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Top 23 Frat Haircuts

While the coolest frat boy haircut can’t magically turn you into the most charming and popular guy on campus overnight, the best frat hairstyles can help you create the right image and look to attract hot sorority girls! Frat haircuts are designed to be equal parts stylish, edgy, and douchey. There are a number of hot fratty haircuts worth trying, so check out our list of the top frat boy hairstyles to find a style that works for you!

Frat Haircut - Cool Comb Over

Frat Haircut - Comb Over

Frat Haircut - Side Part

Frat Hairstyle - Textured Slicked Back Hair

Frat Haircut - High Skin Fade with Slick Back and Beard

Frat Boy Haircut - Comb Over

Frat Boy Haircut - Messy Top

Frat Haircuts - Ivy League Crew Cut

Frat Hairstyles - Short Comb Over

Frat Boy Haircut - Short Sides, Long Comb Over

Frat Boy Hairstyles - Long Slicked Back Hair

Frat Boy Hair - Textured Spikey Hair

Frat Boy Haircuts - Undercut with Comb Over

Frat Boy Haircuts - Fade with Quiff

Frat Hairstyles - Side Swept

Frat Boys - Skin Fade with Long Textured Hair on Top

Frat Haircuts - Fade with Brush Back

Frat Haircuts - Spiky Hair

Frat Boy Style - Comb Back

Frat Boy Hair - Brush Up

Fratty Hairstyles - Brushed Back Hair

Asian Frat Boy Haircut - Side Part

Frat Boy Haircuts - Short Sides with Messy Top

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