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17 Bald Men with Beards

Going bald with a beard is a hot trend nowadays! In fact, studies show that women love bald men with beards! Maybe it has something to do with the masculine ruggedness of a guy with a shaved head and beard combination. Whatever the reason, if you plan on going with a bald head, be sure to go bald and bearded. But before you choose to shave your head and go bald for the rest of your life, we thought it might be smart to check out some beard styles for bald guys.

Since going bald with a beard can be a huge change in your look, mentally picturing different shaved heads with beard styles on yourself can help you avoid a potential mistake. Whether you want a full beard or just some stubble to go along with your shaved head, check out these cool bald and bearded looks!

Best Beards For Bald Heads

Bald With Beard

Bald Men with Beards

Shaved Head and Beard

Shaved Head with Beard

Shaved Head with Beard Styles

Bald and Beard

Bald Guys with Beards

Bald Guys with Beards

Buzzed Head with Beard

Bald and Bearded Men

Beard with Shaved Head

Shaved Heads with Beards

Bald and Beard Styles

Beard Styles For Bald Men

Shaved Head with a Full Beard

Bald Bearded Men

Hot Bald Men with Beards