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30 Trendy Side Swept Undercut Hairstyles For Men

Side swept hair for men has been a trending hairstyle for decades. Most recently, the side swept undercut has become a popular men’s haircut that’s versatile, classy and modern. This unique variation of the undercut hairstyle combines short hair on the sides and back with longer hair on top. Also known as a side part undercut, guys then sweep the long fringe and bangs to the side for a casual, cool look.

Luckily, side swept hairstyles also work well with fade haircuts and on men with thick, straight, wavy and curly hair can achieve the style fashionably. If you want to rock this masculine clean-cut look, these are the best side swept undercut hairstyles for men and boys to get right now!

Side Swept Undercut

What Is A Side Swept Undercut?

A side swept undercut is an undercut hairstyle with the sides and back trimmed short with the hair on top swept to one side. Similar to a comb over or side part haircut, the hair on top can be short, medium length or long. Use a light hair styling product and brush your hair to the side. Some guys like to style it neat and layered, while others leave their hair messy and textured.

Side Swept Hair Men

How To Get Side Swept Hair For Men

A short undercut or disconnected undercut isn’t the only way to cut the hair on your sides and back. To cut a men’s side swept haircut, guys can ask their barbers for a fade or undercut fade. There are many different types of fades that would look good with side swept hair.

Side Part Undercut

Skin fades continue to be popular haircut ideas for the Spring and Summer. For a more business professional cut all around, get a high, mid, or low taper fade. Where and how buzzed you decide will determine the amount of contrast.

Side Swept Hairstyles For Men

With limitless styling options, the side swept fade and undercut are some of the best men’s hairstyles at the moment.

How To Style Side Swept Hair

Styling side swept hair requires the right cut and styling products. To get a side swept hairstyle, use a good pomade, cream, wax or clay hair product and spread it evenly throughout. We recommend a light to medium hold product with a low shine finish for a natural textured look.

Side Swept Haircut

Now, comb the hair to one side. The side swept fringe will create the asymmetrical look necessary for this style. To maximize volume, movement and flow, you’ll want to have long bangs with layers.Swept Hairstyles For Guys

An undercut with a long fringe and long hair swept to one side offers the perfect blend of bad boy and pretty boy.

Side Swept Hairstyles

Side Swept Undercut

The side swept undercut is a unique and edgy undercut hairstyle that has quickly become a barbershop favorite. While there are many different ways to try this men’s hair trend, the best styles pair a short undercut with long side parted hair.

Side Swept Undercut Haircuts

This easy to get and simple to style haircut looks universally-flattering and fresh. For an extra rugged cut, experiment with a disconnected undercut or shaved sides and grow a beard.

Side Swept Undercut Hairstyle

Side Swept Fade

The side swept fade is the taper faded variation of the original men’s haircut. Side swept styles with fades are sleek and trendy. For a bold look, get a high skin fade; otherwise, a mid and low taper fade can be handsome and cool.

Side Swept Fade

If you aren’t sure about the side swept undercut, then start with a faded cut on the sides and back to see how the style looks on you.

Side Swept Fade Haircut

Side Part Undercut Fade

The side part undercut fade is a great way to stand out in any crowd. The faded undercut is one of the hottest new haircut styles because it combines fades and undercuts. Perfect for guys with medium to short hair, the cut is low-maintenance and stylish. A favorite with little boys, teenagers, and young men, a side swept undercut fade offers an easy transition to the hairstyle.

Side Part Undercut Fade

Long Side Swept Undercut Fade Hairstyles For Men

Side Swept Skin Fade

The side swept skin fade allows you to go shorter on the sides while still achieving that defined sweep on the top. To copy this look, ask your barber for a skin fade. Also known as a bald fade, your barber will will taper your sides and back with a shaved finish at the bottom of your cut.

Side Swept Skin Fade

Whether you start high or low, this might be an excellent choice for guys who want to blend their sides into their facial hair with a faded beard. Alternatively, it looks fresh and attractive on a clean-shaven face.

Side Swept Undercut Bald Fade

Short Side Swept Hair

Short side swept hairstyles have always been popular styling options for guys. As a version of the side part, short swept hair is easy to style and keep. With a little styling product, just sweep the hair in front to the side and you’ll look flawless. Short hair that you want to part works best with a longer crew cut or Ivy League haircut.

Short Side Swept Hair Men

As a modern side swept haircut with a fade or undercut on the sides, you can wear it to the office, out on a date, or to a party. Clean-cut and masculine, add a heavy stubble beard for a flawless finish.

Short Swept Hairstyles For Men

Long Side Swept Hair

For the guys with longer hair, consider going with the long side swept haircut. Whether you grow out all your hair or just keep the fringe long, this hairstyle allows plenty of versatility with the extra length.

Long Side Swept Hair

For one, guys can sweep their hair and let it flow down the side of their face and beyond. With longer hair that is parted to one side, a part of your face may end up being covered up. This edgy and daring look can be right for an eBoy or modern emo hairstyle.

Long Side Fringe Undercut

Short Sides with Swept Hair

This swept hairstyle requires you to go short on the sides with long hair to achieve maximum contrast. Much like a bro flow or curtain hairstyle but with all your hair on one side, this style is ideal if you want layered hair to enhance volume. A common variation is the undercut with long bangs.

Short Sides with Swept Hair

Men's Swept Hairstyles with Short Sides

Side Swept Wavy Hair

Side swept wavy hair with an undercut takes advantage of this unique hair texture on men. Wavy hair men should use a light styling product to smooth out their waves while adding shine. Comb your hair over to one side for a sexy hairstyle the women in your life will love. Experiment with messy styles, high volume brushed back hair, or a gentleman’s part that is styled to the side and back (diagonally). No matter what, few guys will be able to replicate your fashionable look.

Side Swept Wavy Hair Undercut

Side Part Undercut Wavy Hair

Side Swept Curly Hair

While curls can be hard to manage and style, side swept curly hair is a hairstyle for men worth trying. A curly hair fade or undercut can be taken to the next level with a loose flowing side part. Although your first instinct is to cut your curls short, having long curly hair as bangs hanging over your forehead is a chic finish.

Side Swept Curly Hair Undercut

Nevertheless, most side swept curly hairstyles have the curls combed over to one side of the face while hanging slightly over one eye. Guys with shorter curly hair may want to add volume and bounce to the hairstyle.

Side Part Curly Hair

Side Swept Bangs For Men

Side swept bangs are a stylish choice for guys with shorter hair who want a sleek addition to their hairstyle. This look consists of the top part of your hair coming down to cover part of the forehead with bangs. The sides can be kept at any desired length – we recommend a fade, undercut or classic taper for the modern gentleman.

Side Swept Bangs Men

Long Side Swept Bangs Undercut

Long Fringe Undercut

The long fringe undercut has very short sides and a longer top. Fringe hairstyles have been on-trend and gaining traction. With guys preferring medium length to longer hair on top, a cool fringe haircut leverages this fashion move.

Long Fringe Undercut

Side Swept Hair with Shaved Sides

Edgy and cool, guys should get side swept hair with shaved sides for a badass look. This masculine shaved sides hairstyle makes styling every morning simple. Just comb all your hair to one side and run product through. With a line up and long full beard, this cut works for men with all hair lengths, textures, and types.

Long Side Swept Hair with Shaved Sides