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50 Timeless French Crop Haircuts

The French crop is a popular short haircut for men who want a cool and textured style. The French crop haircut offers a short cut on the sides, back and top of of the head with a cropped fringe for a trendy look. Also known as a crop top haircut, this stylish men’s hairstyle is often paired with a taper fade on the sides and back to contrast the short hair on top. Whether you want a business professional style or a fashionable look for school, there are several great cropped haircuts to consider.

Some men will want a short crop top with a low to mid fade for a low-maintenance and sleek cut, while others may prefer a cropped fringe with longer hair and an undercut for a versatile style. When styling the French crop, most guys like a textured hairstyle with a messy or neat finish for a naturally thicker look. With so many cool crop haircut styles, it can be a challenge choosing the right look.

To inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of the best French crop haircuts. From textured to faded styles, explore these popular crop top hairstyles for men to find modern cuts you’ll love.

French Crop

What Is A French Crop?

The French crop is a classic short men’s hairstyle with a cropped fringe in the front. The crop haircut is one of the shorter cuts and is often paired with a taper fade or undercut and short hair on top. While similar, the main difference between the French crop and Caesar cut is that the Caesar features short hair all around the head, including the bangs in front, whereas the French crop hairstyle has a long fringe.

Crop Top Fade

The length of the fringe varies depending on personal preference, as some men will prefer to keep the fringe on the shorter side with a blunt finish. Versatile and universally flattering, the crop top is one of the best hairstyles for men with straight, thick, thin, wavy and curly hair.

Crop Top Haircut

Moreover, the crop top fade haircut is good for guys with balding or thinning hair, receding hairlines, widow’s peaks, and large foreheads. With the right hair styling products, you can cover up bald spots and give your hairstyle a thicker, fuller look with natural textured hair.

Crop Top Taper Fade

French Crop Haircuts

Classic French Crop

The classic French crop is a timeless haircut with short hair on the sides and back paired with cropped hair on top. Most guys get the traditional crop top hairstyle with tapered sides. This cut makes it appear neat and cropped without the modern fade. On top, the hair can be longer, but there shouldn’t be a noticeable difference between the back and sides and the top. The fringe can be blunt or choppy for extra flair.

Classic French Crop

Instead, you want an almost uniform length all around to create a subtle and sophisticated contrast that modern hairstyles don’t offer. You can style the classic version with side-swept hair, a low quiff in front, or tousled and messy. Apply a matte product for a textured finish or a low-shine pomade for some sheen if you have dry hair.

Classic Crop Top Hairstyle

Short French Crop

The short French crop is perfect for guys who want a short trending haircut with minimal styling. With an undercut or fade haircut on the sides and short hair on top, this cropped hairstyle will keep you fresh and cool in the summer. Whether you’re a business professional, a student or an older man, the short textured crop top delivers a versatile and masculine haircut style you can wear anywhere.

Short French Crop

To get the look, men can ask their barbers for a high, mid or low skin fade to create extra contrast with the crop top. Pair the cut with a line up to shape the hairline around the forehead and temples. For a clean natural finish, style with a matte product for a textured look.

Men's Short Cropped Hair

Long French Crop

A long French crop has more length and volume on top but the sides and back are still cut short. Whether you keep your hair long all over or just grow out your bangs for a longer fringe, the long crop top still looks best with a short taper fade haircut. While the crop top fade with long hair means more time styling, the trade-off in maintenance is that you can play around with different hairstyles.

Long French Crop

For example, a long fringe will look great as a quiff or pompadour if your locks are thick and full. For guys with thin or wavy hair, try styling a comb over or side part. You can even pull off side swept hair for a classy style. Fashionable and modern, long cropped haircuts with bangs are always on-trend.

Long Crop Top Haircut

French Crop Fade

The crop top fade is one of the most popular haircuts, offering a powerful way to take this fresh style to the next level. The French crop fade is a versatile cut that creates a masculine and trendy look for men who want short hairstyle. You can ask your barber for a high, mid or low fade on the sides and back to create the perfect tapered look. A low fade with a crop top becomes a professional look you can wear to work, while the mid fade offers a timeless cut that balances the style. For a bold look, you’ll want to get a high taper fade that highlights the short to medium length hair on top.

French Crop Fade

The crop fade haircut comes in many variations depending on the tapered sides. To further tailor your cut, talk to your barber about a skin, bald, drop, burst or taper fade cut on the sides and back. Add a line up to shape the hairline and temple area for a cool look.

Crop Fade

When styling the French crop fade hairstyle, use a light to medium hold pomade, wax, clay, or cream. A matte product is ideal for a natural textured look. Style the cut loose and messy, neat and classy, brushed forward or swept to the side.

Crop Fade Haircut

Textured French Crop

A textured French crop is a very appealing mixture of lengths and styles. The sides are faded, making them short and sleek, whereas the top is thick with a natural texture. Even without styling product, the textured crop has a rugged design that is handsome and flattering. With so many different types of fade haircuts and undercut styles to highlight the cool short cut hair, you can’t go wrong with a textured crop top.

Textured French Crop

By adding a small amount of pomade and messing your hair with your fingers, you’ll add extra texture, boost volume and enhance the masculine effect. You should keep the hair product to a minimum as the hairstyle should be feathered and layered on top. A high-quality matte pomade or wax is best to create the right amount of texture and natural shine.

Textured Crop

Disconnected French Crop

The disconnected French crop brings drama and ensure that you stand out from the crowd. For guys searching for a modern and fashionable cut with a twist, a crop top with a disconnected undercut on the sides is a badass cut to consider. You need to leave your hair at pretty much the same length it usually is, maybe a little shorter, and trim the sides so that they are dramatically shorter.

Disconnected French Crop

Confident men find this cut very sexy as the disconnected shaved sides means it’s chic without appearing flashy or ostentatious. Plus, it’s a good look for guys with receding hairlines, balding hair, or widow’s peaks.

Crop Top with Shaved Sides

Straight Hair French Crop

A crop top fade for straight hair is handsome, flexible and an easy look to maintain and style. After a trip to the barbers, all you have to do for a straight French crop is comb the hair on top forward so that it’s smooth and sleek. With a touch of styling product and hairspray, your style will be effortless and can hold from dusk to dawn.

Crop Top Fade For Straight Hair

French Crop Undercut

An undercut paired with a French crop is a popular way to add flexibility to a cool cut. Leave the hair on top long and buzz the sides short, but don’t fade the hair if you want that disconnected style that can be achieved with the undercut haircut. Then, push your hair forward and let it fall on your forehead so that the style is sleek and slimming.

French Crop Undercut

Alternatively, you can let it fall naturally and use wax to add textured and rugged elements. Either way, the French crop undercut has an amazingly sharp contrast that is eye-catching.

Crop Top Undercut Haircut

French Crop For Receding Hairline

A French crop helps to combat a receding hairline by using layers and texture. The key is to blend the top of the hair with a layered fringe so that it pushes your hairline forward. Then, use a product that isn’t heavy or dense for a lightweight look that’s messy.

French Crop Receding Hairline

Men whose sides are further back can use a French crop to cover up a receding hairline, thinning hair, or a widow’s peak. Jut make sure to use a matte wax or clay for a fuller, thicker look on top.

French Crop For Balding Men

Curly Hair French Crop

Guys with curly hair don’t have to choose a natural look all the time. If you’re searching for a way to switch up your style and let your curls shine, a curly French crop is perfect as the contrast defines kinky locks. For starters, ask your barber for a short fade on the sides of your head. You can get a high bald fade if you want plenty of contrast or a low taper fade for a classy look you can wear to the office.

Curly Crop Top Haircut

Next, let your curls fall forward onto your face for a messy fringe that will look sexy and voluminous on the top. When long curls are too much hassle, you can cut them horizontally. This crafts them into a neat shape that is a lot easier to maintain.

Curly Hair French Crop Haircut

Messy Top Crop

The messy top crop is a popular style for men who want an effortlessly stylish look. A messy French crop generally features a fade haircut on the sides and back with longer hair on top. The style looks great with a textured finish so you’ll want to use a matte hair product. When styling with wax, you run your hands through your hair and try to create shapes and angles that contrast against one another.

Messy Crop

The finished style is a textured and messy cut that’s laid back and youthful. It’s perfect for younger guys who want to make a classic French crop more appealing.

Messy French Crop Cut

French Crop with Comb Over

The French crop with a comb over isn’t for everyone. The style is incredibly distinct, but it is classy and sophisticated, so it’s ideal for men who want to appear gentlemanly with side swept hair. To style, you need to take your long top hair and blow it back.

French Crop with Comb Over

With a brush, move it to the side and run through with gel for a smooth finish before completing with hairspray. This cut is versatile because it’s playful and professional, and it works for most face shapes.

Side Swept Crop Top Fade

Crop Top Skin Fade

A French crop with a skin fade is relaxed, making it a great choice if you’re a chilled guy who hates maintenance. The key to success with this style is a skin fade on the sides that blends into your head.

Crop Top Skin Fade Haircut

The longer hair on top should be cut vertically to incorporate texture and contrast against the opposing fade. You can let your fringe hang naturally or flick it to the side.

French Crop Bald Fade Haircut

Crop Top Low Fade

A low fade with a textured French crop is a suitable middle ground if you aren’t keen on a skin fade. As one of the best haircuts for business professional men who need a classy clean cut for the office, a textured crop top fade is short but doesn’t expose the scalp.

Crop Top Low Fade

Not only are the sides longer with a low taper, but the hairline drops down and lets you keep more volume and length. Tousle your hair with styling wax for a natural, healthy shine.

French Crop with Low Fade

Blonde Textured Crop

A blonde textured crop is classic and effortless, yet the blonde hair highlights ensure it’s bolder and hard to miss. Picking a traditional crop and adding color will combine an effortless and low-maintenance cut with a modern style.

Blonde Textured French Crop Top Hairstyle

Crop Top High Taper

The crop top with a high taper exudes a balance of class and style. This crop top fade haircut starts with a high tapered cut on the sides for a sleek look. The French crop on top can be achieved with short or long hair, but the hairstyle looks best with layered hair with thick textured streaks.

Crop Top High Taper Fade

What Do I Need For The French Crop Haircut?

The French crop is a short men’s haircut that does not require much hair to style. About 1 to 2 inches of length may be needed to get a fringe of the right length, but it shouldn’t take long to grow your hair out to meet that requirement. Like a crew cut with bangs, the style works with most face shapes and hair types.

Crop Top Hairstyle For Men

To style the crop top hairstyle, you’ll want to invest in a quality pomade, wax, clay or putty. Good hair products let you add hold, shine, volume and fullness to the fringe and hair in the back while giving you control over how formal or informal your hair looks.

Thick Hair Crop Haircuts

No worries if styling isn’t your thing because the French crop is so simple that product isn’t necessary. Most mornings, you’ll be able to get right out of bed with the best textured hairstyle. Whether you style it neat and brushed forward or swept to the side and messy, the cut always looks good.

Crop Top Taper Haircut

How To Get The French Crop

As hairstyles go, the French crop is the ultimate cut for men. Not only does it work for guys with thick or thin locks and full or receding hairlines, but it’s easy to get and simple to style.

Crop Top Fade Haircut

Therefore, it offers a timeless and classic look without spending countless hours in front of a mirror. Short and neat, it’s suitable for all seasons as it’s lightweight and breathable in the summer and wind-resistant in the fall and winter.

Men's French Crop Hairstyles

It’s incredibly flattering as long as you choose the type of French cut for your style and personality. Most guys will find the French crop very simple to get as their barbers will know the name or recognize a picture of the haircut. The crop top hairstyle has the added benefit of requiring very little upkeep.

Textured Crop Fade

As it grows out, it will stay in approximately the same style and proportionate length. That means that you don’t have to get maintenance cuts too often, but a touch-up every six to eight weeks will keep it in perfect shape.

Men's Cropped Cuts

Consider the style of fringe you would like, as this is one of the most important factors in the French hairstyle. Blunt, ragged, choppy and pointed fringes all produce unique looks, so ask your barber which one will be the most flattering for your face shape.

How To Style A French Crop Haircut

  • Choose the French crop cut to suit your face and hair.
  • Play around with the style to make your cut more personable and unique.
  • Blow-dry the top of your hair in the direction you want it to fall and use a brush to sweep it to one side. Opt for a low heat to avoid damage.
  • Keep a French crop in place with wax and hairspray. Make sure you use a hair product that adds volume if you want a textured style.