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Greaser Hairstyles For Men

Greaser hairstyles have re-emerged as a cool modern men’s haircut for hipsters and bad boys! Greaser hair, often rocked by tough or rebellious types, originated in the 1950’s under the influence of youth culture following celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Eddie Cochran and Johnny Cash. Furthermore, several of the top 50s greaser styles have been inspiration for new hair trends, including the quiff, pompadour and slick back. While the original greaser hairstyle required a slick look as a result of using oil-based pomade, today’s retro styles can achieve the same look with a water-based, high shine hair product.

Best 1950s Greaser Hairstyles

If you’re searching for a unique cut and style, a 50s greaser haircut may just be a stylish change to your traditional look. However, a trip to your barber is the easy part; the challenge is how to get a greaser hairstyle!

Greaser Hairstyles For Men

Although it may take practice, we highly recommend you use pomade instead of gel. Some of the best pomades in the market, like Suavecito and Layrite, have been specifically designed to do greaser hair.

Now, let’s take a look at the top men’s greaser hairstyles from the 1950s.

Jelly Roll Hairstyle

Greaser Hair - Jelly Roll + Undercut

Ducktail Haircut

Ducktail Haircut - Duck's Ass

Slicked Back Hair

Greased Slick Back

Greaser Pompadour

Greaser Pompadour

Slick Side Part + Long Sides

50s Greaser Hair - Slick Side Part + Long Sides

Messy Comb Over

Greaser Hairstyles - Messy Comb Over


Greaser Cowlick - Slick Hair For Men

Classic Quiff

Greaser Hair - Classic Quiff

Undercut + Greased Comb Over

Undercut + Greased Comb Over

Classic Pompadour

Greaser Hair - Classic Pompadour

Brush Back

Brush Back

Thick Wavy Quiff + Short Sides

Greaser Hairstyle - Thick Wavy Quiff + Short Sides

Greased Slick Back Hair

Greased Slick Back Hair

Slick Hard Part Comb Over

Greaser Haircut Styles - Slick Hard Part Comb Over