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15 Best Edgar Haircuts

The Edgar haircut is a sharp, rebellious hair trend for men. This cut allows guys with short hair to achieve a new style that is clean, fresh, and stylish. Popular with Latino men, the Edgar cut starts with a fade or undercut on the sides and longer hair on top to create a cool look. As one of the best short haircuts, the Edgar hairstyle imparts attitude and confidence, and is perfect for guys looking for modern, edgy hair.

Edgar Haircut

What Is The Edgar Haircut?

The Edgar haircut is a type of men’s cut with short hair on the sides, back and top. The Edgar cut can be paired with all kinds of taper fade haircuts or an undercut. The most popular versions come with a mid to high skin fade with short thick hair on top and a little length in the front. Also known as bangs, the fringe in front is usually combed forward and down to cover part of the forehead.

Edgar Cut

Guys should use a matte hair product such as pomade, wax or powder for a textured finish and fuller look. Similar to the European French crop or the classic Caesar cut, Edgar hair is fashionable, ruggedly handsome, and bold.

Edgar Hair

Best Edgar Haircuts

Classic Edgar Cut

The classic Edgar cut is a combination of a Caesar cut with its classic forward-combed top and a high fade on the sides. Because of the sharp, defined look of the classic Edgar, this haircut will make you look clean cut with an attitude.

Classic Edgar Haircut

Wavy Edgar Cut

The wavy Edgar haircut allows guys with wavy hair to leverage their natural texture and elevate their style. Like an Edgar cut for curly hair, you can choose all types of fades to complement this cut, including a low, mid, high skin fade. The extra contrast between the sides and longer hair on top creates a cool and versatile short haircut you can wear anywhere.

Wavy Edgar Hairstyle

Mid Fade Edgar Cut

Try your Edgar style with a mid fade for a unique take on the haircut. This variation extends the straight line from your forehead to around your entire head, creating a distinctive division. For men with short medium hair, this hairstyle will achieve an edgy aesthetic.

Edgar Mid Fade Haircut

High Fade Edgar Cut

The high fade Edgar haircut is perfect for teen boys and young men who want to add a daring personality to their cut. Just let the top grow out a little while keeping the sides blended into your normal high fade. Once have enough length on top, comb your hair forward to achieve that signature flat line across the forehead.

High Fade Edgar Cut

Edgar Cut with Platinum Blonde Hair

Combine your Edgar cut with platinum blonde hair for a look that is sure to stand out from a crowd. The addition of platinum hair will complement the already outgoing aesthetic of the Edgar cut. Blonde highlights and dyed hair has recently seen a revival with pop stars and in popular culture, so now is as good a time as ever to rock this style.

Edgar Cut with Platinum Blonde Hair

Edgar Haircut Bald Fade

The bald fade added to the Edgar cut is a great option for those who prefer to keep their hair very short and prefer the fresh, clean-cut look that this style imparts. The sides are clipped very close into a skin fade, and the top is kept only long enough to have a little texture. The line between the sides of the haircut and the top should be kept sharp to maintain the maximum effect of the haircut.

Edgar Haircut with Bald Fade

Edgar Haircut with Choppy Hair

The Edgar haircut works well with choppy hair to create a unique aesthetic that will cool and sexy. The natural choppiness plays off the strict straight fringe to create a contrasting and fun look. To create this haircut, have your barber cut your hair in a choppy cut on top while keeping the perfect straight-across in front. Then, blend the sides with a taper and style the look with a matte pomade for a textured messy look.

Edgar Haircut with Choppy Hair

High and Tight Edgar Cut

The high and tight Edgar cut is another edgy short haircut for men with thick hair who want to play off the traditional military-inspired style. This high and tight fade takes the straight fringe and extends it around the head for a very short cut. The buzzed sides will come to a stop at the line of the haircut on top, creating a sharp contrast.

High and Tight Edgar Cut

Short Spiky Edgar Cut

To take your classic Edgar cut to the next level, leave the front combed forward and tousle the back with a styling product. The straight edge of your hair combined with the spiked texture in the back will create a striking style. To maximize this effect, have your barber leave your fade unblended for a dramatic undercut.

Short Spiky Edgar Fade Haircut

Edgar Haircut with Beard

The Edgar cut is a trendy style that pairs nicely with a full beard. Grow a beard that is well-maintained with defined lines to complement your hair. The addition of a thick beard is a perfect way to change up your look without getting a new haircut.

Edgar Haircut with Beard