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Johnny Depp Hairstyles

Johnny Depp’s hairstyles are as iconic and famous as the actor himself. Known as one of the most talented actors of his generation, Depp’s hair catapulted the Hollywood superstar into becoming an international fashion icon. In fact, Depp’s long hair in movies like Blow and his short hair in flicks such as Public Enemies certainly influenced men’s lifestyle trends at the time. If you’re looking for a new haircut this year, here’s how to have hair like Johnny Depp!

Best Johnny Depp Hairstyles

The best Johnny Depp hairstyles are effortlessly stylish and beautiful. It’s impossible to deny that the actor exudes a natural style that can’t be beat when it comes to long hairstyles. From ponytail to quiff to slicked back hair, check out our collection of pictures detailing each Depp haircut!

Johnny Depp Hairstyles

Johnny Depp Public Enemies Hairstyle

Let’s start with Johnny Depp’s Public Enemies hairstyle – a classic vintage prohibition haircut with a low taper fade on the sides and long quiff on top. What became known as the John Dillinger haircut, this textured style is good for guys with thick straight or wavy hair who want a short to medium-length layered hairstyle. If you’re styling this cut, just remember to use a little hair wax or pomade to keep your hair in place throughout the day.

Johnny Depp Public Enemies Hair

Johnny Depp Long Hair

With so many great hairstyles, Johnny Depp is ultimately best known for his long hair, which he started to grow out in the early 90’s. Depp’s hair at the time was a reflection of the burgeoning grunge culture in Hollywood, which replaced the star’s clean-cut look. In future years, Depp’s long hairstyle worked perfectly for roles in Sleepy HollowChocolatWhat’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and Pirates of the Caribbean, just to name a few!

Johnny Depp Long Hair

Johnny Depp Short Hair

As if having a cool long locks wasn’t enough, Johnny Depp’s short hair evokes envy as well! Whether he was styling Donny Brasco’s slicked back hair or Cry-Baby’s rockabilly quiff hairstyle with tapered sides, it doesn’t seem like there is a haircut Depp can’t pull off.

Johnny Depp Short Hair

Other Cool Johnny Depp Hair

For more on Depp’s latest new hairstyles, check out our gallery below!

Johnny Depp Haircut

Cool Johnny Depp Hairstyle

Johnny Depp Hair Style

Cool Johnny Depp Hairstyle - Blow

Johnny Depp Short Hairstyles

Johnny Depp Medium-Length Hair

Johnny Depp Haircuts - Short Hair with Goatee

Johnny Depp Long Hairstyle with Goatee

John Dillinger Haircut

How To Have Hair Like Johnny Depp

Best Johnny Depp Hair and Hairstyles