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23 Popular Asian Men Hairstyles

Asian men are known for their straight hair and ability to rock just about any hairstyle, whether it’s a fade, undercut, slick back, comb over, top knot, man bun, side part, crew cut or angular fringe. From modern short hairstyles to trendy medium and long hairstyles, the best Asian haircuts offer versatility, texture and volume. It may just be their type of hair that allows them the flexibility to style all these cool haircuts for Asian men or their willingness to be outgoing and fashion-forward, but Asian guys certainly have some awesome hairstyles.

A fashionable culture is certainly the case for Korean hairstyles, which are heavily influenced by K-Pop stars. However, let’s not forget that the top knot and man bun originated from the Japanese Samurai. And finally, many Chinese men have become much more stylish and fashion-conscious in recent years! Whatever the reason, we felt it was important to dedicate an entire page to trendy Asian men hairstyles and haircuts.

Here are the most popular hairstyles for Asian men.

Best Asian Hairstyles For Men

From the Asian fade to the undercut for the sides to cool hairstyles like the quiff, pompadour, faux hawk, slick back, and spiky hair, check out these cool Asian hairstyles to inspire your new look.

Asian Men Hairstyles

This textured short Asian hairstyle is a cool way to style a natural, messy look. With short hair on the sides and longer hair on top, the fringe is slightly swept to the side for a unique finish. Just remember that, to create a textured look with pomade, you must apply the product to dry hair.

Asian Men Haircuts

Although it was popularized in the 50’s and 60’s, the classic side part is a timeless men’s hairstyle we highly recommend for business or professional settings. Much like the Asian comb over, the hard part adds a nice modern look while maintaining a clean, smart style.

Asian Men Hair

Here we have a long comb over hairstyle that looks great if you have the hair type for it. The low taper fade on the sides offers some contrast and the long hairstyle is combed to the side for a stylish finish.

Asian Hairstyles

The Asian undercut is one of the most popular hairstyles for Asian hair. This short comb over hairstyle is combined with a cool undercut for a high-contrast look. For a fresh style, the barber even added in a line up.

Hairstyles For Asian Men

With short sides and a side swept fringe, this simple hairstyle takes advantage of the fact that Asian men often have thick hair that is easy to style. The high taper fade is conservative and classic for the perfect gentleman’s haircut.

Asian Undercut

A wavy fringe on top and short taper fade on the sides becomes a very cool hairstyle for Asian guys. This popular Korean hairstyle for men is trendy and outgoing with the ability to stand out in any crowd. Use a strong pomade or wax for Asian hair to keep this look styled all day.

Asian Men Hairstyle

By keeping your hair on top long, guys are able to style a messy yet stylish fringe. Because Asian hair is versatile, you could also create textured spikes or a comb over.

Asian Men Haircut

Sometimes referred to as modern day Samurai hair, the man bun has become a popular men’s hairstyle in recent years.

Asian Mens Hairstyles

Long, flowing hairstyles continue to look awesome on guys who can pull them off.

Asian Hairstyles

This longer mop top is a hot style for guys with thick hair. The only challenge is growing out your hair!

Asian Hairstyles

The disconnected undercut is a trendy haircut option that can be styled in a variety of ways. Here we see a messy brush back, but the comb over and pompadour are also worth experimenting with.

Cool Asian Hairstyles

This is a modern way to rock a messy faux hawk. And with the fun hair designs on the side, this haircut makes for a very fashionable cut and style.

Asian Hairstyles

Instead of using a hair tie, this man bun style wraps hair around to hold it in place.

Asian Undercut Men

Asian Hair

Asian Haircuts Men

Trendy Asian Haircuts Men

Asian Men Hairstyles

Hairstyles For Asian Men

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