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Men’s Top Knot Hairstyles

The top knot hairstyle for men, also known as the top knot bun, is a hybrid between the trendy undercut and man bun. The men’s top knot features shaved or faded sides with long hair on top combined with the tied up ponytail concept of the man bun. If you’ve already got an undercut, trying out the male top knot is quite easy and noncommittal – just pull or comb your hair back and tie it up.

Best Top Knots For Men

Here are what some of the best top knots look like in action. From the undercut top knot to man braids, check out these cool long hair styles to see if this look might work for you!

Top Knot Men

Man Top Knot Hairstyle

Men's Top Knot Hairstyles

Top Knot Hairstyles For Men

Top Knot Men's Hair

Cool Top Knot

Top Bun Hairstyle For Guys

How To Tie A Top Knot

Top Knot For Short Hair

Top Knot Bun For Long Hair

Top Knot Bun

Long Top Undercut

Top Knot Long Hair

Top Knot With Braids

Top Knot Men's Hairstyle