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15 Best Usher Hairstyles

When it comes to famous celebrities with style, Usher is an American R&B singer who has inspired many stylish haircuts. Usher Raymond can usually be found rocking a buzz cut with a shape up or a cool burst fade mohawk, which is a new variation of the fade that curves around the ears and down to the neck. Also known as the South of France, this burst fade haircut is one of his most popular styles. Combined with a mohawk, this haircut offers a trendy and bold look for black men. To inspire you with ideas, we’ve compiled examples of the best Usher hairstyles. From the mohawk to the buzz cut, explore these Usher haircuts to find the right style for you.

Usher Haircut

Usher Hairstyles

Usher Hairstyle

Usher Mohawk Fade

Usher Fade

Usher Mohawk

Usher Haircut

Usher Raymond Haircut

Usher Mohawk Hairstyle

Usher South of France Fade

Usher Fade and Shape Up

Usher Burst Fade Mohawk

Usher Haircut Style

Young Usher Buzz Cut

Usher Burst Fade Haircut with Mohawk

Usher Haircut Styles