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1950s Hairstyles For Men

The best 1950s hairstyles for men weren’t inspired by fictional characters like Don Draper. In reality, the 50s were a transformative time in American pop culture. With the creation of rock and roll, growing popularity of jazz music, and the so-called Golden Age of Television, 1950s men’s hairstyles were influenced by the likes of Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, and Cary Grant.

Today, we take for granted the origins of the slicked back hairstyle, greaser hair, and rockabilly styles, but all the modern variations are inspired by 50s style hair. So if you’re looking for a retro style and want to pay homage to one of these great American icons, check out these classic men’s hairstyles of the 50s!

Best 1950s Men’s Hair

Here’s our collection of pictures depicting the best 1950s hairstyles! From the textured quiff to the slick pompadour to the traditional side part, you’ll find every 50s style haircut for men!

1950s Hairstyles For Men

Long Classic Pompadour

1950s Long Classic Pompadour

Elvis Presley + Messy Quiff

50s Elvis Presley Messy Quiff

Cary Grant + Slick Side Part

Cary Grant - Slick Side Part

Wavy Swoop Pompadour + Faded Sides

Swoop Pompadour + Faded Sides

Johnny Cash + Textured Pompadour

Johnny Cash - Classic Pompadour

Frank Sinatra + Short Sides + Textured Top

Frank Sinatra - Short Sides + Textured Top

Classic Ducktail (aka Duck’s Ass) Haircut

Ducktail Haircut - Duck's Ass

Sean Connery + Short Pompadour

Sean Connery + Short Pompadour

James Dean + Quiff

James Dean Haircut - Messy Quiff

Textured Quiff + Cowlick + Beard

Textured Quiff + Cowlick + Beard