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Which Side Should I Part My Hair?

Men’s parted hairstyles such as the modern comb over and side part have become popular again, giving rise to the age-old question – “which side should I part my hair on?” The simple answer is that most men, regardless of straight, wavy, or curly hair, have one natural part. And the most common side men part their hair is left. But the truth is, how and what side you should part your hair really comes down to what direction your hair grows. Read on to learn how to part your hair!

How To Part Your Hair For Men

Which Way To Part Your Hair

Although personal preference plays a role, which way you should part your hair is naturally determined by the direction of the spiral of hair on the top of your head towards the back. Known as a man’s cowlick, how your hair circles in the crown area should be the way you part your hair. For example, if the spiral moves clockwise, then the part should be on the left; if the hair grows counter-clockwise, then your natural part is on the right. A few lucky guys may have two cowlicks, meaning you can part it either way.

Side Part Hairstyle with High Fade

Nevertheless, some guys don’t care about conventional wisdom and prefer to part in the direction determined by which hand they comb their hair with. For instance, if you comb your hair with your right hand, you’ll want to part your hair on the left side since brushing left to right will feel more natural. Conversely, if you style your hair with your left hand, then you may want to part your hair on the right because combing right to left makes sense. If you use both hands regularly when styling your hair, experiment with parts on either side to see which feels right.

Side Part Comb Over with Low Taper Fade

How To Find Your Natural Part

If you’re still confused about your natural part, you can always find it through experimentation. Start by wetting your hair and then combing it forward. Wait a few moments and your hair should start to separate, revealing your natural part.

Finally, if this tactic to finding your natural hair part doesn’t work, you can always comb your hair to the left and right. Whichever side reveals a natural hair line or looks better is the right side to start parting your hair on.

Final Word

When choosing how to part your hair for men, remember that the side you pick and the direction you comb your hair in is ultimately a personal choice. As long as your haircut looks good and fits your face, no one cares whether your brush to the left or right. Here are some examples of cool comb over and side part hairstyles for inspiration!

Comb Over with Hard Part

Messy Long Comb Over with Hard Part and High Fade

Hard Side Part with High Skin Fade

Slicked Back Undercut with Thick Hard Part

Textured Comb Over with High Fade

Short Modern Pompadour with High Skin Fade and Beard

Mid Bald Fade with Textured Comb Over and Beard

High Skin Fade with Textured Hard Side Part

High Fade with Shape Up and Faux Hawk

Taper Fade with Slicked Side Part