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Superman Haircut

The Superman haircut may be one of the most recognizable hairstyles in the comic book world. Most recently portrayed by Henry Cavill, the Superman hairstyle has changed over the years, starting with a slick back originally. However, the latest Man of Steel likes to wear his hair longer, with the sides brushed back and the top combed over.

Another stark difference is that Superman’s style lately hasn’t incorporated his signature curls up front. Nevertheless, Cavill’s depiction of the superhero has become our favorite since Christopher Reeve, so we’re just happy to get the classic side part back.

Best Superman Haircuts

Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween or simply want a classy look like your favorite comic book character, check out our collection of Superman pictures below!

Superman Haircut

Slicked Back Sides + Comb Over

Superman Haircut - Henry Cavill, Comb Over

Long, Thick Comb Over + Curl

Christopher Reeve's Superman Hairstyle - Long, Thick Comb Over + Curl

Long Messy Textured Hair

Superman Haircut Style - Long Messy Textured Hair

Classic Side Part

Christopher Reeve Superman Hairstyle - Side Part