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50 Trendy Korean Haircuts For Men

When it comes to fashionable trends, the right hairstyle for Korean men can transform your look and take your style to the next level. These Korean haircuts are some of the most popular styles to get right now and offer a stylish cut that will look great on guys. Whether you want a classic business professional style or a casually cool cut, there are several Korean men’s hairstyles to consider.

Some Korean men may prefer an undercut on the sides and back with longer hair on top for versatile styling options, while others might want to experiment with the latest KPop hairstyles such as the two block or middle part.

With so many different Korean haircut styles, it can be a challenge choosing the right look. To inspire you with ideas, we’ve compiled this guide on the best hairstyles for Korean men. From short and long hair, explore these popular Korean haircuts to find trendy styles.

Hairstyles For Korean Men

Hairstyles For Korean Men

KPop Hairstyle

KPop hairstyles are stylish looks for guys who want a style that has been inspired by a Korean boy band. A KPop haircut generally features short hair on the sides and back with longer hair on top that can be styled messy, parted down the middle or brushed forward to create an eye-catching look. Whether you want to experiment with a two block or curtain bangs, there are many different KPop hairstyles for men to try at the barbershop. To pull off the style, you’ll want to invest in a quality styling products that offer a loose and naturally textured finish.

KPop Haircut Men

KPop Hairstyle

Korean Undercut

The Korean undercut is a modern haircut that will elevate your style and create the necessary contrast needed to highlight the styling above. The undercut offers a versatile cut on the sides and back that can be combined with all the most popular men’s hairstyles. Asian men can pair the undercut with a slick back, comb over, crew cut, side part, bowl cut or curtains hairstyle for a dapper finish.

Korean Undercut

Undercut Hairstyles For Korean Men

Two Block

The two block haircut features trimmed hair on the sides and back that sharply contrasts with longer hair on top, creating a cool disconnected style that has become popular with Korean men. This short layered cut is similar to an undercut and can be partnered with several charming styles such as the long fringe, bowl cut and middle part. To get the perfect look, make sure to use a lightweight styling product that will leave your hair loose for a softer look. Great for casual and formal occasions, the two block hairstyle will continue to be a trend for years to come.

Two Block Haircut

Two Block Haircut Style

Korean Fade

The Korean fade is a tapered haircut that gradually blends the hair on the sides and back shorter for a sleek finish. The fade haircut has become the most popular cut for guys to get and works with all hair types, lengths and styles. There are many different types of fades to consider and guys can choose between a low, mid and high fade haircut. For extra flair, you can ask your barber to cut a skin, drop, or burst fade. With a modern touch, Asian men will love the added visual appeal of the taper fade.

Korean Fade

Korean Fade Haircut

Korean Short Hairstyle

A short hairstyle for Korean men can offer a low-maintenance look that is masculine and easy to style. There are several great short haircuts to consider, including the crop top, buzz cut, comb over fade, slicked back undercut and curtain fringe with tapered sides. Guys who want short hair should start with a fade, taper or undercut on the sides and back to set the foundation for the shorter style on top. For a structured style, use a strong pomade or wax product to keep your hair in place all day. A light styling clay or cream can be the perfect option for a shaggy natural look or guys who want to maintain longer bangs for a parted style.

Korean Men Short Hairstyle

Short Haircuts For Korean Men

Korean Medium Hairstyle

The medium hairstyle for Korean guys provides texture, length and styling options for a bolder look. Whether you have straight, thick, wavy or curly hair, medium haircuts look better with tapered sides that will accentuate the irresistible style on top. When it comes to styling your hair, you can get a hard side part, quiff, pompadour, brush back, two block with bangs or flowing style with the right products. Use a matte hair product for a textured finish or a pomade with some sheen for a sexy wet look.

Korean Medium Hairstyle

Korean Men Medium Hairstyle

Korean Long Hairstyle

The long hairstyle has always been a popular choice for Korean men who want styling flexibility and that heartthrob KPop style. The longer hair on top is often complemented by shorter cut sides to construct the perfect foundation for a range of styles. From flowing shoulder length hairstyles to the man bun and top knot, guys can experiment with different long styles to find a youthful and classy look.

Korean Long Hair Men

Long Hairstyle For Korean Men

Korean Curly Hair

Korean men who have curly hair should appreciate the unique texture and style that curls can offer. Korean curly hairstyles start with short cuts on the sides and back to create the edgy and fashionable looks that highlight their curls. Some guys prefer short curly hair paired with an undercut and messy styling, while others may choose a permed style with tight curls and faded sides. If you’re looking to stand out, an Asian man with curly hair is sure to impress.

Korean Curly Hair Men

Korean Curly Hairstyle Men

Korean Comb Over

The comb over is a classic haircut for Korean men who want a business professional style that suits all occasions. As the most popular variation, the comb over fade has become a hot hair trend and can be tailored to fit your look. You can ask your barber for a high, mid or low taper fade on the sides and back to create a cut that suits your needs. The low comb over fade offers an elegant and versatile style, while the mid and high skin fade can amp up the boldness. Talk to your stylist about featuring a hard part to highlight the cut and consider using a glossy styling product like pomade for a formal finish.

Korean Comb Over

Korean Men Comb Over

Korean Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a military-style haircut that Korean guys can choose to get a masculine and low-maintenance style that requires minimal styling. Buzzed hairstyles can be cut one length all around or faded on the sides and back for a modern take. Whether you have short or long hair, there are many buzz cut styles to consider for a fresh look. A close-cropped top with a high skin fade can be turned into a high and tight. For a longer style, the crew cut is a versatile cut with extra length on top where the hair in front can be side swept for a preppy and charming touch.

Korean Buzz Cut

Korean Buzz Cut Fade

Korean Messy Hair

The messy hairstyle is a casual and cool look that can help Korean men exude confidence and a sexy bad boy vibe. Messy hair has been a style embraced by KPop stars and can be applied to many different haircuts. From trendy fringe hairstyles to curtains, bowl cuts and shaggy tops, these messy styles need a light-hold product that offers definition, volume and a matte finish.

Korean Men Messy Hair

Korean Messy Hair Men

Korean Middle Part

The middle part is a popular Korean hairstyle that provides men with a stylish look and versatility. A middle part can be styled with short or long hair on top and an undercut or taper on the sides. Some Korean guys will add waves to the curtains for a textured style, while others prefer straight hair for a cleaner look. When styling a middle part, you’ll need a lightweight product like clay, wax or cream to avoid weighing down your strands. Like a KPop celebrity, you’ll want to style your hair to maximize flow, volume and movement.

Korean Middle Part Men

Korean Men Middle Part

Korean Bowl Cut

The Korean bowl cut is a modern style that features short hair on the sides and back with longer hair on top and in the front. The bowl haircut has become a fashionable trend and continues to be a KPop-inspired style that women love to see on Korean men. You can style your hair shaggy and messy or neat and all brushed forward. With the right cut, this hairstyle requires minimal styling with a quality product that adds texture and fullness.

Korean Bowl Cut

Korean Bowl Cut Men

Korean Side Part

The Korean side part is a classic haircut for men that combines tapered or undercut sides with longer hair on top to create an elegant style. The side part can be a great hairstyle for the modern gentleman who wants a business professional cut for work that also looks attractive at a club. This dapper style is often neat and structured but Korean guys can pull off a loose parted look for a casual finish.

Korean Side Part

Korean Side Part Men

Korean Slicked Back Hair

The Korean slicked back hairstyle is a modern take on the classic style that looks bold and sexy. With an undercut on the sides and back, slicked back hair works well with guys who have thick straight locks. To pull off a cool slick back, make sure to use a strong pomade or wax and brush your hair up and back to infuse volume.

Korean Men Slicked Back Hairstyle

Korean Men Slicked Back Fade Haircut

Korean Perm

The Korean perm is a chemical treatment for men that can help add a curl or wave to straight hair for an irresistible look. While there are different types of Korean perms, most guys choose to style an undercut on the sides and short curly or longer wavy hair on top. These permed hairstyles have become popular fashion trends and offer a cool way to transform your look.

Korean Perm For Men

Korean Perm Men

Korean Curtain Bangs

Korean curtain bangs are an iconic hairstyle for men who have longer hair and want a sexy style that frames their face while offering a trendy look. The curtains haircut features short hair on the sides and back with long bangs that are used to created a defined middle part. As a popular style for Korean men, the fringe can be messy and wavy for a textured finish or simple and straight for a clean look. To maximize volume and flow, make sure to apply a light styling product and blow dry your hair.

Korean Curtain Bangs Men

Korean Men Curtain Bangs Hairstyle

Korean Fringe Hairstyle Men

Korean Quiff

The Korean quiff is a chic style that requires guys to brush their hair up and forward for an eye-catching finish. The quiff haircut starts with a fade or undercut and medium to longer hair on top that can be styled to create a casual or clean-cut professional look.

Korean Quiff

Korean Quiff Hairstyle

Shaggy Korean Hair

The shaggy hairstyle is one of the coolest and easiest styles for Korean men to experiment with. Shag haircuts are versatile, textured and messy styles that work with all hair types for a carefree look. This fun and youthful style looks good when you don’t want to put any effort into styling your hair.

Shaggy Korean Hair

Shaggy Korean Men Hairstyle

Hair Color Trends For Korean Men

Pink hair is a KPop trend that has taken the world by storm and continues to be an edgy look for Korean men who want to experiment with different hair colors. While some celebrities prefer red, pink, blue or green to stand out, most guys will want to dye their dark brown or blonde for a flattering look. Bleached hair or blonde highlights can add an attractive and interesting dimension to any hairstyle. With so many different combinations and styles, there are several hair color trends to consider so you’ll want to talk to your stylist about the latest looks.

Hair Color Trends For Korean Men