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30 Worst Haircuts For Men

Professional barbers and stylists are often asked about the worst haircuts they’ve ever seen. Bad hairstyles can ruin your confidence, affect your career, and just make you look ridiculous. Whether you just need a good laugh or want to know which styles are not trending, there are several bad men’s haircuts to avoid at all costs.

Some awful hairstyles are a result of a terrible cut where an amateur barber just screws up and there isn’t anything you can do, while some guys just ask for ugly haircuts that don’t fit their face or look. While your barber may try to warn you, men that blindly follow fashion trends arguably deserve the weird, embarrassing or stupid hairstyle they get.

With so many messed up looks, it can be a challenge choosing the ugliest haircuts of all time. To inspire you with ideas, we’ve compiled a list of bad haircuts for men! From horrible cuts to awful styles, explore the worst men’s hairstyles to find really bad looks you should avoid!

Worst Haircuts

Bad Men’s Haircuts

The Clearly Balding

The realization that you’re going bald is a difficult pill to swallow. It’s tempting to try and hold on to your luscious locks, but once your hair starts thinning, it’s only a matter of time before you should find a new hairstyle. One of the worst things men with thin or thinning hair can do is try and conceal problem areas with a comb over. Not only will this hairstyle draw attention to your bald spots and hairline but it can look unprofessional and embarrassing.

Bad Comb Over

For many guys, balding causes anxiety and embarrassment. However, all men will face hair thinning and balding during their lifetime, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The best thing to do when your hair starts balding is to take the plunge with a clean shave, buzz cut or crew cut hairstyle. These styles are stylish and low-maintenance, and often look striking when paired with a beard.

Bad Balding Hairstyles For Men

Just Stupid

Stupid haircuts are ridiculous styles that guys get when they’re trying to be creative but end up with an awful and embarrassing look. These men’s hairstyles just represent some of the ugliest and dumbest-looking cuts that men and women universally hate.

Stupid Haircuts

If you ever want to break up with a girl but don’t know how, experiment with these really bad haircuts and she’ll take care of the rest. If she doesn’t laugh at your hilarious hair and leave you immediately, you may want to reconsider the relationship because she’s a keeper and in it for true love.

Dumb Haircuts

Gelled Spikes

Gelled spikes may have been all the rage in the ‘90s, but they’re rarely considered a stylish choice these days. Although this hairstyle can look effective on occasion, it usually takes incredible bone structure and punky clothes to pull off well. It’s worth noting that gelled spikes are frowned upon in professional settings and are unlikely to align with strict corporate dress codes.

Gelled Spikes


The country mullet is one of the worst hairstyles for guys to get right now and should be avoided at all costs. While the modern mullet offers many cool variations that are stylish and fashionable these days, there are several types of mullet styles that just look awful.


Consisting of a short front section and a long back, the ‘80s mullet is an infamous men’s hairstyle that tends to look bad on everyone. For this reason, it’s considered an ugly haircut that will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons.


The skullet may be the most ridiculous and ugliest haircut of all time. The skullet is a stupid style that combines a traditional mullet and a shaved head, leaving the top of your scalp bald with longer hair on the sides and back. As this cut requires a lot of bravado and confidence to pull off, it’s typically only seen on expressive types who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.


As a style that is deemed both harsh and controversial, the skullet is a cut that isn’t worth the risk. If you’d still like to rock an edgy style, there are various mohawk or Viking hairstyles that make an impact without being an eyesore.

Skullet Haircut

Bowl Cut

You may have been forced to sport a bowl cut as a kid, but there’s no excuse for carrying this unflattering style into adulthood. Although bowl cuts can look decent on those with hyper-masculine features, they tend to overwhelm most faces and force your hair to lie flat against the head.

Bowl Cut

This cut first burst onto the scene during the Crusades of the 15th century. Despite enjoying various resurgences throughout the years, this blunt and unforgiving cut should remain firmly in the past.

Rat Tail

The rat tail haircut features a shaved head with a small section of hair dangling down from the nape of the neck. This haircut generally makes men look unkempt, unprofessional and unpresentable as it offers very few styling options. Although it can certainly turn heads, this bizarre style is best avoided for all those who value their dignity and reputation.

Rat Tail

Bad Fades

A bad fade haircut can just ruin your entire look, resulting in an ugly hairstyle you don’t want to be seen with. Whether it’s just a barbershop cut gone wrong or a freak accident that causes a horrible haircut, your fade must be clean and perfectly tapered to complement the long hair on top.

Bad Fade

Depending on the situation, some barbers may offer to fix your haircut but some cuts are too messed up to correct. In most cases, the only way to solve the problem is to let your hair grow out and find another professional to give you a cut.

Bad Fade Haircuts

Greasy Styles

Oily-haired men can often lean into greasy styles out of habit. They may not necessarily be going for a slicked-back look, but thin-haired guys may be tempted to slick their hair back to avoid washing their hair too often. However, neglecting proper hair care and overusing oil-based hair styling products is a recipe for disaster when it comes to any hair texture. Although thin hair is more prone to looking greasy, even thick-haired men can fall foul to bad greasy hairstyles if they overuse product.

Greasy Hair

To keep hair pleasantly slick for a wet look, invest in a water-based pomade and keep your application technique light. This should tame any pesky stray hairs while keeping your overall look sleek and professional.

Greaser Styles

Long Asymmetrical

Long asymmetrical men’s hairstyles can look striking on the runway but tend to look garish and unbalanced in the real world. As one side of this cut is significantly longer than the other, it can make styling incredibly arduous and is usually more trouble than it’s worth.

Long Asymmetrical Hairstyles For Men

If you insist on trying an asymmetrical cut, ask your barber to work balance into your locks. You can certainly have statement elements at the front, but having massive contrasting sections is asking for trouble when it comes to maintenance and styling.

Long Asymmetrical Men's Hairstyle

Frosted Tips

Frosted tips is a dated hairstyle for men that features spiked hair and bleached tips. Although frosted tips were once considered the height of style back in the 1990s and early 2000s, this men’s hairstyle has truly fallen from grace.

Frosted Tips Men

To avoid looking tacky and outdated, it’s worth taking the plunge and bleaching your entire mane. Not every man will be able to pull off platinum locks, but a bold dye job will make a statement without incorporating the unsightly contrast of frosted tips.

Frosted Hair Tips Men

The Wannabe Rocker

The wannabe rocker hairstyle may have made women swoon in the 1980s but it tends to look messy and out of touch when showcased by modern men. Long hairstyles look particularly amazing when they’re cut in a rugged, Viking fashion. However, the wannabe rocker style doesn’t have the same impact as traditional masculine cuts.

Old Wannabe Rocker Hairstyle

When worn by older men, this pushed-back style looks as though you’re trying to hark back to your glory days. To avoid embarrassing yourself, it’s a good idea to opt for cleaner, versatile cuts that give you more freedom when it comes to styling.

Wannabe Rocker Hairstyle


First modeled by the artist Skrillex, this unique style is defined by a half-shaved head. The rest of the hair stays long and the resulting contrast creates an edgy, intimidating look that is extremely difficult to style. Although this haircut aligns perfectly with Skrillex’s rebellious image, it’s far too jarring for the average man.


Simon Cowell’s Flat Top

Simon Cowell is best known for his harsh critiques and harsh commentary, but he’s also known for sporting his signature flat top hairstyle. Despite looking acceptable on Simon Cowell, this overly rectangular style is unflattering on most face shapes.

Simon Cowell’s Flat Top

To avoid looking too much like Britain’s harshest TV personality, ask your barber to add shape and texture to your cut. Even men with straight hair should incorporate some layering into their locks if they’re not opting for a buzz cut or crew cut. Even having slight movement in your hair will prevent it from looking like Cowell’s flat top disaster.

The Boris Johnson

Known for his messy, unkempt hair, Boris Johnson’s typical look is a style that no man should strive to replicate. Not only does Johnson go far too long between haircuts, but he also seems to make no effort to style his mane. Despite letting his hair lie flat against his head, he always seems to struggle with hair pointing in different directions.

The Boris Johnson Look

Men with thick hair can easily avoid looking like Boris Johnson by working pomade lightly through their locks. However, those with thin hair should take extra care to avoid hair lying straight down. This will simply draw attention to grease and make hair look even patchier.

Emo Fringe

The emo fringe typically features side swept bangs that are heavily straightened, brushed forward and styled over the forehead. You may have seen this emo hairstyle take over Tumblr back in the noughties, but this is now a style that looks outdated. If you’re committed to the punk movement, you may consider a short fringe for a subtle look.

Emo Fringe

Colorful Hair

In the right circles, colorful hair can be a great way to express your creativity and make a statement. However, bright, colorful hair is typically frowned upon in business professional careers and you may find it a struggle to be taken seriously if you take the plunge with a box of purple or blue dye.

Colorful Hair

Color can still look stylish when dyed professionally, but it’s a good idea to stick to natural tones to avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself. If you currently have brown hair, a transition to blond or auburn should give you a large enough shift without looking garish.

How To Avoid A Bad Haircut

Learn Barber Terminology

Although great barbers will be able to recreate a look for you from a photograph or description, it’s always wise to learn barber terminology to get your point across effectively. All hair is different, so being able to express exactly what you want in terms that barbers associate with is sure to help you achieve your desired outcome. If you’re not sure how to describe what you want, then bringing a photograph along is a great idea. This should give your barber an idea of the style you want without relying on words alone.


Choose The Right Hairstyle

When asking your barber for a haircut, you’ll need to request the best hairstyle for your face shape. Guys should educate themselves on the different haircuts that suit their facial features and look. Barbers are experienced, but having intimate knowledge about your hair type and what cuts work well for you will save you from getting a bad haircut.

Men's Haircuts By Face Shape

Oval face shapes usually suit a wide range of cuts. This is because oval faces are naturally well-balanced. For a look that’s sure to impress, ask your barber for a pompadour to draw attention to your perfect features.

Conversely, square faces suit undercut hairstyles well as these cuts feature harsh lines that beautifully highlight strong jawlines. Finally, round faces should opt for hairstyles that elongate and add dimension. Quiffs work particularly well here, as they create a wonderful balance and height that makes any facial roundness less prominent.

The final thing to consider when you’re choosing a hairstyle is styling. It can be tempting to choose an impressive high-maintenance hairstyle but few men are willing to put in the effort to style complex cuts each day.

Men's Haircuts By Face Shape

If you’re unsure about the cut you have in mind, bookmark examples of your favorite haircut styles to show your barber. They should be able to fill you in on the styling steps you’ll need to go through each day to keep your locks in top condition. If the upkeep is too much for you, be sure to discuss viable alternatives.

Use The Best Hair Styling Products

Although investing in a good shampoo and conditioner is a great place to start when it comes to hair maintenance, using the right styling products for your chosen cut will take it from average to show-stopping. Most men should have pomade, wax, clay or cream as styling tools. These popular hair products can offer control, definition, volume and texture to help you get the coolest hairstyles.

Best Hair Styling Products

Be aware that these products tend to come in light, medium and high hold options, so you may need to ask your barber which hold will work best for you. It’s worth noting that men with thin hair should avoid products that are too heavy, as they will simply weigh hair down.

In addition to knowing which styling products to purchase, you should also use the highest quality options available. High-quality products needn’t be expensive, but you should keep an eye out for enriching, natural products that don’t contain harsh chemicals. These should keep your hair healthier in the long run.

Understand Proper Hair Care

Good hair care is an essential part of getting a stylish hairstyle. When considering proper care and maintenance, there are many hair tips and products to learn about to keep your scalp and locks healthy. For starters, you’ll need to know how often you should wash your hair with shampoo. Washing your hair too often is sure to strip your hair of natural oils, but not washing it enough can make your hairstyle look greasy and ugly.

Good Hair Care For Men

Striking the perfect balance is all about trial and error, so be sure to experiment with different shampoo and conditioner schedules to figure out what gives you the best results. When in doubt, ask your barber for their professional advice!

It’s also important to keep up with regular barbershop visits. Letting your hair grow too long will make it look shapeless and encourage breakage. To keep your cut fresh, visit the barbershop every four or five weeks. This should keep your hair budget manageable while maintaining the health of your hair.