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40 Sexy Men With Long Hair

Long hair on men continues to be a popular trend that’s fashionable and versatile. Men with long hair have a range of cool hairstyles to choose from that can show off naturally shiny and healthy locks. Whether you have a medium long to really long hair, long hairstyles stand out and turn heads, offering a youthful hunky look that women love. Hot guys with long straight hair can combine flowing styles with an undercut and beard to create a very masculine, sexy finish. As men’s haircuts trend more towards textured longer styles, now is the perfect time to start experimenting with a new look. If you’re looking for ideas and styling options, check out these guys with long hair to get inspiration. From long haircuts to different ways to style men’s long hair, our guide will show you everything you need to know about trendy long hairstyles for men.

Guys with Long Hair

Guys with Long Hair

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa is envied by men and loved by women thanks to his incredible locks that gracefully fall to his shoulder. What sets the Game of Thrones actors apart from most men with long hair is that his mane is messy, giving it an effortless vibe that most guys would kill for. Because it’s long, Momoa’s hair is also very striking, making it the perfect combination.

Jason Momoa Long Hair

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has had many hairstyles in his long and esteemed career; however, the one that revived his career and brought him back to prominence was his long, straight locks that he grew out for the role of John Wick. Instantly stylish, Keanu Reeves’ long hair has another appeal – it’s edgy. Synonymous with grunge rock – Nirvana and Kurt Cobain – it’s a fantastic option for guys who want to express themselves without any over-the-top maintenance.

Keanu Reeves Long Hair

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is the current king of long hair. Best known for his thick blonde hair as Thor, the Australian likes to mix it up off-screen by incorporating a middle part that sections off his locks. With both parts swept to the side, it’s an effortlessly natural way to let your hair flow and fall around your face, complementing your features. If you don’t prefer it as casual, you can tie it up into a man bun or slick it back with pomade. For the ultimate Chris Hemsworth cut, you’ve got to make sure your hair is sun-kissed, almost as if you’ve come straight from the beach.

Chris Hemsworth Long Hair

Kit Harrington

Kit Harrington is the champion of curly hair, whether he lets his organic kinks rock out in all their glory or he positions them into a man bun style for a more casual appeal. Regardless, the King in the North knows how to take one of the hardest haircuts and make it his own. A trick that you’ll love if you’re trying to copy Jon Snow’s long hairstyle is to add sea salt spray to your follicles when wet and blow-dry. The mixture of the salt and heat ensure your curls are bouncy and don’t fall flat.

Kit Harington Long Hair

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is another man who’s experimented with his hairstyles over the years. While Pitt looks good with short haircuts like the buzz cut, he tends to go back to his roots and make guys jealous with his reliable skill of pulling off longer cuts. From Louis in Interview with the Vampire to ancient hero Troy, Pitt’s locks are shoulder-length or longer, which gives them a careful aesthetic. But, he also knows how to implement texture into his trends, pairing pulled back long hair with a beard or goatee for a rugged take on a classic.

Brad Pitt Long Hair

Orlando Bloom

While his hair may be short to medium length now, Orlando Bloom has generally been known for his long hair. The sexy actor with long hair offered fresh styling ideas with a thick curly hairstyle packed with volume. Unlike Kit Harrington, Bloom’s former hairstyle was fuller and messy at times, yet it was never wild or untamed. If you’re thinking of bringing Bloom’s iconic kinky locks back, you will need a large amount of strong-hold wax to ensure that the vibrant crimps don’t pop out of place.

Orlando Bloom Long Hair

Russell Brand

Russell Brand is a comedian with an eccentric demeanor and larger than life personality, so it’s only fitting that his hairstyle matches his character. Reminiscent of the straight-out-of-bed look, it’s bold and perfect for guys who want to be original and stop following the crowd. The key is the half-up, half-down men’s hairstyle. Brand lets the front and middle sections flow down his shoulders and upper back, whereas the back part is styled up to combine carefree with disheveled.

Russell Brand Long Hair

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s long hairstyle is a classic style that never ages. Apart from the length, which you should keep in the long to medium range, the Top Gun star maintains his locks so that they are soft and textured. This is timeless as it’s glossy and has a laid back vibe, like all the long hairstyles on this list. Like Pitt, Cruise rocked long, blonde locks as the vampire Lestat. If you want to replicate his 18th-century, decadent look, you can by brushing regularly and adding wax for extra volume and texture.

Tom Cruise Long Hair

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is excellent at combining different styles into a single cut. He has long hair most of the time, but while the back and sides cascade around his shoulder blades, the front is molded into a quiff or pompadour. It’s a modern take on a traditional cut, and nobody pulls it off as well as the former One Direction member.

Harry Styles Long Hair

Jeff Bridges

For the men who are getting older and think it’s uncouth to be sporting long hair, just take a look at Jeff Bridges. Bridges has had long locks for decades, from the 90s cult classic The Big Lebowski to the current day, and he keeps them current by pairing his long hairdo with facial hair. A dark goatee and silver tresses, or vice versa, creates an unmissable contrast that men of an older persuasion shouldn’t be afraid to try. The Jeff Bridges long hairstyle is perfect for guys with waves or kinks.

Jeff Bridges Long Hair

Jared Leto

Of all the guys with long hair on this list, Jared Leto usually wears his the longest. Rather than stopping at his shoulders, Leto lets his flow as far down his back as possible. You might think that this option would make his cut appear feminine, but he counters that with shiny waves that have a rock and roll edge. Even celebrities experience bad hair days, and when this happens, Leto switches up his flowing mane for a compact ponytail that’s relaxed and manageable.

Jared Leto Long Hair

Austin Butler

Austin Butler might be blessed with long hair, but he had to work hard to shake off his child actor tag. To do it, he grew out his hair into fluid tresses that are the opposite of cute and cuddly. Now, Butler is manly rather than polished, thanks to his blonde locks that are charming and sophisticated.

Austin Butler Long Hair

Brock O’Hurn

Brock O’Hurn is an American model who has the world at his feet, yet it wasn’t always this way. O’Hurn became a staple of US culture via his Instagram account, where among other things, he popularized the man bun. Similar to Chris Hemsworth, the model uses blonde tones and sweeping locks to offset his huge frame and muscular physique, with the contrast resulting in a trend that men and women enjoy in equal measure.

Brock O’Hurn Long Hair

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is an avid music fan, so his long hair has always had a rockstar appeal. When it’s longer, his hair’s dark hues are grungy and edgy, almost as if he’s a musician and not an actor. When Depp cuts it shorter, he styles it into a softer bob that’s classier and elegant, yet that continues to be bold, especially with his trademark goatee.

Johnny Depp Long Hair

Christian Bale

Christian Bale’s long hair is full of the suaveness that you’d expect from a British man. With waves separated into layers, he could almost be a classy gentleman from any era. It’s crucial that you groom your locks if you try to replicate Bale’s cut as the ruggedness comes from the waves and not a lack of styling.

Christian Bale Long Hair

Hairstyles For Men with Long Hair

Guys with long hair are becoming more fashionable, and it may be time for you to grow out your locks and style a flowing look. We just recommend you pick a look that is supported by your hair type and texture. For example, certain long haircuts will only work for straight, thick or curly hair. Explore the best long hairstyles on men to find haircut ideas and longer styles to inspire your next look.

Really Long Hair and Beard

Guys with Really Long Hair

Long Wavy Hair

Long Wavy Hair Men

Thick Long Straight Hair

Thick Long Straight Hair

Long Straight Hair Undercut

Men's Long Hair Undercut

Low Man Bun with Beard

Low Man Bun with Beard

Top Knot with High Skin Fade and Full Beard

Top Knot with High Skin Fade and Full Beard

Long Curly Hair

Long Curly Hair

Tapered Sides with Textured Long Hair on Top

Tapered Sides with Textured Top

Undercut Ponytail

Undercut with Ponytail

Long Hair with Beard

Medium-Length Hair with Beard

Men’s Long Hair Undercut and Beard

Long Comb Over with Undercut and Beard

Long Messy Wavy Hair

Messy Wavy Hair

Half Up Hairstyle

Half Up Long Hairstyle

Long Angular Fringe with High Fade

Long Angular Fringe with High Fade

Textured Long Pulled Back Hair

Textured Pulled Back Hair

Undercut with Long Grunge Hair

Undercut with Long Grunge Hair

Guys with Long Hair and Beards

Long Surfer Hair

Messy and Tousled Long Hair

Messy and Tousled Long Hair

Long Hair Man Bun with Low Fade

Man Bun with Low Fade

Long Curly High Top Fade

Long Curly High Top Fade

Pomp Mohawk with Undercut and Beard

Pomp Mohawk with Beard

Long Straight Hair with Beard

Long Straight Hair with Beard

Long Wavy Sweep Back with Thick Beard

Long Wavy Sweep Back with Thick Beard

How To Style Long Hair

Styling long hair ultimately depends on the cut that you choose. Whether it’s long and messy, half-up, half-down, or sun-kissed, you aren’t short of options if you’re blessed with naturally long hair.

As a rule, the main component of styling long hair is to use a quality shampoo and conditioner combo. You don’t have to use a 2-in-1, but you must opt for hair care products that are proven to help you retain your natural oils. The oil from your scalp is what gives long hair its gloss and shine, as well as its volume.

Long Hair Men

Men’s Long Hair Styling Tips

Once you have washed and dried, check out the following long hairstyle tips for men:

  1. Invest in a quality brush. Long hair requires plenty of brushing to prevent tangles and knots, so you’ll need a wide-tooth brush with naturally strong bristles.
  2. Be consistent. Long hair needs trimming regularly to keep it healthy as sections can suffer from damage.
  3. Realize the potential dangers. Not many men understand that the sun or a pool can lead to discoloration and damage. You might require protective sunscreen if you spend lots of time in the sun and a leave-in conditioner for before and after swimming.
  4. Be patient. Long hair doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll have to choose an appropriate medium-length cut for when your locks are still growing.
  5. Don’t over-style. Going overboard with styling products can lead to a feminine aesthetic. The best way to avoid this is to towel dry your hair and add wax or clay for extra texture.
  6. Cut and style a men’s long hairstyle that complements your face shape, facial features, and look.

How To Look Professional with Long Hair

To maintain a professional feel to your hairstyle, you should always blow dry or let your hair dry naturally before leaving the house. You’ll have to put some product in so that it appears maintained, too. Otherwise, it will look wild. If you’re in a rush, you can pull it back (loosely) and keep it in a bun or ponytail.

How To Look Professional with Long Hair Men