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27 Best Two Block Haircut Ideas

When it comes to stylish trends, the two block haircut is a cool, modern and versatile look for men who want a fashionable style. The two block offers an iconic men’s hairstyle that showcases an undercut on the sides and back with longer hair on top, creating a classy and youthful layered cut. As one of the most popular KPop styles right now, there are several flattering two block cuts to consider.

Some Korean men will want a short two block haircut for a masculine and low-maintenance look, while others may prefer longer hair with an undercut for a trendy style. With so many different styles, it can be a challenge choosing the right men’s hairstyle.

To inspire you with ideas, we’ve compiled this list of the best two block haircuts! From short to long, these popular two block styles will help you find a fresh look!

Two Block Haircut

What Is The Two Block?

The two block is a haircut for men that features short hair on the sides and back with longer hair on top, resulting in a handsome layered style. Also known as the Korean bowl cut, this KPop hairstyle comes with a fade or undercut and can be styled with short to medium-length hair for a versatile and trendy look. Two block styles are popular with Asian men who have thick straight hair and want a fashionable, low-maintenance hairstyle.

Two Block Hairstyle

Two Block Haircuts

Short Two Block

The short two block haircut is the perfect look for guys who want a sleek and low-maintenance style. With short hair all around, the two block hairstyle can be paired with an undercut or fade on the sides and back for a sharp, fresh cut.

Short Two Block Haircut

Great with thick straight or wavy hair, the short two block is easy to style and looks best with extra volume and flow. You’ll want to use a light pomade, wax or clay with a matte finish for a textured look.

Short Two Block Cut Styles

Long Two Block

The long two block hairstyle features short trimmed or cropped sides with medium-length to longer hair on top, creating a flowing stylish look that is popular for Asian men. This cool hairstyle offers a bold contrast with many different styling options, allowing you to style business professional and casual looks depending on the occasion. If you have naturally straight hair, use a light styling product to get volume and movement for a fashionable finish.

Long Two Block Haircut

With longer styles, you’ll need to get regular haircuts to maintain the undercut or fade on the sides as well as keep the length on top. While some guys may want to let their hair grow out for a modern messy style, too much length can result in a shaggy and unkempt look.

Long Two Block Hairstyles For Asian Men

Two Block Undercut

The two block undercut is a stylish haircut for men who want to look fresh and emphasize natural volume. Popular with Korean men, the undercut is a popular way to cut the sides and back short to contrast the longer style on top.

Two Block Undercut

This KPop undercut hairstyle can be tweaked to complement your face shape and offers a disconnected cut that highlights the two block styling. Whether you have short or long hair and want a middle or side part, this cut offers an edgy and handsome look.

Two Block Undercut Hairstyle

Two Block Fade

The two block fade is a versatile haircut that looks great with a sleek finish. As a blended style on the sides and back, the taper fade haircut is a popular choice with Asian men. When asking your barber for a cut, there are many different types of fades that look good with the two block style and the right cut for you will depend on your desired look.

Two Block Fade

The low and mid fade haircuts are ideal for business professional men who want a clean cut without drawing too much attention away from the longer length on top. If you add a fringe to your hairstyle, you may want a mid to high fade cut for a bold and edgy look.

Two Block Fade Haircut

Two Block Middle Part

A two block middle part is a daring style that works well on men with strong features. While most guys choose two block styles with bangs or side parts, the middle part can be appealing for those who want to be unique and different. This parted hairstyle will frame your face and look natural so make sure to use a light styling product that won’t weigh down your hair.

Two Block Middle Part Haircut For Asian Men

When styling, you can get a middle part that is slightly off-center for a more relaxed look or make a bold statement with a strong part down the center of your head. If your hair is very straight, it’s worth asking your barber to set this style in a partial perm with gentle waves. This will keep your middle part secure and reduce styling time in the long run.

Two Block Middle Part

Two Block Side Part

The two block side part is a stylish hairstyle that will look classy and elegant on most Asian guys. Whether you have short or medium-length hair, the side part will add flair to your two block haircut, offering another dimension to the style. To rock this popular Asian hairstyle, you’ll need hair that is long enough to be combed over to one side.

Two Block Haircut Side Part

If you have naturally textured hair, consider adding a subtle fringe for enhanced definition of the part. This asymmetrical style will be eye-catching and casually charming. When styling, work a light-hold pomade through your hair for some control without sacrificing natural movement. For a formal look, use a strong pomade or wax and then blow dry your hair into place.

Two Block Side Part

Two Block with Long Fringe

The two block with a long fringe is an effortlessly chic and sexy style for guys who are trendsetters. There are many ways to style a longer fringe hairstyle with your two block cut. The hair can either be left to fall directly over the eyebrows or be pulled to the side for a sweeping, dramatic finish.

Two Block Haircut with Long Fringe

If you choose this style, you should add some light layering to any hair on top. Without layers, this cut can lack dimension and look underwhelming. For a youthful, K-Pop feel, work some pomade through your hair to create light lift and subtle texture. As the long fringe is the standout feature of this cut, you should avoid over-styling the remaining hair.

Two Block with Long Fringe

Messy Two Block Hairstyle

A messy two block hairstyle is a more unruly style that pairs a short back and sides with a long top. Although this style looks amazing with a casual outfit, it’s seen as unprofessional in corporate settings. For a sexy bedhead vibe, use pomade or clay to add volume and texture to your hair. When styling a charming messy two block hairstyle, you’ll want to focus on achieving the proper shape and maximizing volume. For a thicker look, you should work texturizing products through your hair for extra volume.

Messy Two Block Hairstyle

If you’re working with wet hair, use a round brush to blow-dry your hair upside down and then in different directions. Once your hair is dry, tousle it with your fingertips and allow strands to fall naturally. For best results, make sure you have ample length on top. It’s possible to achieve a messy two block style with shorter hair, but it’s more difficult to style and the results rarely last all day.

Messy Two Block Haircut Style

Curly Two Block

The curly two block is a cool haircut for guys who want to let their natural curls take center stage. Curly hair can add an awesome contrast to undercut or buzzed sides and they require minimal styling. You’ll need about six inches of length on top for hair long enough to curl properly. Asian men with straight hair may want to get a perm to create a curly two block hairstyle.

Curly Two Block

Male perms typically last between three to six months, depending on your hair texture and thickness. To keep your curly cut in good condition, invest in high-quality shampoos, conditioners and styling products that are designed for curly hair. Good products should nourish and protect hair while minimizing breakage and frizz.

Curly Two Block Hairstyle

Korean Bowl Cut

The Korean bowl cut is a popular men’s hairstyle that’s short, easy and low-maintenance to style. A bowl cut can be great if you have a strong jawline and want a classic look that will balance your features.

Korean Bowl Cut

With an even cut all around the head, this layered haircut comes with natural volume and requires minimal styling. You’ll want to maintain the style with regular trims to prevent the hair on top from looking unkempt or ruining the signature lines of this style. For an interesting contrast, keep your shaved sides closely buzzed with a fade or undercut.

Korean Bowl Haircut

How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut

When visiting your barber for a haircut, you’ll need to know how to ask for a two block and the proper way to describe the style. It’s important to tell your stylist the type of haircut you want on the sides and back as well as the length you want on top.

How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut

The best way to tell a professional barber you want the two block haircut is to show him a picture of the cut. While your hairstylist will probably be familiar with this popular cut, you should always come prepared to avoid a bad haircut.

Korean Haircut

How To Style A Two Block Hairstyle

When it comes to styling the two block haircut, the style is relatively easy to maintain and effortless to get. For starters, you’ll need a quality hair styling product that offers control and definition with a light touch for enhanced volume and control.

If you prefer a natural textured style, invest in a pomade, wax or clay with a matte finish. Guys with dull or damaged hair who prefer a semi-glossy finish will want a product that offers some shine. You’ll only need a small amount of product and a hair dryer to style your cool KPop hairstyle. Use a blow dryer on slightly damp hair to add volume and body.

KPop hairstyle

How To Style A Two Block Hairstyle

Korean Undercut Hairstyle