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Best 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Year Old Boy Haircuts

With so many cool haircuts for 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 year old boys, kids have a number of cute boy hairstyles to get right now. From a taper fade or undercut on the sides and back to a mohawk, comb over, slicked back, side swept, or spiky hairstyle on top, it’s important that your little boy’s haircut reflect his personality and age.

While the top 7, 8, and 9 year old boy haircuts are basically the same as the best 10, 11, and 12 year old boy haircuts, there are definitely some edgy good hairstyles for older boys worth exploring. But ultimately, what styles are trending for a 10 year old boy are going to also look stylish on all kids this young. This versatility should make your visit to a barbershop a little less stressful.

To help parents find a trendy cut and style, we’ve compiled the best school hairstyles for boys ages 7 through 12. And all of these great haircuts are dress-code appropriate for elementary and middle school.

Best 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Year Old Boy Haircuts

Cool 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Year Old Boy Hairstyles

Let’s take a look at the best boys haircuts and hairstyles that are trending this year. Whether your little guy likes long, medium, or short haircuts, we’re confident you’ll discover countless cool ideas to try!

Cool 10 Year Old Boy Haircuts

Taper Fade Haircuts

The boys fade haircut is the most popular way for kids to cut hair on the sides and back. Low-maintenance and easy to style, taper fades offer very short haircuts that focus the eyes on the styling on top.

8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Year Old Boys Taper Fade Haircuts

There are many kinds of fades for little boys to choose from. Whether your kid wants a low, mid, high, or skin fade will determine where the tapering begins and how short the hair gets.

9, 10, 11, 12 Year Old Boys Taper Fade Haircuts

The low fade starts just above the ear and tapers down to the neckline. Classy and handsome, this haircut may be good for a 4, 5, 6, or 7 year old boy whose mom wants to retain some semblance of innocence.

Low Fade Boys Haircuts

The high fade starts the blending process very high on the sides and back, just below the hairstyle above. Edgy and bold, this type of fade may be the perfect short haircut for a 10 year old boy or older.

Kids High Fade Haircut Styles

Finally, the bald or skin fade is a haircut that blends hair down to the skin. Cool and trendy for young tween boys, this clean cut looks nice with fashionable, sleek hairstyles such as the comb over, slick back, mohawk, and spiky hair. Some kids even like to ask their barbers to shave a design or add a hard part into their cut.

Boys Bald Skin Fade Haircuts

Many of the best hairstyles for kids ages 6 through 12 start with short sides and long hair on top. Taper fade haircuts provide plenty of variation and work with most hair lengths, types, and textures.

Cool Fade Haircuts For Boys

Just make sure to get your boy a good hair product so he can style all his favorite looks. Alternatively, if you think he’s grown-up enough, check out the top styling products for guys, including pomade, wax and cream.

Cool 9, 10, 11, 12 Year Old Fade Haircut Styles For Boys


The undercut is one of the coolest haircuts for boys right now. As its name implies, an undercut involves keeping the hair on the top of the head and buzzing underneath it to shorten or remove hair on the sides and back of the head.

Boys Undercut Haircuts

The end result is a one-length cut that looks fresh and stylish for all types of kid’s hairstyles.

Cool Boys Undercut Haircuts

As one of the best 9, 10, 11 and 12 year old boy haircuts you can get, the undercut has limitless styling options. Like the fade, it works with all hair lengths and can be styled with slick back, comb over, pompadour, quiff, spiky, and messy styles.

Boys Undercut Fade Haircuts

While boys with thick hair pull off the undercut best, the look can work with a variety of types. Talk to your child’s barber to see if the cut is right for your kid’s look.

Cool Undercut Hairstyles For Boys

Spiky Hair

Spiky hair is universally cute and has been a timeless hairstyle for boys of all ages. Compatible with long, medium, and short hair, spiked up hairstyles can be worn in a slew of ways to pull off vastly different looks.

Boys Spiky Hair Fade

For instance, short spiky hair looks best when textured on top to create a naturally messy look.

Kids Short Spiky Hair

When combined with a high taper fade, short thick spikes draw the eyes to the awesome styling on top of the head.

Cool Spiky Mohawk Fade Haircut For Boys

Medium to long haired boys can choose to spike their hair in the front, style thick spikes all over, or to combine the style with a faux hawk.

Spiky Hair Fohawk For Boys

A great spiky haircut can really transform your kid’s style and looks flattering on a 8 or 11 year old boy.

Popular Boys Spiky Fade Haircuts

Mohawk and Faux Hawk

Daring and adorable, the mohawk is an exceptional hairstyle for self-expression. While it allows young boys to feel rebellious, wild and crazy, mohawk styles are incredibly versatile depending on how extreme of a cut you let your child try.

Mohawk For Kids

From shaved sides to short taper fade cuts, the length of hair on the sides and back of the head will influence the overall look. For instance, a mohawk with shaved sides is much more outgoing and unique than a sleek faux hawk fade.

Kids Faux Hawk For 10 Year Old Boys

Nevertheless, how short or long you keep your hair on top will is really what will affect the styling of your mohawk. Regardless of whether your little boy chooses a long or short mohawk, he will need a strong gel or pomade to keep the hair up.

Boys Mohawk Fade Haircuts

Kids mohawk and faux hawk haircuts work for all hair types, including fine, thick, and curly hair.

Curly Hair Mohawk Fade For Boys

Just to note, if your child is looking for the best back to school haircuts and wants something to stand out, we recommend you start with the faux hawk and fade.

Faux Hawk with Short Faded Sides For Boys

Pompadour and Quiff

The pompadour and quiff are classy retro styles your kid will love. While the pompadour hairstyle was made famous by celebrities such as Elvis Presley and James Dean, the modern pompadour is less structured and more fluid with good volume and flow. However, nothing beats the casual and effortless look of the modern quiff.

Boys Pompadour Fade Hairstyles

Since the styling of each requires creating volume at the front of the head, it’s no surprise that the pompadour and quiff are easily confused.

Best Haircut Ideas For Kid Boys

The difference between the quiff and pompadour is that the famous pomp is brushed up and back to achieve a sleek, rock star look. It requires a good hair product and some effort.

Older Kids Long Pompadour Fade Haircut

On the other hand, the quiff flows beautifully as it is brushed up and forward to create an airy volume that is equal parts attitude and functionality.

Boys Quiff Hairstyles

As very cool hairstyles for 10, 11 and 12 year olds, these haircuts are better-suited for older kids.

Coolest Hairstyles For Middle School Boys

Shaggy and Messy Hair

Shag tops and messy hairstyles are always fun and easy to get. If your boy has thick or curly hair, then shaggy or messy hair can be a perfect fit. After all, this is the ideal time in life for him to experiment with different looks, so embrace the shag haircut and forget about the upkeep that comes with other short, medium and long styles.

Short Messy Hairstyles For Boys with Thick Hair

The good news is that messy doesn’t have to mean unkempt or dirty. In fact, when styled correctly, these simple hairstyles can be quite handsome and chic, especially for unruly coarse hair and hard-to-manage curls.

Awesome 11 Year Old Boy Hairstyles

The secret to wearing a nice shaggy or messy hairstyle is to add layers to the hair and style it with a light hold cream. In addition to creating volume and texture, the styling cream will maximize control while moisturizing and conditioning to minimize frizz.

Cool 12 Year Old Boy Hairstyles

Short messy hair continues to be a hot trends, but the curly hair fringe is a trendy idea as well.

Cute Messy Hairstyles For Curly Hair Boys

Crew Cut and Buzz Cut

The crew cut and buzz cut are cute yet masculine hairstyles for little boys. These awesome short boy haircuts are low-maintenance and simple. As a matter of fact, you can buzz cut your boy’s hair at home with good clippers.

10 Year Old Boy Short Haircuts

With a kid’s buzz cut, the hair is the same short length all over the head, creating a handsome, clean-cut look that’s effortless. Good for boys with strong jawlines, high bones, and rugged features, it’s generally a great cut for the summer.

Cool Boys Buzz Cut Fade Haircut

Similarly, with the boy’s crew cut, the hair on top is longer. Usually combined with a fade on the sides, a barber will leave between 1 to 3 inches of length.

Boys Crew Cut

The extra hair will allow your child to style a number of different styles, including the Ivy League haircut with side swept hair in the front, a textured crop top, or short spikes.

Cute Hairstyles For 10 Year Old Boys

These practical yet stylish school boy haircuts are perfect for athletes and kids who have trouble getting ready in the mornings.

Cool Crew Cut Fade For Boys

Side Part and Comb Over

The side part and comb over are two of the most iconic hairstyles for boys, and they look great with any hair length, type, or texture. It’s important to note that the modern comb over and current gentleman’s side part is different than their classic counterparts.

Boys Comb Over Fade Haircuts

The comb over fade continues to be a popular short sides, long top haircut. Countless men and boys ask their barbers to shave in a hard part for a bold look.

Kids Hard Side Part Comb Over Fade

The hard part comb over does add one great functional benefit – it tells your kid exactly where to part and comb the hair to one side.

Trendy Low Fade Hard Part Comb Over Haircut For Boys

Whichever style you choose, be sure to use quality shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to keep your boy’s hair healthy.

Cool 10 year Old Boys Hard Side Part Comb Over Fade Haircut

Slicked Back Hair

Sophisticated and adorable, slicked back hair is a look every kid can pull off. With a fade or undercut on the sides and longer hair on top, slick back haircuts for little boys just need to be combed straight back.

Kids Slicked Back Hair

For a suave and mature look, use a high shine pomade or mousse for a glossy finish. Otherwise, a textured finish for a natural look can be achieved with a matte product such as wax or clay.

10 Year Old Boys Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

For more ideas and styles, check out all the hottest kids haircuts right now.