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25 Black Men with Blonde Hair

When it comes to trendy hairstyles for black men, blonde hair has become a fashionable look in recent years. Black men with blonde hair are taking their styles to the next level with colors that add a bold and stylish dimension. If you’re struggling to transform your black hair and want a new look, these blonde hairstyles are versatile and flattering choices that offer a unique approach.

Whether you want highlights, frosted tips, platinum coloring or white hair all around, there are many ways for black guys to dye their hair blonde. Some black men will want blonde curly hair with a fade haircut for a chic look, while some mixed guys may prefer an afro with a platinum silver style for an edgy vibe.

With so many blonde hair dye options and styles, it can be a challenge choosing finding the right look. To inspire you with ideas, we’ve compiled this guide on the best blonde hairstyles for black men. From platinum blonde to bleached hair, explore these stylish black guys with blonde hair to find cool styles and colors.

Black Men with Blonde Hair

Black Guys with Blonde Hair

Blonde Mohawk Fade

The blonde mohawk fade is a modern hairstyle that suits black men who want an edgy and trendy look. Guys can choose between a high, mid or low taper fade haircut on the sides and back. To take the style to the next level, ask your barber to pair your mohawk with a skin, temp, burst or drop fade. For maximum contrast, a high bald fade will make your cut look punkish and daring. When experimenting with hair dye, you can pick a blonde, platinum, white, silver or red color for extra flair. If your hair is coarse and dry, you’ll need a high-quality moisturizing shampoo to avoid breakage and dullness.

Blonde Mohawk Fade Hairstyle For Black Men

Blonde Mohawk Fade For Black Men

Blonde Fade Haircut

The blonde fade is a fresh haircut that always looks stylish on black men. With so many different types of fades, guys may want low, mid, high, skin, temp, drop or burst taper fade haircuts. Shades of blonde that lean darker work best for this style, as platinum hair can be too harsh on darker skin tones. Blonde hair with a fade haircut works well with masculine face shapes and can accentuate sharp features with a crisp, clean line up. For a professional look, you’ll need to visit your barber regularly.

Blonde Fade Haircut Black Men

Blonde Fade For Black Men

Blonde Curly Hair Fade

Fashionable and eye-catching, a blonde curly hair fade is a daring hairstyle that’s ideal for trendsetters. Guys with long hair can take advantage of their coils with an extreme fade to maximize contrast. For a more polished look, ask a barber to trim your curls down for a style that’s professional enough to wear at the office. This cut will highlight any volume you have on top and works best on men with naturally thick hair. Consider growing a thick beard alongside your fade for a rugged, masculine finish.

Blonde Curly Hair Fade Haircut For Black Men

Blonde Curly Hair Fade For Black Men

Blonde Dreadlocks

Blonde dreadlocks are a trendy and charming hairstyle that allow black men to pay homage to their ancestry while maintaining an easy and cool look. Dread styles can be worn up or down to create several different fashionable looks. Some guys will want to choose micro dreads to avoid overwhelming their features, while others may prefer thick locs to soften their square or oblong face shape. When getting blonde dreads, you’ll need to grow your hair out or ask your stylist to attach extensions that can be braided with your natural locks. To keep things interesting, go for square or triangular roots to give a unique pattern on the scalp.

Blonde Dreadlocks For Black Men

Blonde Dread Styles For Black Men

Blonde Buzz Cut

The blonde buzz cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for black guys who want a low-maintenance and effortlessly cool look. This short haircut looks best when you are confident with your facial features and want to highlight your masculine bone structure. To turn your clean-cut style into a fashion statement, consider adding a light fade around the sides with additional length on top. Ideal for athletes and military men, this practical haircut only needs a touch of moisturizer to remain smooth and sexy all day long.

Blonde Buzz Cut Black Men

Blonde Buzz Cut Haircuts For Black Men

Blonde Crew Cut

The blonde crew cut is a cool haircut style for black men who want short hair for a low-maintenance and masculine look. The crew cut hairstyle has been popular since the 1920s and features short, even hair on top paired with tapered sides. The crew cut is traditionally clean and professional, but this simple style can be a modern look with a low or high skin fade and a striking blonde dye job. When styling, apply a light-hold wax or gel to keep things sleek.

Blonde Crew Cut Black Men

Blonde Crew Cut Hairuct For Black Men

Blonde Afro

The blonde afro is a popular haircut that will help you embrace your natural texture while offering black men several cool styling options. Some guys with thick, curly hair will find a tall afro is a realistic goal, whereas others with short, tight coils may look better rocking a shorter style. For a unique cut, consider featuring a taper fade haircut on the sides to create a retro high top with a blonde twist. To give your barber a healthy base to work with, keep your hair conditioned with essential oils and rich butter for a few months before taking the plunge. Whether you choose a warmer blonde or decide to go platinum, the afro hairstyle is sure to turn heads.

Blonde Afro Black Men

Blonde Afro Haircut Black Men

Hair Twists

Blonde hair twists are one of the trendiest styles for black men that work well on all hair lengths for an effortless and fashionable look. As the name suggests, this hairstyle is created by dividing the hair evenly and twisting individual sections around each other. If you have short hair, pair your twists with a striking mid fade for contrast without the hassle of upkeep. Medium and long hair gives guys more freedom to express themselves as the added length allows you to create patterns on the scalp. Classic, low-effort and unique, blonde twists are a badass way to emphasize what you were born with.

Blonde Hair Twists Hairstyles For Black Men

Blonde Hair Twists Black Men

Bleached Hair

Bleached hair can be a bold statement style that is modern and fashion-forward, taking your look to the next level. Whether you get bleached blonde or platinum hair, there are many different colors that black men can dye their hair. If you choose to go with a platinum hairstyle, this tone can lean white or silver on black skin, making it less attractive than warmer alternatives. Any blonde dye will offer a bold contrast on darker skin tones, making it ideal for those wanting a dramatic transformation. For a masculine touch, pair your vibrant locks with a trendy fade or undercut on the sides and back. This adds dimension to longer hair and will transform any bleached cut from sloppy to chic. Regardless of what length you choose, invest in quality hair products to minimize damage from the bleaching process.

Black Men with Bleached Hair

Black Men with Bleached Hairstyles

Blonde Hair Tips

Blonde hair tips are a stylish look for black men who want to add flair and color to their style. These blonde frosted tips will contrast black hair and can be a great way to draw attention to the longer style on top. With a fade haircut on the sides and back, guys can experiment with a burst fade mohawk, high top fade, short curls and other popular hairstyles. If you’re considering dyeing your hair, frosted tips offer an edgy and fashionable finish to any cut.

Black Men with Blonde Hair Tips

Black Men with Blonde Frosted Hair Tips

How To Get Blonde Hair For Black Men

To get blonde hair, black men will need to dye their hair and strip all strands of their natural color. Before starting, ensure that you have blow-dried your hair and applied a spray to make your hair glossy in preparation for any dye. This helps color bond to your hair more successfully and should reduce unsightly patches.

To dye blonde hair for black men, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Gather everything you need for bleaching your hair (including a volume developer, brush, shampoo, salon-grade powdered bleach, a mixing bowl, a shower cap and a pair of gloves).
  2. Mix one-third of your volume developer and blend this with your powdered bleach. Stir the mixture carefully until fully combined.
  3. Apply the bleach mixture to your hair in sections, starting at the tips and moving to the roots of your hair. Cover all sections of hair and take extra care to avoid getting bleach on your skin.
  4. Cover your hair with a shower cap and allow the bleach to work for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Check your hair in 10-minute intervals for any breakage or allergic reactions and repeat the process until you reach your desired hue. You may need to repeat this process several times over a few weeks until you’re happy with the results.
  5. Wash your hair in cold water using a dedicated purple bleach shampoo until the water runs clear and there is no bleach remaining.
  6. Finish the process with a hydrating deep conditioner and towel dry your hair. Avoid using heat directly after bleaching your hair, as this can cause extensive damage.

How To Get Blonde Hair For Black Men