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The Gentleman Haircut

The gentleman haircut is one of the best classic hairstyles for men. While the side part has long been considered the Gentleman’s Cut, men’s haircut styles and fashion trends have since become more creative, edgy, and versatile. Nowadays, a stylish undercut or fade on the sides and back with a comb over or side swept Ivy League can prove to be a cool modern gentleman’s hairstyle. In fact, the side part fade has quickly become a barbershop favorite – just add in a hard part with short faded sides and the look offers the perfect balance of cool and classic.

Whether you’re looking for a business professional look for the office or want to stand out at a dinner party, combed over styles offer the right combination of volume, texture, movement, and styling. For the best classic and modern hairstyles for men, here are some of the top gentleman’s haircuts to get!

Best Gentleman’s Haircuts

Gentleman's Haircut - Comb Over with Part

Tapered Sides + Long Slick Back

Gentleman's Haircut - Slick Back

Comb Over + Short Sides + Facial Hair

Gentleman's Haircut - Side Swept

High Fade + Side Swept Fringe

Gentleman's Haircut For Asian Men

Textured Brush Back + Classic Taper

Gentleman's Haircut - Brush Back

Buzz Cut + Line Up

Gentleman's Haircut - Buzz Cut

Hard Part Comb Over + Low Fade

Gentleman's Cut

Messy Quiff + Beard

Gentlemen's Haircut

Textured Top + Longer Sides

Gentleman's Hairstyles

Slicked Back Hair + Long Beard

Best Gentlemen's Haircuts - Slick Back

Textured Modern Quiff + Sleek Sides

Modern Gentleman's Cut

Messy Spiked Medium Length Hair

Gentlemen's Cut - Messy Hair

Hard Side Part

Gentlemen's Cut - Side Part

Undercut Comb Over + Full Beard

Gentlemen's Cut - Comb Over with Beard

Messy Ivy League

Gentleman's Cut For Men

Side Part + Classic Taper

Gentleman's Cuts For Guys

Short Textured Top + Low Taper Fade

Gentlemen's Cuts For Men - Long Crew Cut

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