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Top 20 Marine Haircuts For Men

You may be asking yourself – why should I get a marine haircut if I’m not in the military? The best reason is that marine hairstyles and haircuts are simple styles that are manly and low maintenance, meaning you can wake up in the morning, forget the pomade or styling products, and be ready to walk out the door. On the off chance you are a marine, this guide can also provide ideas on the different types of marines haircuts that comply with military regulations.

For example, standard Marine Corps grooming standards indicate you may have a skin fade, but your hair on top can be no longer than 3 inches. If you don’t want to always be shaving your head or getting a buzz cut, there are still a number of cool haircuts that are approved. Check out our collection of the best marine style haircuts for men and find your favorite hairstyle during service!

Best Marine Style Haircuts For Men

Marine Haircut - Buzz Cut

Marine Cut

Men's Marine Haircut

Marine Haircut For Men

Marine Haircuts

Marine Haircut - Buzz Top

Marine Haircuts - Buzz Cut with Part

Marine Haircut - Landing Strip

Marine Style Haircut For Men

Marine Hairstyles For Men

Marine Haircut - Induction Cut

Best Marine Haircut

Marine Haircut Styles

Marine Haircut - Crew Cut

Marine Cut - Clean Buzz Cut

Marines Haircut - Fade with Short Top

Men's Marine Hairstyles

Regulation Marine Haircut

Marine Haircuts - Shaved Sides

Marine Haircut - Induction Cut For Men