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Side Part Hairstyles & Parted Haircuts For Men

Men’s side part hairstyles and parted haircuts have been popular since the 1940’s. This is because the side part haircut is classy, clean, and professional, offering a classic look that is timeless. But modern parted hairstyles have also become popular, pairing the hard side part on top with a fade or undercut on the sides. Similar to a comb over since both brush hair to one side, the side part is also very versatile, allowing anyone from celebrities to businessmen to college guys to pull it off.

If you’re looking for a trendy style, then one of the parted hairstyles for men below might just be the look for you. From short to medium-length to long hair and classic to modern, check out the best side part hairstyles.

Side Part Hairstyles For Men

Side Part Haircut Styles

There are different ways to part your hair, but they all start with the type of men’s hair part you want and whether you want a hard part vs a soft part. There is the classic side part hairstyle, which incorporates a hard part that splits your hair, combs it all to one side, and slightly exposes your scalp.

Then there is the modern side part, where the parting of the hair is not as pronounced, resulting in loose flowing, textured top. The natural styling of short and long parted haircuts makes the cut flexible, and guys can style their hair into any number of cool hairstyles.

Side Part Hair For Men

How To Part Your Hair To The Side

After determining which side part hairstyle you prefer, you must choose how short or long you want your sides and top. All side parts require shorter hair on the sides and longer hair on top, so the length of your hair is really a matter of preference and where you want to place the part.

Men's Side Part

To style your side part, apply gel or pomade evenly throughout your hair. For thin hair, a pomade is the better option. Now, brush your hair forward to find your natural part and then comb down the sides. As for the front, you can choose to brush straight to the side or brush diagonally to create some lift. You may even be able to create the quiff hairstyle.

Cool Parted Hairstyles

For new hair trends and ideas, check out these cool parted hairstyles for men. From short parted hair to long hard part styles, these are some of the hottest cuts of the year!

One Side Hair + High Skin Fade + Hard Part

One Side Hairstyle - Short Parted Haircut

Classic Side Part Hairstyle

Classic Side Part Hairstyle

Short Side Part + Low Bald Fade

Side Part Haircut

Side Part Fade

Side Part Fade

Hard Side Part + Low Fade

Side Part Hairstyles

Classic Tapered Sides + Side Parted Top

Classic Tapered Sides + Side Parted Top + Beard

Hard Side Parted Spiky Hair

Hard Side Parted Spiky Hair

Side Part Undercut

Side Part Undercut

Classic Taper + Men’s Side Part

Side Part Hairstyles For Men

Hard Side Part + Razor fade + Full Beard

Hard Side Part + Razor fade + Full Beard

Mid Skin Fade + Wavy Side Parted Cut

Men's Parted Haircut

High Fade + Short Part + Thick Line

High Fade + Part + Thick Line

Taper Fade + Long Side Part

Hard Part Haircut

Classic Part + Taper Fade

Men's Part Hairstyle

One Side + Fade

Side Part For Men

Wavy Top + Low Skin Fade + Handlebar Mustache

Men's Parted Hair

Hard Comb Over Fade

Quiff Hairstyle with Side Part

Hair Products For Side Part

When styling a side part, choose a hair product that balances control, shine and definition for the right finish. From pomade to wax and clay, a good styling product will enhance the shape without looking stuffy and create a fuller textured look for a modern touch.

For thick hair and a shiny finish, we recommend a strong pomade from Suavecito, Layrite or Baxter of California. These brands offer a strong hold with a medium to high shine for a slick finish.

For a textured finish that will make your hair look more natural, wax or clay works better. Styling wax is generally medium to strong hold with matte to low shine, and is perfect for a loose part. Clay works best for guys who want their hair parted to the side but with volume and movement.