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Blowout Haircuts For Men

Although the blowout haircut didn’t become pop culture famous till Pauly D of the Jersey Shore, the blowout hairstyle originated in the 90’s and gained popularity in the early 2000’s, primarily around New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. Also known as a temple fade or Brooklyn Fade, the blowout fade haircut comes in a variety of styles.

Below, we’ve found some of the coolest blowout taper cuts for men, including short and high ones. Whether you want a blowout Afro or a taper fade blowout, these blowout hairstyles for guys are worth trying.


What Is A Blowout Haircut?

The blowout is a popular short sides, long top hairstyle. The sides are faded short with longer hair on top that is usually styled back. To get a blowout haircut, guys can choose between a high, mid or low taper fade on the sides and back. Ask your barber to leave at least 3 inches of length on top for a short blowout.

Blowout Fade Haircut Men

Generally, a blowout is styled with a strong pomade for a shiny finish or wax for a natural textured look, and is combed back and up. Use a hair dryer to style and keep the hair in place.

Blowout Fade

Best Blowout Haircuts

If you’re looking to change your look, here are the best blowout fade haircuts to get right now! As one of the coolest men’s haircuts, this cut and hairstyle looks trendy on all hair types. From curly to wavy, thick, and straight hair, the blowout can take your style to the next level.

Blowout Haircut

Blowout Taper Haircut

Blowout Afro Fade

Blowout Taper

Blowout Haircut For Black Men

Long Blowout Fade

Blowout Haircut For Guys

Short Blowout

Blowout Taper Fade

Low Fade Blowout

Low Blowout Haircut

Blowout Taper Hairstyle

Blowout Fade Haircut

Cool Men's Blowout

Blowout Taper Fade Haircut

Low Fade Blowout

Big Blowout

High Blowout Fade Haircut