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23 Cool Haircut Designs For Men

Hair and haircut designs are a way for you to express yourself, and there are many talented barbers around the world who can make any hair art a reality. We searched the internet looking for cool hair designs for men and kids. From 2 or 3 lines on the side of your head to hard parts to hair tattoos, we found the best fade cuts and hairstyles! Here are 23 awesome haircut designs for men worth trying on your next visit to the barbershop!

Best Haircut Designs For Guys

Haircut Designs

Here’s a beautiful example of a design that combines different lines and shading on the sides with a sweet faux hawk on top.

Hair Designs For Men

As you can see, there are limitless possibilities. Ultimately, how stylish your hair design comes out depends on your creativity and your barber’s skills.

High Skin Fade + Faux Hawk + Design

Haircut Designs

One of the best ways to incorporate a design is to cut different types of fades into your sides, switching between hair and skin to create unique styles.

Buzz Cut + Low Bald Fade

Cool Haircut Designs

Placement is critical when etching art into your scalp, and this buzz cut and low skin fade make the look stand out!

Hi Lo Skin Fade + Messy Hair + Neckline Design

Haircut Design

Neckline designs are becoming more popular these days, and these crossing lines don’t disappoint.

Comb Over + Shaved Sides

Hair Designs

Continuing with the short sides, long top hairstyles of late, this style customizes the fresh comb over fade.

Burst Fade Mohawk

Haircut Designs For Kids

High Drop Fade + Short Top + Leaf Design

Haircut Designs For Black Men

Short Spiky Hair

Cool Hair Designs

BuzzCut + line Up + Unique Design

Designs For Haircuts

Buzz Cut + Zig Zag Hair Design

Hair Designs For Men

Cool Designs in Hair

Men's Hair Designs

Hair Designs For Guys

Hair Designs For Kids

Haircut Designs

Awesome Hair Designs

Designs For Haircuts

Hair Designs For Men

Hair Designs For Black Men

Haircut Designs For Black Men

Haircut Designs For Kids

Haircut Designs For Guys