look best with a textured finish. Use a matte wax or clay styling product to create thick spikes.

Spiky Hairstyle

Spiky Hairstyles For Men


The blowout is a shorter style featuring trimmed sides and longer hair on top that is brushed up and out. Combined with a taper fade haircut, this new hairstyle looks fresh and smooth for all occasions. To do a blowout, you’ll need a quality hair product, brush and blow dryer. Apply your styling product all over and use your fingers to lift the strands. With low heat, use the hairdryer to keep the style in place.


Blowout Taper Fade Haircut

Side Part

The side part is a classic gentleman’s hairstyle that has stood the test of time. Perfect as a casual and formal style, the side part haircut typically starts with tapered or faded sides to create the necessary contrast. To style, the short hair on top is swept to the side with a comb. Keep the look retro and wet with a high-shine pomade or apply a matte styling product for a textured finish. For an edgy touch, ask your barber to shave a hard part or line into your hair. The side part exudes elegance as a neat and structured look.

Side Part Haircut

Side Part Fade

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is a modern style for guys who want a tamed version of the mohawk. Also known as a fohawk, this eye-catching short haircut offers a trendy and versatile look. With taper faded sides, you can style the faux hawk by spiking your hair on top and pushing the strands towards the middle of the head. Less extreme than a traditional mohawk, the short faux hawk fade is a cool hairstyle for any guy to try.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Fade

High and Tight

The high and tight is a very short military haircut that features a skin fade on the sides and back with a trimmed style on top. This low-maintenance hairstyle works well with straight, wavy or curly hair and will give you a masculine clean-cut look that is easy to pull off. Whether you want a fresh summer cut or a simple style all year, the high and tight fade can be styled with ease.

High and Tight

High and Tight Haircut

Ivy League

The Ivy League is a type of men’s shorter hairstyle with tapered sides and a side-swept longer top. As a combination of the side part and crew cut, the Ivy League haircut looks smart and refined, making it an obvious choice for preppy boys and modern gentlemen. Using a lightweight hair product, this sophisticated style is achieved with a side swept fringe for a polished look.

Short Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League Fade Hairstyle


The fringe is a cool hairstyle for modern guys who want to style longer hair in the front. Fringe haircuts come with tapered sides and short hair on top with slightly longer bangs. Popular with teenage boys and young men, this style is brushed forward to cover part of the forehead. Whether you keep it neat and structured or messy and carefree, the look is youthful and stylish.

Fringe Haircuts

Fringe Hairstyle Men


The mohawk is an edgy hairstyle that usually features shaved sides and a strip of hair in the middle of the head. While the traditional version requires clean-shaven sides, the modern mohawk comes with a fade for a less dramatic haircut. The mohawk fade comes in many styles, giving some guys the bad boy look they want. If you prefer a shorter top, you can get a wide and thick mohawk with a high skin fade. Use a high-hold product to keep the hair up and spiky all day.


Mohawk Fade Haircuts


The pompadour is a high-volume hairstyle that’s made a huge comeback in recent years. The short pompadour comes with extra volume and length in the front, allowing guys to create the signature pomp for that slick swept-back style.

Short Pompadour

Pompadour Fade Undercut

Side Swept Undercut

For guys with short to medium-length hair, the side swept undercut offers a sexy modern look that’s hard to beat. The short sides are clean and conservative for the modern gentleman, but the combed over hair is left flowing and playful. Guys can use a light styling cream or pomade for the perfect finish.

Side Swept Undercut Haircuts

Short Side Swept Undercut

Short Hair with Beard

Take your short hairstyle to the next level with a beard for a ruggedly handsome look. Growing a thick beard can be a great way to add another dimension to your style. To keep a clean look, make sure to maintain and groom your facial hair regularly for a clean-cut yet masculine touch.

Short Hair with Beard

Short Hairstyles with Beard

Very Short Haircuts

Very short hairstyles are always easy and simple to get with the right barber tools. With a bald fade on the sides, these edgy modern styles are effortless to style and maintain. You can even cut your own hair at home with good hair clippers.

Very Short Haircuts

Very Short Haircuts For Men

How To Style Short Hair For Men

When styling short hair, you’ll want to start with a good haircut from a professional barber and invest in quality styling products. The most popular haircut styles have a taper, fade or undercut on the sides and back with longer hair on top. With short to medium-length hair, you’ll be able to style all the best looks for a stylish finish.

  • To style short hair, make sure to start with clean washed hair that is towel-dried and left slightly damp.
  • Use a quality hair styling product that offers the right hold, shine and texture for your hairstyle.
  • For a neat and structured look with a shiny finish, you’ll need a strong pomade or gel.
  • To get a textured look for a natural finish, apply a matte pomade, wax, or styling clay.
  • For volume and hold, blow dry your hair with low heat to keep it in place all day.

How To Style Short Hair For Men

Popular Short Haircuts For Men

The most popular short haircuts for men are the comb over fade, textured quiff, crew cut, slick back undercut, French crop, faux hawk and modern mohawk. These stylish men’s haircuts can look great with different hair types, lengths and textures, offering guys a versatile style that will always look handsome.

For a natural-looking textured style, you’ll want to use a hair product that offers a matte finish with some hold. A beard can be the perfect complement to a shorter hairstyle. Whether you want really short or medium short hair, these haircut styles will boost your confidence and make you look and feel good.