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25 Best Afro Hairstyles For Men

Getting and styling the best afro hairstyles for men shouldn’t be a tedious search. With so many cool ways to style afro haircuts – short, long and curly – black guys have a lot of options when it comes to creating a dope look. Naturally, thick and kinky hair men have their own set of challenges. While there are many different afro cuts and styles, guys still have to maintain their hair, and afro hair certainly isn’t easy to work with.

With our guide below, black men with afros will find some of the hottest examples for their hair as well as learn how to grow their afro hairstyles. From the mini afro to the curly afro fade to the flat top, our collection of pictures incorporates the freshest types of afro styles for black men.

Best Afro Haircuts

How To Get and Style An Afro

To get an afro, you have to be prepared to grow your curly hair out. What this really comes down to is a healthy lifestyle and proper hair care for men. For example, you will need a good diet of quality proteins, regular exercise to increase blood circulation, stress relief in the form of sleep, and maybe a multivitamin to make sure you are getting all the right vitamins and minerals for hair growth.

Other hair tips to grow and style an afro include the following:

  • Stop combing your hair and start using your fingers or a pick to help detangle your curls and poof out your hair.
  • Choose an afro hairstyle that is right for you and start transforming your hair’s shape to conform to that look.
  • Keep your hair conditioned and moisturized with butters, creams, or essential oils. Afro hair can get dry, nappy and very frizzy, so a good coconut oil or shea butter can help you keep your hair frizz-free all the time.
  • You will not grow or get a perfect afro overnight. Be patient and keep at it. Men’s hair generally grows at about 1/2 inch per month, so growing out a natural afro will take time and perseverance.

If you need more inspiration, check out our gallery of cool black men’s haircuts.

Afro Hairstyles For Men

Types of Afros

With so many different types of afros, men have a number of hairstyles to choose from. For example, black men can pick from twist hairstyles to the mini afro taper fade, afro with a part and flat top.

Although there are numerous cool hairstyles for black men, some cuts and styles are better-suited for certain hair types and textures. If you have thick, kinky hair, growing and styling a tall afro may be easier. If you have tight curls, a short tapered afro might look better.

As part of the short sides, long top men’s hair trend, we generally recommend tapered or faded sides to highlight the cool hairstyle on top. However, some guys may want an all around afro.

Other ways to tailor your style to your personality include the option to ask your barber for a line up or shape up. A line up haircut will allow your barber to use trimmers to shape your hairline and neckline.

Different Types of Afros Men

Best Afro Styles For Men

If you’re a guy with afro hair, finding a good hairstyle can sometimes be tricky. Because afro hair can be curly or straight up kinky, your hair texture really comes into play. This is why most guys choose to get a fade – the short buzzed sides make the afro easier to get.

Furthermore, the taper fade afro offers plenty of variation – black men can get a high, mid, low, burst, drop, temp or skin fade cut on the sides along with a shape up or hair design. A line up can be great at sculpting the hairline around the temples to create a fresh, clean cut.

Here are the best afro styles and haircuts to try this year! Whether you want a short or long afro, flat top or side part, with twists, thick curls or dreads, these are the best afro hairstyles to get this year. With so many different types of hairstyles for afros, every guy should be able to find a cut and style they love!

High Top Afro Fade

Short Afro

A barbershop favorite is the small or mini afro – a low-maintenance style that allows you to grow your hair out on top without the headache of managing a big afro. Plus, a regular trim can keep your hair healthy by cutting off split ends to allow new growth.

Mid Bald Fade + Short Afro

Big Afro

A big afro will require time, but the final look is well worth the wait. We recommend you get a barber or stylist to help with your long afro to make sure it comes out perfect!

Big, Long Afro

Long Afro Hair

Long afro hairstyles give guys many options. Some black men prefer to grow out their hair and keep it styled high and big. This requires regular combing and excellent hair care, but the end result is a badass big afro with shape, volume, and size. Others prefer to let their long afro flow down. This can be especially stylish if you have long curly hair or twists.

Big Afro

Curly Afro

As your hair grows out longer, a curly afro is inevitable. This is because most black men already have thick, kinky hair. Fortunately, curls can add a lot of awesome texture and shape. In this case, combine a long curly afro hairstyle with a high or low taper fade on the sides and you’ll have a badass look.

Curly Afro Fade

Afro + Shape Up

This low tapered afro with a line up is a perfect example of good styling. The all around taper afro is shaped evenly and naturally. The sideburns are slightly faded, and the full beard offers a stylish finish.

High Skin Fade + Line Up + Afro

Long curly afro hairstyles are perfect with a high bald fade on the sides and back. Faded sides that cut down to the skin focus the eyes on the longer hair on top. This example also comes with a clean edge up. Starting along the hairline and curving around the temples and to the beard, the sharp edges give this style a modern look.

Afro + High Skin Fade + Line Up

Afro with Curls

Growing a short curly fro is a good way to use your natural hair’s texture to your advantage. While curly hair can sometimes be hard to manage and control, styling a curly afro with short hair is the best way to get a simple yet trendy black men’s hairstyle.

Afro with Curls

Faded Afro + Kinky Hair

This high skin fade with short twists provides a unique take on very short afro styles. If you want to style an afro but don’t want to deal with growing out long, nappy hair, then this easy hairstyle is for you.

Faded Afro + Kinky Hair

Curly Afro Fade + Groomed Beard

Whether you have naturally curly or nappy hair, afro hairstyles work well with all hair types. In fact, one way to stand out is to combine a unique texture to create the different types of afros. This tapered afro with thick kinky hair on top and goatee results in an edgy modern hairstyle.

Curly Afro Fade + Groomed Beard

Afro Twist

Afro twist hairstyles are very popular these days. Afros with long twists are special to black men and can be paired with a taper fade on the sides. However, guys can also leave the hair long everywhere and enjoy a big afro twist.

Long Afro Twist

Long Kinky Hair with Twists

The best twist hairstyles for men are often styled as messy afros. This long afro twist was fashioned out of long kinky hair. The short, thick beard and big afro give off an edgy, rugged look. If you already have a small afro and want to take your style to the next level, this picture should inspire you.

Long Kinky Hair + Beard

Mini Afro + Part + Cool Beard Shape

An afro with a part is a cool way to customize your haircut. Whether you want a side part afro or just a thick part shaved into your hair on top, ask your barber to give you the afro part.

Mini Afro + Cool Beard Shape

Temple Fade + Afro

Temple Fade + Afro

Low Fade + Short Afro with Curls

Low Fade + Short Afro with Curls

Natural Tapered Afro

Natural Tapered Afro

Textured Afro + Temp Fade

Textured Afro + Temp Fade

Box Fade + Line in Hair + Beard

Box Fade + Line in Hair + Beard

Short Curly Afro

Short Afro For Men

Curly Afro + High Fade + Edge Up

Curly Afro + High Fade + Edge Up