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15 Thot Boy Haircuts

Thot boy haircuts come in many different cuts and styles, usually with a fade on the sides and longer curly hair on top. Like a fuckboy, thot boys are habitual womanizers. And with that lifestyle comes the need for a trendy thot haircut. While White, Asian and Hispanic guys typically get fuckboy haircuts, a thot cut caters to black hair. The most popular thot hairstyles for black men range from dreads to a burst fade mohawk, high top fade, curly hair with a temp fade, twists, and styles achieved with a curl sponge.

Fresh, clean-cut, and sexy, girls love thot boy hair. Whether you want an edgy thot cut fade on the sides and back or a new cool hairstyle on top, here are the best thot haircuts to get this year!

Thot Boy Haircut

Thot Boy Fade

The fade is a timeless and stylish haircut. Black men have the option to pick a high, mid, or low taper fade haircut on the sides and back to complement their longer hair on top. To make the cut edgy and bold, ask your barber for a bald fade that blends the hair into the skin.

Thot Boy Fade Cuts

Pictured is one of the most popular thot boy fade haircuts. With a low skin fade on the sides and messy curly hair on top, this look is attractive and fun. For a fresh hairline and clean edges around the temples, get a line up. The long twists are easy to style with a curl-enhancing smoothie and hair twist sponge.

Thot Boy Fade Haircut

Like the example above, this high bald fade and short to medium-length curly thot boy hairstyle is classy and hot. The faded sides are low-maintenance and sleek, while the long curls on top look natural and nicely styled. To get this curly hairstyle for black hair, you’ll need to grow out your hair at least 3 inches long.

This style works for a number of haircuts, hair lengths, and face shapes. Simply use a leave-in conditioner and work the product into your hair with a sponge to get the desired look.


Dread styles have always been fashionable for black guys. Much like a high top fade, most dreadlock hairstyles look best with short faded sides that emphasize the styling on top. To get cool dreads, your hair will need to be tightly twisted into locks.

Short Dreads with High Skin Fade

Here is a good example of a temp skin fade cut and shape up. With short dreads on top, women find this look irresistible.

Thot Cut Fade with Dreads

Alternatively, you can choose to get a low taper fade on the sides and back that drops down to the neckline. With long dreads on top and a short beard, this dreads haircut is masculine and seductive.

Fade with Curly Hair on Top

While curly hair can sometimes be a pain to style and maintain, there are certainly ways to manage and tame curls. With a curly hair fade, the faded sides are cut very short to minimize styling, and the longer top is trimmed to create tight curls. A cool beard or hair design can add extra flair.

Curly Hair Fade

This thot boy curly fade haircut starts with a low taper fade on the sides with thick, curly hair on top. The faded sides shave the sideburns and then drop down to the neckline. The thick curls are styled messy but tight for a handsome finish. The short beard is short and well-groomed for a rugged but clean finish.

Thot Boy Curly Haircut

Another example is this low skin fade with a shaved part on the sides. The blending drops in the back for a smooth neck fade. On top, the curls are more defined and distinct as a result of applying a light styling product. The additional benefit is that curly hair products for men minimize frizz while offering control. The heavy beard stubble is manly and flattering.

Burst Fade Mohawk

The burst fade mohawk continues to be one of the best black men’s haircuts in barbershops around the world. With a burst taper fade on the sides and a thick mohawk on top, this trendy hairstyle is a favorite for guys with long black hair.

Burst Fade Mohawk

This mohawk fade features a high taper fade, edge up, and long curl twists. Black men can dye their hair different colors, including blonde, red, and platinum, to spice up the look. A thick long beard with short mustache can be a good complement.

Thot Hair Faded Mohawk

Other haircut ideas include a good burst skin fade, fresh line up around the temples and hairline, and a thick nappy mohawk. The neckline is trimmed with a unique cut, and the faded sides add a badass dimensions to the overall look. The end result is thot boy hair that is modern and dope, helping you stand out in any crowd.


Thot braids require minimal upkeep yet look great all the time. Braided hair can be left loose and flowing or tied up in a ponytail when needed.

Black Men Braids

A$AP Rocky is known for his awesome box braids. Although there are plenty of ways to get and style cornrows, the rapper has sported his signature look impressively for years.

Cornrows For Black Men

However, guys can always combine a taper fade with braids. This low fade on the sides paired with thick, braided hair on top creates a fashionable style. Letting a couple braids hang over your forehead while pulling the rest back into a ponytail can allow you to change up your look based on the occasion.

Short Thot Hair with Fade

For an easy cut and simple style, short curly hair is always an option. Although a thot boy hairstyle traditionally requires long curls, twists, or dreads, short cuts offer an alternative.

Short Thot Hair with Fade

Very short haircuts for black men with curly hair can save a lot of time, effort, and headache. The low drop fade highlights the short thick curls. The long goatee and well-groomed sideburns provide a nice touch. The complete look still screams player and thot boy.

Short Thot Boy Buzz Cut Fade Haircut

Similarly, this buzz cut fade with waves is also a sexy thot boy haircut. The low skin fade and shape up are perfect, obviously cut by a skilled barber. The waves may take some time to develop, but the hairstyle is definitely worth trying if you prefer short hair.

Short Sides, Long Thot Boy Hairstyle

If the other thot boy styles are too bold and edgy for you, then you’ll love these classy haircut styles. An Afro or high top delivers the necessary thickness and length to change up your look.

Thot Cut High Top Fade

Try this mid skin fade, edge up, and high top. Black men with blonde highlights and a small shaved part can create a unique finish.

Thot Boy Afro Temp Fade

Otherwise, this perfect temp fade with a shape up and two lines shaved in can give you a balanced style for formal and informal occasions. Run a sponge through your hair to produce the desired texture and finish.

Best Hair Products For Black Men

Black men need good hair products if they want to get all the most popular hairstyles. Whether you want to style your curly hair, control your Afro, minimize frizz in your dreads, or create twists, here are the best hair products for black men.

For starters, you’ll want to buy a high-quality hair sponge made for black hair. These sponges are long-lasting and well-made, and can work with your dreads, twists, Afro, waves or curls.

To style your coil twists, braids, mohawk, Afro and kinky hair, you’ll also need a good styling product. This curl-enhancing smoothie has been formulated for thick, curly hair. Use daily for all-day hydration and shine that will take your hairstyle to the next level.