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37 Best Caesar Haircuts For Men

When it comes to short styles for men, the Caesar haircut is a cool and low-maintenance look that has become a popular trend in recent years. The Caesar hairstyle offers a short cut with a fringe, creating a masculine look that can take your style to the next level. While the classic Roman cut continues to be a classy option, the Caesar fade provides a modern style with short hair that always looks good. Whether you want a business professional style or an effortlessly handsome cut, there are several Caesar hairstyles to consider.

Some men will want a long Caesar cut with a taper for an elegant and versatile choice, while others may prefer a short messy style with a taper fade for a bold and edgy look. With so many trendy Caesar styles, it can be a challenge choosing the right look.

To inspire you with ideas, we’ve compiled a list of the best Caesar haircuts. From modern to textured, explore these popular Caesar hairstyles to find a stylish look!

Caesar Haircut

What Is A Caesar Haircut?

The Caesar haircut is a classic men’s cut that features closely trimmed hair on the sides and back with a short fringe in the front. The Caesar cut offers a short style with bangs where the cropped hair on top is brushed forward to cover a small part of the forehead. The modern Caesar haircut can be combined with a taper fade or undercut to get a cool, low-maintenance style for men. When it comes to styling the cut, most guys prefer a textured or messy style. With tapered sides, you’ll want to apply a quality hair product with a matte finish to get a casual and natural look.

Caesar Haircut Styles

If you’re used to getting a fade at the barber and you want something slightly different, this haircut is a good option because it works well with all the different types of fades. All you need to tell your barber is you want a short haircut on top and this style will look cool, modern and trendy.

Caesar Cut

Modern Caesar Haircut

Caesar Haircuts

Caesar Fade

The Caesar fade is one of the most popular haircuts for men who want to stand out with a short fringe. The Caesar taper fade is cut short on the sides and back to create contrast that will highlight the longer hair on top. There are many different types of fades to consider, including the low, mid and high fade haircuts. You can ask your barber for a skin, bald, drop, burst or taper to further customize your cut. Great with thick, straight, wavy and curly hair, the Caesar fade can be textured and messy for an effortlessly chic style or neat and structured for a classic finish. You’ll want to use a matte hair product like wax, clay or styling cream to get a natural look.

Caesar Cut Fade

Caesar Taper Fade

Short Caesar Cut Fade

Short Caesar Cut

If you prefer to keep your hair neatly trimmed, a short Caesar cut presents you with a fresh take on your standard haircut of choice. Combining a crew cut with a hint of the recognizable Caesar bangs, this is a good alternative if you want to refrain from embracing the full length of the traditional cut.

Short Caesar Cut

Short Caesar Haircut

Short Caesar Fade Hairstyle

Long Caesar Cut

Men who enjoy the process of styling their hair will love the long Caesar cut. Featuring tapered sides and textured length on top, this haircut is easy to style and even easier to maintain over time. Since the back and sides are typically faded, all you need to worry about is finding the perfect way to sweep your hair over your forehead and you’re good to go.

Long Caesar Cut

Long Caesar Haircut

Low Caesar Cut

For a sleeker, more professional option, go for a low Caesar cut. The main elements of this cut are the faded back and sides paired with cropped hair on top. The short length makes it easy to style and you’ll look both masculine and modern.

Low Caesar Cut

Caesar with Taper

If you’re in love with the classic elements of the Caesar haircut but you want something more updated, opt for a Caesar with taper and get the best of both worlds. Featuring the same allover length as the traditional cut, this modernized version has faded sides that present you with a cleaner finish.

Caesar Taper

Caesar Style Haircut

Look like Liam Hemsworth with your new Caesar style haircut. One of the most popular options, this cut is created by fading the sides and back of your hair while cropping the remaining length on top. When styled using texturized products, the final look is sexy and flattering.

Caesar Style Haircut

Classic Julius Caesar Haircut

When in Rome, choose a classic Julius Caesar haircut. For this cut, your barber trims your hair to the same length along the back, sides, and front to create a unified style. One of the easiest options to maintain, you’ll be able to wash your hair and head straight out the door. Ultimately, the classic Caesar haircut looks masculine and rugged for a refined Roman hairstyle.

Julius Caesar Haircut

Modern Caesar

The modern Caesar is a great option for men who want to take their hair to the next level. Talk to your barber about how you want to achieve this cut, as some prefer to give you an undercut or fade along the sides and back and others choose a more traditional option.

Modern Caesar Haircut

Dark Caesar Haircut

Men with textured hair look distinguished with a dark Caesar haircut. To achieve this look, barbers taper, drop, or temper the hair along the sides of your head and along the back. The remaining hair on top is paired down but retains its natural texture, presenting you with a look that’s equal parts sleek and effortless.

Dark Caesar Haircut

Dark Caesar Cut Fade

Textured Caesar Haircut

A textured Caesar haircut allows you to use the styling products you enjoy without sacrificing the shape of this classic haircut. By using pomade to incorporate added texture to the length on top of your hair, you’ll give yourself a refreshing new look that you’re sure to love.

Textured Caesar Haircut

Caesar Cut with Curly Hair

You may be thinking that you can’t achieve this look with your hair type, but a Caesar cut with curly hair looks just as good as other options. Ask your barber to fade the hair along the back and sides and trim down the length on top since shorter curls are easier to manage.

Caesar Cut with Curly Hair

Caesar Haircut For Thick Wavy Hair

Caesar Cut For Black Men

A Caesar cut for black men is one of the most stylish haircuts of the modern era. Your barber gives you a tapered fade along the sides and back of your hair while allowing your natural waves to shine through on top. Ask for any fade you prefer, as many options are available and pair well with the traditional Caesar elements.

Caesar Cut For Black Men

Black Caesar Haircut

Light Caesar Haircut

The light Caesar haircut is perfect because it’s suitable for men with every type and style of hair. Whether your hair is thick or thin, this haircut presents you with a clean-cut look and a touch of added volume.

Light Caesar Haircut

Light Caesar Cut Haircut

Messy Caesar Haircut

Look effortlessly handsome with a messy Caesar haircut. Ask your barber for added layers when you’re getting your hair cut to achieve this look and add a few products to gain the style you desire most. Perfect for men who like to experiment with their hair to determine which cut suits them best.

Textured Messy Caesar Cut Fade

Caesar Haircut For Balding Men

If your hairline is receding or you’re beginning to bald at the front of your head, a Caesar haircut for balding men is a flattering option. By combing the hair forward and neatening up the sides and back, you look more polished and you’ll feel more confident as well.

Caesar Haircut For Balding Men

How To Style The Caesar Haircut

When it comes to styling the Caesar haircut, finding the right hair products for your desired look can be a challenge. For a textured look, you will want to use a wax or pomade to style your hair. Choose a light matte styling product to add natural-looking volume and flow to your short hairstyle. Some guys like to apply a styling cream or mousse for a messy finish with more character.

Cool Caesar Fade Haircut Styles

Styling The Caesar Cut Hairstyle

Be sure to evenly distribute the product throughout your hair before you begin to either comb your bangs forward or sweep your hair to the side. The best ways to do a Caesar haircut all depend on your hair type, length, and style so feel free to experiment with different looks.

How To Get A Caesar Haircut

To get the Caesar haircut, you’ll need to tell your barber how you want the sides and back cut as well as the length you want to keep on top. When cutting a Caesar, you can ask your barber for a taper, taper fade or undercut on the sides and back. There are many different types of fades that can help you further tailor the cut, including the low, mid, high, skin, drop or burst fade. To get the style you want, be specific or show your stylist an example.

Since there are numerous options to choose from, it’s important to outline your expectations in advance. Your barber knows how to handle the actual haircut but providing them with guidelines ensures you end up with the look you prefer. For those who want to try their hand at cutting their hair on their own, achieving a Caesar haircut is relatively straightforward.

Best Caesar Haircut Ideas

Men's Caesar Haircut

Short Caesar Cut with Fade Haircut on Sides and Back

Short Caesar Cut Fade Hairstyle

Cool Caesar Cut Fade