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25 Hard Part Haircuts For Men

The hard part haircut, also known as a shaved part or line in haircut, is an expansion of the side part hairstyle trend. The hard part is a shaved line in the scalp that provides definition and contrast for an edgy look. For this reason, hard part hairstyles for men are modern, cool, and versatile. Between a hard part fade and an undercut with a shaved line on the side, hard part styles work with any number of different cuts.

Guys who want to get a popular hard part hairstyle should check out all the best ways to wear it below. Although the men’s hard part is traditionally paired with a side part or comb over, the style is also hot with a pompadour, quiff, slick back, and spiky hair. If you’re curious about this thick razor line haircut, be sure to mention it to your barber on your next visit!

Let’s explore the best hard part haircuts for men to get right now!

Hard Part Haircut

How To Cut A Hard Part Haircut

Unlike other haircuts, we don’t recommend you do a hard part at home. Cutting a hard part requires a sharp razor and the ability to cut a straight line all the way down to the scalp. One false move and you may be forced to buzz all your hair off. Instead, we highly recommend you ask your barber to cut a hard part into your hair.

Generally, this means telling your barber about the new hairstyle you want to get and then requesting a hard part line be shaved in. Most guys choose to combine a line in their hair with a fade or undercut on the sides. The hard part fade has been a stylish trend in barbershops for years, especially as part of modern short sides, long top haircuts that need contrast to accentuate the styling.

Best Men's Hard Part Hairstyles

Because parted styles are flexible, they look good with all lengths of hair – short, medium, or long. Similarly, some men like to get a line in their thick, wavy or curly hair to help them find their natural part.

Best Hard Part Haircuts

From short to long hair, explore the best men’s hard part haircuts to find stylish looks. If you want to envision how you want your line to look, these cuts and styles will inspire you. We’ve included some awesome haircuts with lines on the sides as well to give you the option of getting creative with your hard part, especially if you want the hardline to be somewhere other than your hair’s natural part.

Hard Part Fade

Hard Part Fade

A fade with a hard part is one of the top ways to get this cut. With so many different types of fades – high, mid, low, skin, and taper – guys have a variety of options. Here, we have an example of a low bald fade, a shaved line part on the sides, and a messy texture style on top. Coupled with a stubble beard and some highlights, this sexy men’s hairstyle gets your attention.

Undercut Hard Part

Undercut Hard Part

An undercut with a hard part is an excellent alternative to the classic fade haircut. This undercut hard part provides the necessary contrast to focus your eyes on the spiky hairstyle on top. The sweet thing about this style is that guys can change the look any time by simply combing over or slicking back their hair.

High Skin Fade + Hard Part Comb Over

Hard Part Haircut

Mid Skin Fade + Thick Part + Messy Textured Top

Hard Part

Wavy Parted Hair + Full Beard

Hard Part in Hair

Hard Side Part + Low Skin Fade

Shaved Part Haircut

Low Bald Fade + Line Up + Parted Faux Hawk

Hard Line Haircut

Angular Comb Over + Shave Part Line + Undercut Fade

Shaved Hard Part Haircut

Hi Lo Fade + Line in Sides + Messy Hair

Men's Haircut With Line

Textured Modern Quiff + Shaved Part + Fade

Part Haircut For Men

Thick Textured Hair + Razor Part on Side + Mid Fade

Razor Line Haircut

Side Swept Fringe + High Fade + Hipster Beard

Shaved Part For Men

Side Part + Thick Shaved Line + Low Razor Fade

Line In Haircut

Long Comb Over Fade + Long Beard

Hard Part Hairstyle

Textured Quiff + Line on Sides + Fade

Haircuts with Lines on the Sides

Brushed Back Hair + Razor Fade + Part

Hard Part From Behind

High Fade + Shape Up + Part + Thick Beard

Men's Part Haircut