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19 College Hairstyles For Guys

Always looking your best in college can seem a little daunting. You want something trendy and stylish, but low-maintenance and different than everyone else. Luckily, you don’t have a job yet and have the complete freedom to explore the many cool college hairstyles for boys, such as the undercut, pompadour, side part, or even the man braid.

Best College Hairstyles For Men

Below, we’ve compiled some of the hottest hairstyles and haircuts for college guys. Check out these awesome college hairstyles and get inspired for your next trip to the barbershop!

Short Comb Over with Fade

College Boy Haircut

This medium length cut is perfect for a quick morning routine. Work some pomade into your hair and use a brush to angle your hair towards the side.

Long, Loose Comb Over with Taper Fade and Scruff

College Boy Haircut

A high contrast style between the sides and top is trendy option for men these days. Here, the hair is combed to the side without the use of any styling product. Consider any one of these fades as an alternative option for the sides.

Textured Faux Hawk

College Boy Hairstyle

The faux hawk has been a consistently fashionable style for men. The fohawk is versatile in that it can be worn as a messy or clean look.

Crew Cut with Low Fade

Hairstyles For College Guys

If you’re looking for a low maintenance hairstyle then look no further. The crew cut is a shorter style that is effortless, yet still appropriate for all occasions.

Long Curly Afro

Hair For College Boys

This ‘fro is a bold look, but will immediately make you stand out from the crowd as an individual with some serious style.

Side Sweep and High Fade

Haircuts For College Guys

Short haircuts for men are easy to manage and this side sweep is no different. This cut looks extremely clean, especially when paired with a high fade on the sides. Thrown in a five o’clock shadow as seen here and we guarantee you’ll turn heads.

Thick Brushed Back Hair

College Haircuts

Looking for something to do with all that hair? Consider brushing your hair back to create a little volume and lift in the front.

Flowing Shaggy Hair

College Boy Hairstyle

A popular option for men with longer hair is to just wear it messy.

Brush Up with Classic Tapered Sides

College Hairstyles For Men

The brush up is perfect for men with shorter faces since the additional height of hair will make the face appear longer. Not to mention that this is another hairstyle that is just perfect for all occasions, whether you’re ready to party or conduct business.

Messy Modern Quiff

College Hairstyles

This is a messy quiff hairstyle, which has been a fashionable option for men as of late.

Spiky Hair

College Guys

Picking the right hair product or is crucial to the kind of spiky hair you want to achieve. Avoid using gels and opt for a water based pomade with a matte finish to give your hair a unique perspective.

Thick Quiff

College Hairstyles

Similar to the pompadour, the quiff carries a lot of volume in the front and offers a modern take on an old look. Here’s a cool looking quiff hairstyle for men that have thicker hair.

Buzz Cut with Line Up

College Cut Haircut

A buzz cut is an easy to maintain hairstyle while a line up leaves your hairlines looking ultra clean and well-shaped.

Side Swept Hair with Taper Fade

College Hairstyles

High Skin Fade and Textured Crop

High Skin Fade and Textured Crop

Comb Over with Fringe

College Boy Haircut

Messy Spiky Hair with High Fade and Stubble

College Haircuts

Long Quiff

College Hairstyles

Medium Length Curly Hair

College Hairstyles