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35 Emo Hairstyles For Guys

Emo hairstyles for guys are all about self-expression and non-conformity. Often associated with popular punk music culture, emo hair boys and guys sport funky styles with dark or vibrant colors to create unique looks. Ultimately, the goal of emo haircuts is to stand out in society and promote individualism. With so many cool emo hairstyles, it’s easy to get an awesome cut and style. Just pick the best long or short haircut and then choose a classic black or colorful styling to achieve the perfect scene hair.

Below, we’ve compiled the best emo hairstyles for guys! Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or thick hair, you’ll love this collection of trendy emo hair cuts and styles.

If you’re looking for cool emo boy haircuts before heading over to the barbershop, check out these emo hairstyles for short and long hair to show your barber.

Emo Hair Guys

Emo Hairstyles

Emo hair comes in a number of lengths, cuts, styles, and colors. Popular emo hairstyles include shaggy or spiky hair as well as side-swept messy styles with long fringes.

Best Emo Hairstyles For Guys

Paired with black hair, highlights, or creative hair colors, the truth is that emo hair for boys can be almost anything you want it to be.

Scene Boy Hair

Short Emo Hair

Short emo hair for guys starts with a good haircut and quality styling products. Whether you want to spike up your hair, sweep it to the side, or bring it forward across your face, you’ll need a layered hairstyle to work with.

Short Emo Hair Guys

Use a strong pomade or wax to style emo hair into the desired look. Moreover, there are hair products that provide some shine for a glossy, sleek finish while others offer a matte finish for a natural look.

Short Emo Haircuts For Guys

Medium Length Emo Hairstyles

Medium length emo hairstyles offer versatility, a bold look, and maximum volume and flow. Proper care becomes essential with longer hair, so a good shampoo and conditioner is necessary to grow out your hair and keep it healthy.

Medium Length Emo Hairstyles For Guys

Even when growing your hair long, guys will want to get a regular haircut every couple of months just to trim split-ends and maintain their style.

How To Style Emo Hair For Guys

When styling, apply a light hold mousse, clay, or wax to minimize frizz and get nice movement. A medium to high hold product may be useful for a more controlled approach that will keep your hairstyle in place all day.

Cool Medium Length Emo Hair For Guys

Long Emo Hair

Long emo hair may be the hardest to achieve, but comes with a variety of styles that look hot. As a popular emo hairstyle for guys with thick hair, you’ll need layers and styling products.

Long Emo Hair

Cool Emo Haircuts

If you’re looking for the best emo haircuts, these are the most popular scene boy hair cuts and styles to get right now.

Emo Hairstyles For Guys

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