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The Best Men’s Haircuts For Your Face Shape

Ever wonder what hairstyle is best for your head or face shape? If you’re ready for a new haircut but you aren’t sure which cuts and styles best suit your face, this guide will help you find the best men’s hairstyles you should get. Believe it or not, the shape of your head and face as well as facial features such as your chin, jawline, cheeks, and forehead can influence what kind of haircut is right for you. And with so many different types of head shapes and facial structures, it can be tricky finding a good cut and styling your hair.

Below, we’ve compiled the best haircuts for long, oval, round, square, triangle and diamond face shapes. First, we’ll help you determine what head shape you have, and then recommend a variety of cool haircut styles for men to try at the barbershop. Whether you want short, medium-length or long hair, there’s a good hairstyle that fits you.

Here are the best hairstyles for men according to face shape!

Best Men's Haircuts For Your Face Shape

What Face Shape Do I Have?

The first step in choosing a stylish men’s haircut that suits you involves determining the shape of your face. To figure out what kind of head shape you have requires a few simple steps. Deciding between round, oval, square, and oblong (long) face shapes will require a keen eye, so you’ll also need to pay attention to the size and placement of certain facial features. Though it can be difficult, you can do it with a comb, a mirror, and a simple bar of soap or marker.

Here’s how to determine what face shape you have:

  1. Comb your hair straight back and away from your face. If you have long hair, put it in a ponytail after combing it, and if your hair isn’t long enough for a ponytail, just hold it back so you can see your face as clearly as possible.
  2. Carefully examine your face in the mirror and take note of its shape. Using the bar of soap or marker, trace the outline of your face around the edges directly onto the mirror. You’ll get the best possible results if you don’t move your head during this process.
  3. Step back away from the mirror and look at the outline. Does it resemble a square, oval, round, triangle, diamond or long shape? These are the most common face shapes for men, and they can help you decide which haircut is best for you.

Another way to find your face shape may be to measure your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and face length from the center of your hairline down to your chin. Compare the measurements and dimensions to see which best describes your face shape:

  • Oval: an oval shape requires a face longer than its width with a forehead larger than the rounded jawline.
  • Square: a square face shape occurs when all the measurements are about the same but with a chiseled sharp jaw.
  • Round: a round face shape has similar dimensions and lengths as well, but with a less defined, soft jaw
  • Long: a long face shape requires the length of the face to be the longest measurement with the forehead, jawline, and cheekbones all being about the same size.
  • Diamond: a diamond face shape exists when the face length measures the largest, followed by the cheekbones, foreheads and jawline with a sharp, pointed chin.
  • Triangle: a triangle face shape appears when the jawline is larger than the cheekbones, and the cheeks are greater than the forehead.

Once you’ve figured out your face shape, you can then start to look at the hottest and most popular hairstyles for you to get.

Men’s Face Shapes

Here are the best haircuts for men by face shape. From the fade and undercut on the sides to the comb over, quiff, pompadour, slick back, crew cut, crop top, fringe, brush back, and faux hawk hairstyles on top, guys will find fresh trendy styles according to their face.

Best Hairstyles For Men According To Face Shape


A round face is quite common for men, and if the outline you drew in the mirror remotely resembles a circle, then you likely have a round head shape. Round faced men are defined by equal widths and lengths, and guys who have round face shapes do not have especially angular faces. Specifically, round faces are soft without sharp jawlines or cheekbones. The best haircuts for round faces are those that make the head appear longer and give the illusion of a more angular, chiseled appearance.

Round Face Shape Men

For one, keep the sides and back of your hair short; longer hair in these areas can actually make your head look wider and have the opposite effect. For the hair on top, you’ll want to choose a modern hairstyle with a little height and volume or something you can style asymmetrically to lengthen the face. A side swept fringe, comb over, side part, or Ivy League cut trick the eye into believing your head is longer than it really is and minimize the roundness of your face.

Hairstyles For Round Face Men

Hairstyles For Round Faces

The best round face hairstyles for men include spiked hair, the faux hawk fade, any parted styles, textured quiff, pompadour, and other naturally brushed up looks. A little fringe can provide a lengthening effect as long as the hair doesn’t lie flat and you use a blow dryer to create a flowing style.

Round Face Haircuts For Men - Pompadour

We highly recommend guys ask their barbers for an undercut or faded sides, specifically a high skin fade. A beard can work as long as it accentuates the angles of your jawline rather than hiding them. The perfect beard would be thick stubble or a long, full beard.

Best Hairstyle For Round Face Men - Fringe


The oval face shares many of the same characteristics as a round face, but is generally more elongated. The distinct features of the oval face shape are softer. With a face that is longer than your cheekbones, a forehead that is wider than your jaw, and a head shape that is curved rather than angular, the best hairstyles for the oval face man require volume on top.

Oval Face Shape Men

In this case, it’s best to avoid styles like bangs and fringes that fall across your forehead since these can make the rounder lines of your face more prominent. Your goal should be to balance the roundness of your face visually, and the best way to do this is with a cut that is short on the sides and longer on the top. You can use wax or clay for a textured finish that will add extra volume and height, if necessary.

Hairstyles For Oval Face Men

Hairstyles For Oval Faces

The best men’s haircuts for oval faces are styles that follow the short on the sides, long on top hair trend. Fortunately, oval faced men have a number of cool hairstyles to choose from. For example, the pompadour and quiff are very popular right now. Similarly, the faux hawk, comb over fade, and slick back undercut are also ideal cuts.

Best Hairstyle For Oval Face Men

Overall, short to medium-length hair is perfect for styling good oval face hairstyles. Further, men with oval faces often look best without facial hair, but if you prefer to grow a beard, thick stubble or a short beard can offer a masculine look.

Oval Face Hairstyles For Men


The square face is much like the round, only the angles of the head are far sharper, providing a more masculine, chiseled appearance. Square face men have jaws and foreheads that are almost exactly the same width. As a matter of fact, these symmetric qualities are what many people find attractive in a man. The best haircuts for square faces accentuate the manly features you already have by keeping hair short.

Square Face Shape Men

For starters, hairstyles for men with square faces should start with a fade on the sides. Then think about short to medium length styles with just a hint of volume on top. If you want longer hair, consider a high skin fade or undercut to increase contrast, emphasize the height of your hair, and elongate your face slightly. Short sideburns are excellent choices for square faces as well.

Hairstyles For Square Face Men

Hairstyles For Square Faces

The best hairstyles for square face men are those that mimic the outline of the face – styles that are clearly structured with clean, neat lines for a strong look. A hard side part with a bald fade can highlight your rugged features. Also, a textured pompadour is always a great choice, particularly if you choose a wax or clay for a matte, natural look to your hair. This concept extends to other medium and longer hairstyles, including the quiff, brush back, faux hawk, and comb over.

Best Haircut For Square Face Men

Nevertheless, the square face allows for guys to get very short to short haircuts, including the buzz cut, crew cut, high and tight, and French crop. We highly recommend that any cool cuts and styles for square faces be paired with short faded sides or an undercut.

Best Hairstyles For Square Face Men

As for facial hair, shorter is better, but be sure to avoid a thick, long beard that can hide your strong jawline rather than accentuate it. Growing a beard can be awesome and badass, but heavy stubble is the hottest style you can wear.

Men's Haircuts For Square Face Shapes


The oblong face, also known as the rectangular face shape, is a more elongated version of a square face. A long face shape is generally the most aesthetically-pleasing and well-proportioned, even though it is more long than wide. Though the square face shape is often referred to as the most attractive, the truth is that men with long faces can pick from all the best men’s haircuts and hairstyles.

Long Face Shape Men

The only thing you truly need to avoid as a long faced man is a style with too much volume on top or too short sides. This can make your face appear even longer and take away from the angular characteristics of your cheekbones and jawline. Instead, find cuts and styles that are very short to medium-length without height.

Hairstyles For Long Face Men

Hairstyles For Long Faces

The best hairstyles for long face men include classic and modern styles. For example, if you want a clean-cut and low-maintenance haircut, then a buzz, crew cut, crop top or fringe will suit you well. Bangs that falls across the forehead can even serve to shorten the length of the face. However, instead of a very short hairstyle, you may consider a taper or low fade with a comb over, slick back, textured quiff, man bun, or top knot.

Long Face Hairstyles Men - Short Crop Top

Guys with long faces can grow facial hair, but the best beard styles will range in length from light stubble to thick, short beard. Ultimately, haircuts for oblong faces need to maintain the head’s dimensions and avoid making anything look longer than it actually is.

Best Haircut For Oblong Face Men


A triangle face is fuller near the jawline and narrower at the forehead, only slightly resembling the geometric shape. If you have a triangle face shape, the outline on your mirror is narrower around your temples than your jaw, with angular features that are sharper rather than rounded. While there are a number of awesome triangle face shape hairstyles, some are more ideal than others.

Triangle Face Shape Men

Haircuts for men who have a triangle face shape require some thickness on the sides and plenty of length on top. You will want to create the illusion of volume from the temples upward and guys with thick hair can get the hottest medium to long men’s hairstyles.

Hairstyles For Triangle Face Men

Hairstyles For Triangle Faces

The best haircuts for the triangle face shape are classic tapers and low fades that build width on the sides. These cuts work especially well for men who have curly or thick hair. Couple your tapered or faded sides with a long comb over, pompadour, quiff, textured brush up, modern faux hawk, or messy hair. An angular fringe can also be styled to highlight the forehead and minimize the strong chin.

Triangle Face Shape Hairstyles Men

Men with triangle faces should consider clean-shaven styles; otherwise, avoid a full beard and instead opt for very short and well-groomed beard styles. A short, thick beard or light stubble can maybe soften the chin and jawline.

Best Haircuts For Triangle Face Men


A diamond face is one with a well-defined chin and jawline alongside high cheekbones. If your face is longer than it is round, and if your chiseled, sharp jaw is the widest part of your face, you likely have a diamond face shape. The best haircuts for diamond faced men are numerous, but the diamond shape is well-suited for the “rugged” appearance, complete with longer hair and a full beard.

Diamond Face Shape Men

If you have thicker hair, think about growing it out long and using it to your advantage to create flowing layers that sweep over your forehead. For plenty of movement and a free-flowing style, think textured, natural hairstyles with volume and height. Because your face is angular, avoid cuts that are too symmetrical or consist of completely clean lines. Instead, always think textured, and use a good pomade, wax or clay to separate sections and add volume to your hair.

Hairstyles For Diamond Face Men

Hairstyles For Diamond Faces

Diamond face shape hairstyles offer limitless potential. Expert stylists say that the best haircuts for men diamond face shapes include the full fohawk, a long slicked back, comb over fade, textured quiff, and medium-length to long men’s hairstyles that fall to the shoulders. Tousled and messy styles can also create handsome looks.

Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles For Men

As for the hair on the sides, don’t pick a bald fade or undercut that blends down to the skin. Instead, a scissor cut such as a classic taper haircut will look good without further narrowing your face. Finally, a full beard, thick stubble or even a goatee can help add width to your jaw and chin.

Best Haircuts For Diamond Face Men

Best Hairstyles For Men According To Face Shape

Here are some quick guidelines on the best hairstyles for men according to face shape:

  • Round – round face hairstyles include short sides with long hair on top, such as a textured crop, comb over fade, slicked back undercut, quiff, faux hawk fade, spiky hair, and other short to medium-length styles.
  • Oval – oval face haircuts for men include faded or undercut sides with a quiff, pompadour, slick back, spiked hair, brush back or long Ivy league.
  • Square – hairstyles for square faces can be short like the buzz cut, crew cut, French crop, and Ivy League or long like a classic side part, comb over, messy pompadour, and modern textured quiff.
  • Oblong – hairstyles for long faces should emphasize your features and show off modern styles, so consider a short brush up with plenty of texture, a hard side part, or buzz cut.
  • Triangular – a triangular face hairstyle needs volume, so try a quiff, pompadour, faux hawk, or tapered cut.
  • Diamond – a diamond face hairstyle looks best with a messy fringe or longer styles such as a side swept crop, faux hawk, shaggy top, spiked hair, and other classic, clean-cut looks.

With so many popular men’s hairstyles, it can be helpful for guys to know what haircuts best suit their face or head shape. Whether you have a round, square, oval, long, diamond or triangle face, there is a cool haircut for you. And once you learn about the right cuts and styles for the different types of face shapes, it’s easier to determine exactly what works by accentuating or playing down certain features without sacrificing your sense of style. For more ideas on how to style your hair, check out the top hairstyles for men this year!