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27 Undercut Hairstyles For Men

The undercut hairstyle is back as one of the top men’s haircuts! The men’s undercut haircut is a trendy style built on the “short sides, long top” concept that creates a cool, classy look for all guys. The best part is that undercut hair works well with straight, curly, or wavy hair types and can be worn in many ways, including street or classic styles. For example, guys can try a curly fringe, disconnected, slicked back, or side swept undercut! Whether you’re looking for a clean modern hairstyle for the office or a fresh haircut before a night out, these undercut styles will look great on you.

Ultimately, the men’s undercut haircut has become a trendy hairstyle for both men and women alike. The undercut for men comes in a variety of forms, such as the short, long and disconnected, so check out the top men’s undercut styles below to find a stylish haircut for you!

Top Men’s Undercut Hairstyles

Undercut Hairstyle Men

Undercut + Long Slick Back

Men's Undercut Hairstyle - Long Slick Back with Bald Fade

Undercut + Comb Over

Undercut Hair With Comb Over

Undercut + Modern Pompadour

Undercut Hairstyle with Modern Pompadour

Undercut + Brush Back + Beard

Undercut with Brush Back and Full Beard

Undercut Hair + Fringe

Disconnected Undercut with Fringe

Undercut + Messy Comb Over + Shape Up

Undercut Haircuts with Messy Comb Over and Shape Up

Undercut + Mohawk + Hair Design

Undercut Haircut with Mohawk and Hair Design

Disconnected Undercut + Slick Back

Disconnected Undercut with Slicked Back Hair

Undercut + Textured Angular Slick Back

Undercut Hairstyle with Textured Angular Slicked Back Hair

Undercut + Mohawk + Edge Up

Undercut Hairstyle Men - Mohawk with Edge Up

Undercut + Textured Pompadour + Hair Design

Undercut Hair with Textured Pompadour and Hair Design

Disconnected Undercut, Side Swept

Undercut Hairstyle - Disconnected Undercut, Side Swept

Long, Messy Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle - Long Loose Messy Undercut

Loose, Curly Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle - Loose Curly Long Undercut

Medium Length Natural Flow Undercut

Undercut Haircut - Medium Length Natural Flow Undercut

Long Side Swept Undercut

Undercut Hair - Long Side Swept Undercut

Short Undercut with Wavy Hair

Undercut Hairstyle - Short Undercut with wavy hair

Mid Fade with Tousled Top Undercut

Undercut Hair - Mid Fade with Tousled Top Undercut

Angled Undercut with Thick Beard

Undercut Hair - Angled Undercut with Beard

Pompadour Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle Men - Pompadour Undercut

Slicked Back, Long Undercut

Mens Undercut - Slicked Back Long Undercut

Classic, Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut

Comb Over Side Part Undercut

Undercut Haircut - Combover Sidepart Hardpart With Hair Design

Classic Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle Men - Classic Undercut

Pompadour Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle - Pompadour Undercut

Big, Loose Undercut

Undercut Haircut - Big Loose Messy Undercut