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23 Edgy Kids Mohawk Haircuts

If you’re looking for a kids mohawk that’s cool and edgy yet super handsome, then you’ll love these mohawk haircuts for little boys! While the mohawk has traditionally been an intense punk style with shaved sides and long pointy spikes, mohawk hairstyles for kids more closely resemble a faux hawk. Timeless, popular and trendy, there are many ways to get a boys mohawk.

From an undercut or fade haircut on the sides and back with short, medium or long hair on top, mohawk styles can look modest and sweet to outright rebellious and awesome. Here are the best kids mohawk ideas to try right now.

Kids Mohawk

Best Mohawks For Kids

With so many different types of mohawk cuts and styles to choose from, it’s important to envision how a new haircut will look on your boy or toddler before visiting the barbershop. Browse these cute mohawk haircuts for kids to get your little boy excited about this stylish hairstyle!

Boys Mohawk

Short Mohawk

The short mohawk can be easy to get and simple to style for little boys. With short sides and short spiked up hair in the middle, kids mohawk hairstyles look great on boys of all ages. Plus, they don’t have to grow out their hair for long to try the haircut.

Short Mohawk Haircuts For Kids

This cool kids mohawk is the perfect example of an edgy yet handsome little boys haircut. With a high skin fade on the sides that curves around the ear and down the neckline, the hair is cut short but not completely shaved. The short mohawk on top is styled messy and spiked with a shiny gel or pomade.

Kids Short Mohawk Fade

For a less dramatic haircut, try this wide mohawk. Boys with straight, thick hair will appreciate a slightly spiked, messy style. The taper fade keeps the sides fresh and clean-cut, while the line up trims the hairline around the forehead and temples. These types of little boy mohawk styles leave enough length for versatility, allowing kids to style a number of different hairstyles.

Long Mohawk

The long mohawk is a type of short sides, long top haircut that maximizes volume and height. If you want to make your boys long hair into a mohawk, you’ll absolutely need to use a strong styling product.

Long Mohawk Haircuts For Kids

Pictured is an amazing long mohawk haircut that will stand out in any crowd. Fashionable and sleek, the faded sides contrast the pointy spiked hair. Pushed towards the middle to create sharp ends, this style offers a nice balance between adorable and rebellious.

Long Mohawk Hairstyles For Toddler Boys

In contrast, this cute toddler mohawk takes a more natural approach. Get a classic taper with scissors on the sides and back to avoid buzzing your boy’s beautiful, shiny hair. Leave 3 to 4 inches of length with layers and moms can style a faux hawk, comb over, slick back or side swept fringe. Use a matte pomade or wax for a textured finish that foregoes the stiffness of gel. This will highlight your kid’s gorgeous, healthy hair.

Boys Faux Hawk Fade

The faux hawk, also known as a fohawk, is a less intense version of the mohawk, but can be great for formal and informal occasions. Instead of shaving the sides, ask your barber for a trendy boys fade haircut. The kids fohawk is a modern variation that allows boys to experiment with spiky hairstyles without fully committing.

Faux Hawk Fade For Little Boys

Here is a charming faux hawk fade. With a low taper fade, spiked up front, and messy-all-over style, this bold cut gives off plenty of personality. For a change of pace, kids can always brush their hair forward, back or to the side. As one of the best hairstyles for boys with thick hair, this short faux hawk is worth trying!

Kids Faux Hawk Fade

This long faux hawk fade looks daring and awesome. The sides are buzzed short with a bald undercut fade that blends into the skin. The 3 stripes lines shaved into the side of the head make for an amazing hair design. And the faux hawk is styled with thick, long, distinct spikes. Altogether, this fake mohawk with long hair is incredibly stylish.

Fohawk For Kids

Ultimately, the boys fohawk is super versatile and can be cut and styled in a variety of ways. If you want your little boy’s hair to unique and fresh without going with a full mohawk fade, then a kids faux hawk haircut won’t disappoint.

Short Spiky Hairstyles

Spiky hairstyles for kids have always been popular. While 90’s spiky hair with frosted tips is no longer acceptable, short spiky haircuts that resemble mohawks are definitely trending. The side benefit is that these cool styles allow for a wider area of hair to be styled.

Short Spiky Hairstyles

This short spiky mohawk hairstyle is prefaced with a low taper fade and shaved line design. The cute blonde hair is spiked in the middle with thick spikes. For a textured, natural finish that lets your kid’s hair truly shine, use a top-rated pomade, wax or clay.

Boys Curly Mohawk

The mohawk is a great example of a cool hairstyle that works with all hair types. In fact, boys with wavy or curly hair are able to enjoy a unique texture and styling few others can match.

Boys Curly Mohawk

This curly mohawk features a nice tapered cut and messy long hair running down the middle. The classic taper leaves quite a bit of length for a more conservative trim, but cuts enough to create contrast. The waves and curls add depth and personality that couldn’t look better.

Mohawk with Shaved Sides

The classic mohawk with shaved sides is a bold look that takes a certain amount of fearlessness to pull off. Whether you get a long or short shaved mohawk will determine how outgoing the haircut will be.

Kids Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Although there are several types of mohawks for boys to get, it’s hard to deny that the sharp spikes and crisp hairline make for a clean-cut, adorable style. To shave a mohawk at home, use good clippers with no guard and cut your little boy’s hair. Cutting your kid’s hair at home can save parents a ton of money on visits to the barbershop.

Mohawk Hairstyles For Kids

Pictured is a great example of a mohawk for boys with fine hair. This narrow mohawk features a very short haircut on the sides and back with dyed hair on top. Because mohawk styles are meant to be fun, kids can experiment with different styling. For instance, not all the hair needs to be spiked straight up. Apply a light styling product for a balance of height and movement.

Boys Blue Hair Mohawk with Shaved Sides

In contrast, this long mohawk haircut goes the traditional route. By shaving the sides bald and spiking long hair into a narrow mohawk, this little guy is fully-committed to the look. Boys may even get inspired to dye their hair a radical color. From blue to red, green, and purple, try a temporary hair color spray or wax that washes out.

Mohawk For Black Boys

Little black boy mohawks are adorable and creative, highlighting how this trendy hairstyle can work for all children. As evidenced below, a black kid’s mohawk is cut and styled slightly different to accommodate for kinky, curly hair.

Mohawk For Black Boys

Known as a burst fade mohawk, this cool short hairstyle is super stylish and smooth. A burst fade haircut tapers around the ear and down to the neckline for a fresh style. Paired with a line up that shapes and cleans the hairline around the forehead and temples, this curly mohawk epitomizes excellent barbering. Apply a curl-enhancing smoothie product to tighten the curls and minimize frizz for a perfect finish.

Cool Mohawk Fade Haircuts For Little Black Boys

Combined with long twists and curls, this mohawk for black hair takes a much bigger approach. The burst skin fade is cut very short to maximize contrast, and the long curly hair is dyed blonde for a unique style. While it may take some time to grow your child’s hair out this long, the result is worth it.

Cool Mohawks For Toddlers

The toddler mohawk is a way for even little boys to get in on the excitement of styling this look. Because baby boys have gorgeous, naturally shiny hair, we don’t recommend you fade or shave their heads yet. Instead, style a faux hawk and enjoy their beautiful tresses just a little longer.

Toddler Mohawk

Ask your kid’s stylist or barber to cut the sides short with scissors, not clippers, to preserve their lush locks. Medium-length to longer hair can be styled in a variety of mohawk styles. Spike and push the hairs towards the middle of the head or just spike up the front with an organic baby hair gel.

Cute Blonde Mohawk For Little Boys

Alternatively, this toddler mohawk haircut works well with a short cut. Spiking a mohawk with short hair will need a high-hold product, but the look is charming and innocent as a preschool boy hairstyle.

Mohawk Fade Designs

Hair designs for boys have been trending in recent years as kids try to match the styles of their older brothers or fathers. Stars, lines, zig-zags, and shaved parts are just some of the mohawk designs little boys can try.

Mohawk Fade Designs

This high skin fade is emphasized with a shape up and hard part. The thick, shaved design adds flair to the spiked up hair on top.

Best Mohawk Haircut Designs

A blonde mohawk, dark faded sides, and a shaved line that arcs around the head make this hairstyle sleek and fun.

Cute Mohawk Styles

Cute mohawk styles come in many different lengths and cuts. But the truth is, little boys look good in all kinds of mohawks and modern hairstyles.

Cute Mohawk Styles For Kids

This lovable mohawk is low-maintenance and quick to style. Fashion-forward kids can pair handsome outfits with cool faux hawks or mohawks for a happy medium between gentleman and rockstar.

How To Style A Mohawk

Whether your little boy has short or long hair, styling a mohawk requires a strong hair product. To keep your kid’s mohawk spiked and standing up all day, you’ll need to use a high-hold pomade or gel along with a hair dryer.

How To Style A Boys Mohawk

To style a mohawk, apply a good hair gel for kids and spread it through your little boy’s hair. Use your fingers and hands to work the product from root to tip. Now place your hands on each side of the head and push the hair towards the middle and lift, spiking the hair.

How To Style A Mohawk For Little Boys

Once you’ve designed the style, the trick is to get a mohawk to stay up. For a long mohawk or fohawk hairstyle, moms can use a blow dryer on low heat to make sure the hair stands spiky, apply a little hair spray for extra hold, or do both.

Mohawk Styling Products For Kids

Mohawk hairstyles involve using good styling products for kids. To make it easy on moms, we’ve compiled the best hair products for little boys and kids. From the quality gels to pomades, waxes, styling creams and mousses, you’ll want to explore these popular hair styling products for mohawks!