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45 Stylish Layered Haircuts For Men

Layered haircuts are a stylish choice for guys who want to feature volume, flow and movement for a flattering look. Layering is a technique that requires your stylist to cut hair at different lengths to create a seamless transition from long to short, adding dimension and body to your style.

If you’re looking to change things up, these layered men’s hairstyles are versatile and classy looks that can be suitable for any texture and length. Whether you prefer a short and choppy or subtle and medium-length style, layers will enhance your cut to create a fresh and trendy finish.

For inspiration, here are some cool examples of the best layered haircuts for men that will deliver volume, texture and natural flow.

Layered Haircuts For Men

Men’s Layered Hairstyles

Classic Layered Flow Back

Without a doubt, the classic flow back is a cool and confident style for the man who wants a smooth layered look. The cut is simple and can be achieved by brushing the hair back and letting it fall naturally. For a simple finish, let your hair dry or run a small amount of pomade through to embrace your inner heartthrob.

Classic Layered Flow Back

Layered Bro Flow

The bro flow is a popular long layered haircut for men who want to feature volume, movement and fullness. Undeniably iconic, the flow is an easy and simple style for the man who keeps his hair on the longer end. Adding texture throughout will allow the layers to give the overall look shape while remaining rugged. Whether you’re trying to be the bad boy or the boy next door, the versatility of this cut will only enhance your masculinity.

Layered Bro Flow

Brush Back with Fade

A brush back with a fade is a versatile and cool layered hairstyle for men who want volume and styling flexibility for an irresistible look. In some ways, this style is a throwback to every main character in the TV shows you watched growing up. This textured and layered hairstyle can be the ideal look for guys who want to embrace their youth and attraction. Keep the length longer in the front and shorter towards the back to show off the windswept illusion and throw in a fade to accentuate the volume.

Layered Brush Back with Fade

High Volume Layered Style

The high-volume layered look is worn by the most laidback of gentlemen. Think of the surfer with a chill demeanor who spends all day in the ocean catching waves. The look can be achieved simply by adding a bit of sea salt spray to damp hair for some added grit and texture. Mess around with the blow dryer to give it the extra boost it needs to lock in the volume, and you’ll be good to go.

High Volume Layered Style

Layered and Choppy

The layered and choppy look is a fun option for the guy who likes to keep their aesthetic laidback, subtle, and trendy. This deliberately unstructured cut is achieved by keeping the back and sides short and crisp, which allows the texture on top to stand out. Stick to a high-hold clay to solidify the look and keep the choppiness at a maximum.

Layered and Choppy

Layered Long Hair

Long layered hairstyles are effortlessly chic and elegant looks for men who want to showcase their texture, fullness and body. Longer layers will only enhance your style by adding much more flow while removing weight that would otherwise make the look heavy. If you’ve been blessed with beautiful hair, layering your longer style with take your look to the next level.

Layered Long Hair

Layered Blowout Fade

If you like the look of being caught in gale-force winds, then the blowout fade may be the style you’re looking for. Defined by its height and structure, this cut features eye-catching volume that almost defies gravity. While the back and sides are kept closer to the skin, you can keep your hair in place by using pomade or gel to help direct it.

Layered Blowout Fade

Layered Brushed Back Comb Over

For the gentleman who wants to keep their hair long and in control, the brushed back comb over style is a fashionably current option. Adding layers on top will let the texture stand out without sacrificing any length and disconnecting the sides will let the top cascade over the faded sides. This is a sleek cut for any occasion.

Layered Brushed Back Comb Over

Brush Up with Fade

This cut is perfect if you’re looking for something edgy, yet approachable. Similar to the brush back, the brush up keeps the hair longer up front to give the overall look some height, but instead of combed back it’s pushed up with clay or any other strong hold product. A mid-skin fade adds some necessary contrast to the cut allowing every element to pop.

Layered Brush Up with Bald Fade

Hard Side Part with Fade

If you want to show off how edgy you can be, look no further than the hard side part. Like the traditional cut it’s named after, this variation shaves a line where the hair naturally parts to create precise lines for a sharper appearance. Rock a fade for some added contrast and lock in the look with some gel. You won’t have a hair out of place.

Hard Side Part with Fade

Caesar Cut

This cut is famously worn by George Clooney and for good reason. It’s short, easy to maintain, full of character, and a cinch to achieve. Defined by a horizontal fringe, this look is great for highlighting your features and adding depth. Rocking this cut with pomade will only enhance the overall style while making sure you’re the center of attention.

Layered Caesar Cut

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a classic short hairstyle for men who want a masculine and simple option. A layered crew cut can give your hair more direction, while still being manly and sharp. You can put the product away for this one and let it sit naturally for a textured finish.

Layered Crew Cut

Curly Hair Fade

A layered curly hair fade is a trendy style that will stand out and make a statement. Some might see the kinkiness of curly hair difficult to manage, but in reality, its versatility makes it a hot commodity. Textured and short curly styles with layers often look bouncier and less dense. You can even make it low-maintenance by asking for a fade to keep the look tight.

Layered Curly Hair Fade

Faux Hawk Fade

The faux hawk fade is a layered style that has stood the test of time and is still as punk as ever without the commitment. As a less extreme mohawk, layering the top will make it look less dense while also adding the illusion of fullness. Add in some gel or clay and you’ll be the most daring gent in the club.

Layered Faux Hawk Fade

Part with Bangs

A part with bangs can be a cool choice for any guy that wants to get ahead of the trends. Taking all the most fashionable aspects of the side part and the fringe, this style is a handsome, casual and timeless look. While the cut works best on the longer side, the layers won’t make the hair feel like it’s a block on your head. You can even use some mousse to give it hold throughout the day.

Layered Part with Bangs

Layered Pompadour Fade

For a modern take on a classic look, the pompadour fade is a cool style to talk about with your barber. To attain the pompadour, you’ll need to get a decent amount of length at the front of the head and then use a blow dryer and a small round brush to train the hair up and over the top, creating a bump. This can be made easier with layers, as the strands won’t be as stubborn to work with. Break out the pomade to seal the deal because this is what it was made for!

Layered Pompadour Fade

Layered Quiff

The layered quiff is an exceptional cut that lets men with thicker hair embrace their natural volume, even at a longer length. Layers help loosen the look, allowing for greater versatility in styling. Whether you need it neat for a work event or casual for a night out, this cut is above all the rest.

Layered Quiff

Layered Side Swept

The side swept style is a low-maintenance and smooth cut that features a clipped back and sides while the top is left much longer for a dapper finish. Layers help with the flow and allow the hair to lay gentler over the sides. This look is perfect for the guy who’s ready for anything.

Layered Side Swept Style


Stylish as ever, a fringe is a timeless cut for the man who wants to show off their rugged jawline. Kept hanging over your forehead or cropped shorter for ease, this cut can be as versatile as you need it to be. If you need a sexy, go-to cut for the long term, look no further.

Layered Fringe Style

Ivy League

If you need a neat cut that needs very little effort, then the ivy league is one you’ll want to ask for. Similar to the Caesar, this style is iconic and is characterized by the top being left much longer than the back and sides. Layering will show pizzazz and breathe new life into the look.

Layered Ivy League

Layered Middle Part

The middle part is having a moment in pop culture and the time to try one is now. Ideal for the guy who doesn’t like to keep their hair too long or too short, this style has a parting down the middle, which keeps the hair out of your face. Layers will help soften the part and give some life to what could easily be considered a more tired look.

Layered Middle Part

Modern Mullet

If one thing was to remain from 2020, let it be the rebirth of the modern mullet. It’s rebellious and fun and not every guy can pull it off. As is tradition, the hair is kept long in the back, while the sides are taken in short, and layering the longer parts of the cut keeps it light and sleek.

Layered Modern Mullet

Mohawk with Low Skin Fade

The mohawk will forever be a bold look. Adding layers only helps that by giving texture and flow to a cut that would otherwise be held straight up with gel. This version adds a low skin fade to give the style more depth and intrigue without looking as extreme as its namesake. Spend some time with a blow dryer and pomade, and you’ll be ready to rock and roll.

Layered Mohawk with Low Skin Fade

Mop Top

Whether you want to wear it medium or long, loose or shaggy, the mop top is the epitome of easygoing. While this cut may lean on the younger side, men of any age can try it out to see what all the fuss is about. The mop is made better with layers because the added texture helps give it a unique movement that it wouldn’t otherwise have.

Layered Mop Top

Slick Back Undercut

If you want to look red carpet ready, then the slick back undercut is what you want to ask for. The undercut keeps the back and sides uniform and close to the scalp while layering the top allows for a seamless flow and crazy definition. Slick the top back and over with some pomade and it doesn’t get any easier than that.

Layered Slick Back Undercut

Layered Two Block

Popularized in South Korea by countless boy bands, the two block is a modern hairstyle for men that has made its way overseas and is here to stay. The eastern cousin of the middle part, this style showcases a sharp part down the center of the head, and texture is added to give its characteristic bounce and volume. A light styling product can lock in the look without overpowering it.

Layered Two Block

Layered Wavy Hair

While wavy hair can be elusive and enviable, the guys who are born with it are blessed with beachy hair that doesn’t require a ton of effort. Adding layers to this style helps add even more wave and body to the look. Depending on the event, you can choose to part it with a comb and some product or let it hang loose and natural.

Layered Wavy Hair

Long and Flowing Two Block

The long and flowing two block haircut can be a cool look for a guy who wants to keep the top longer for that young heartthrob vibe. The cut still showcases a part down the middle, but adding layers lets the hair on the top of the head flow more carefree over the sides.

Long and Flowing Two Block

Long Side Swept Style

Sweeping longer hair to the side is a great way to show off a man’s face while still adding a bit of personality. Longer layered hair can take a guy from basic to trendy without all the time and effort. Using a sea salt spray will help add some grit to the style without feeling dirty or heavy.

Long Layered Side Swept Style

Long Straight Hair

Long layered straight hair is an effortlessly cool look for guys who want to feature volume and movement to flowing locks. This sexy and longer straight hairstyle looks great with texture and can be used to bring out your inner playboy.

Long Layered Straight Hair

Loose Layered Comb Over

A twist on the modern comb over, more and more guys are asking for layers on top to help with texture and body. For a classic vibe, ask your barber for tapered sides to give the look structure and body. Grab a scoop of pomade or a dime-sized amount of gel to let your ruggedness pop.

Loose Layered Comb Over

Messy Fringe with Short Layered Top

The fringe is a tried-and-true cut for the guy who is always after the latest clean-cut look. Keeping the top short and layered lets the messiness take center stage while a taper helps round out the look. For an even more irresistible approach, jostle the bangs when styling so they land randomly over your forehead.

Messy Fringe with Short Top

Messy Layered Hair

A messy layered hairstyle is a suitable look for the busy professional man who needs to get up and go every morning without missing a beat. This cut can be done up with or without product, as the intensity of the layers is only improved the messier it gets. Skip the shampoo for a few days for an even grungier look.

Messy Layered Hair

Modern Caesar Cut

Like the traditional approach, the modern Caesar cut is still a short and easy-to-maintain style for every guy. Adding texture with a razor on top, gives less rigidity to the fringe. You can create a messy look by scrunching up sections of your hair with styling clay to emphasize its character.

Modern Layered Caesar Cut

Textured Quiff with Layers

A textured quiff is a good cut for the younger gentleman. The height of the style is enhanced by layers and gives off the vibe that you’re someone who likes to go out and have a good time. A medium-hold product like a styling cream can help produce a lasting, natural hold.

Modern Textured Quiff with Layers

Mohawk Fade

For the guy who wants to commit and take their faux hawk fade to the next level, we’d recommend the mohawk fade. Leaning hard into its punk roots, the sides are disconnected from the top to create the hawk. Whereas the traditional look would go super short on the sides, this approach features a fade to add cleanliness and depth. Have fun and add some lines into the fade to show everyone that you’re different.

Mohawk Fade

Short Cut with Asymmetrical Fringe

The asymmetrical fringe can be a helpful departure if you’re tired of the rigidity of a blunt bang. This option creates a softer appearance with the way it falls over the forehead and ensures that no hair is ever in the same place twice. With layers, the look will have varying lengths and volume, perfect for the non-traditional guy.

Short Layered Cut with Asymmetrical Fringe

Longer Surfer Style

The surfer haircut is simple and unstructured and meant for the laidback guy who wants to catch the waves every morning. Have your barber mess around with layering to add choppiness and form. Then let your hair air dry after the shower to emphasize your wavy locks.

Long Layered Surfer Style

Textured Blowout with Faded Sides and Line Up

Ideal for the guy who likes a look that stands out for the right reasons, the blowout is recognizable thanks to its insane volume and a fade that will keep the back and sides short. Adding in a line up keeps everything crisp and clean, while adding texture offers movement on top.

Textured Blowout with Faded Sides and Line Up

Brush Back with Classic Taper

The humble brush back style is an elegant look on guys who like texture and flow for an iconic finish. While fades are gaining in popularity, you can never go wrong with a classic taper. Keeping more weight on the back and sides and layering the top allows for a fuller look for the distinguished gentleman.

Textured Brush Back with Classic Taper

Layered French Crop

The textured French crop is a trendy and charming style for guys who want to create effortless texture and flow with their hair. Adding a variety of layers in different sections of the head updates this traditional cut. Use a low-shine pomade for dimension, throw in a medium fade for some contrast, and you’ll be ready for anything.

Textured French Crop

Spiky Hair with High Taper

For a throwback with sex appeal, spiky hair is a bold look for guys that has been upgraded with texture for a fuller finish. The layered spikes add new dimensions to the style, while a high taper keeps it neat without going super short. A clay product is your best friend here to make this style a home run.

Textured Spiky Hair with High Taper

Thick and Textured Short Hair

Thick and textured short hairstyles with layers are a trendy choice that can make styling faster and easier without a sacrifice. Have your barber or stylist throw in some light texture to the top to loosen the density and ask for a high fade to strike some contrast. No product is necessary here.

Thick and Textured Short Hair

Thick Layered Brush Back

A thick and layered brush back offers a classic approach for the modern gentleman who wants to show the world how much volume he can pull off. Adding layers throughout will let the texture stand out without feeling too heavy. For a finishing touch, befriend your blow dryer and a small round brush to put each strand in its place.

Thick Layered Brush Back

Wavy Layered Hair with Undercut

For a bold and popular hairstyle, try asking for an undercut. It’s perfect for the man who loves versatility as the back and sides are kept clipped short and uniform, while the top is left longer to showcase waves and texture. Layers, in this case, help with movement and volume.

Wavy Layered Hair with Undercut

What Is A Layered Hairstyle For Guys?

Layering is a haircut technique that requires cutting hair at different lengths to add volume and flow for a natural-looking blended style. From short to long, a layered men’s haircut can suit any length, texture or style to create a fuller finish while making styling easier. You can ask your stylist to add layers to several different popular hairstyles, including the quiff, comb over, slick back, side swept fringe, middle part and bro flow. If you have thin or thinning hair, layering can make your style look thicker.

Layered Men's Hair

Popular Layered Haircuts For Men

The most popular layered haircuts for men are often longer styles like the brush back, blowout and flow that feature layers to create dimension and texture for a fuller look, but this technique can be used in short to medium-length cuts to seamlessly blend the hair on top for a stylish nuanced look. Layers can be incorporated into different styles to enhance volume and movement. Whether your stylist takes a subtle or choppy approach, layering will complement your length, texture and look to create a modern men’s haircut.