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Should I Shave My Head? A Guide To Shaving Your Head With A Razor

If you have a receding hairline, thinning hair or are balding altogether, the big question you may be asking yourself is – “should I shave my head?” Shaving your head is an important decision and there are certainly many reasons to shave your head bald. However, a bald head doesn’t fit every guy’s look, and in case you don’t like the end result, growing your hair back will take several weeks.

If you’re considering shaving your head with a razor and want to think about the pros and cons, this guide is for you. Below, we discuss whether you should shave or buzz your head, and if so, how often and the best way.

Should I Shave My Head

Should You Shave Your Head?

Bald heads are more common than ever, so there must be plenty of reasons to shave your head. If hair growth products aren’t working for you, then maybe it’s time to do the inevitable. However, if hair loss isn’t your issue, here are some other benefits of shaving your head.

Hide Bald Spots

Probably the most popular reason to shave your head is to hide male pattern baldness. Balding, whether it be in random patches like a bad hairline, or in the form of thinning hair, is no doubt an embarrassing problem. Fortunately, you aren’t alone – around 85% of men will experience hair loss over the span of their lives.

Arguably, the easiest way to deal with balding is to shave everything off. If hair loss solutions aren’t working for you, then shaving your head is the next best answer.

Look Younger

Whether you like it or not, shaving your head makes you look younger. Bald spots and receding hairlines can only age you and make you feel older, but remove those telling signs, and men can look up to a decade younger.

Shave Your Head To Look Younger

Be Comfortable

Active and athletic men, especially those living in warmer climates, may find their hair getting in the way. Sweat, discomfort, and constant restyling are annoyances of the past when you shave your head.

Not only can heat-induced sweatiness and dizziness be an issue, but a good number of men just don’t like the feeling of a full head of hair. While trimming and grooming can often resolve these issues, going the full way and shaving all your hair off is a sure way to minimize the problem.

Reduce Maintenance

Some may attribute it to laziness, but there’s no doubt that hair care, haircuts and styling can be time-consuming. If styling your hair in the mornings and getting regular haircuts are inconveniences, then get a buzz cut or start shaving your head already. Just remember that you’ll have to shave your head often to keep it completely smooth and clean.

Head Shaving - Low Maintenance Haircut

Feel More Confident

Lastly, a clean shaved head can make a guy feel more confident. If you are constantly worried about having a bad hair day or self-conscious about your bald patches, then a bald head may just ease your anxiety.

Studies have shown that men with higher levels of testosterone are more likely to lose hair and go bald. Perhaps that’s why a shaved head is a confident look – because it’s psychologically associated with masculine men.

Reasons To Shave Your Head Men

How To Decide Whether To Shave Your Head

Before you do end up shaving your head, consider the justification and risk of your decision.

Why Are You Shaving Your Head?

The first thing to analyze is why you want to shave your head. If any of the reasons listed previously resonate with you, you probably already have a good incentive.

If you don’t really have a strong inclination, maybe you just want to experiment with the look. Otherwise, don’t do it and regret it later.

What If I Don’t Like My Shaved Look?

The second thing to think about is what will happen if you don’t like your shaved head. Will this make you feel insecure? Will it upset your chances of landing a successful date? These are all questions to ask yourself before.

If the upcoming weeks and months include important events, meetings, holidays and make-or-break moments in your personal and professional life, then you should probably hold off.

Alternatives To Shaving Your Head

One final consideration before you shave your head is whether there are any alternatives. As we saw previously, most men have a reason to shave their head.

To give you some examples, here are some alternatives to shaving your head.

  • Change your hairstyle – cut your hair short and try a high skin fade with a buzz or crew cut on top.
  • Cut off more hair – if comfort is your main issue, experiment with trimming hair on your body to reduce sweat. If you have facial hair, think about shaving your beard. And again, if you have a longer hairstyle, opt for a different cut on the sides such as an undercut or fade.
  • Hide balding – if your hair is gradually thinning, grow it longer. If patches are an issue, use styling techniques like the comb over to hide the issue completely. As for a receding hairline, try the many different cuts and styles that will make use of it or just wear it with confidence.
  • Get over it – chances are, unless you have a very bad case of male pattern baldness, people aren’t noticing your hair as much as you do.

Should I Buzz My Head

How To Shave Your Head

If you’ve decided that shaving your head is the only thing that will make you happy, then it’s time to make it happen. There are 3 ways to shave your head – using a razor, an electric shaver, or hair clippers. We highly recommend a combination of clippers and a razor, depending on how short you want to cut your hair.

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Here’s how to shave your head, step by step:

  1. The best time to shave your head is after a hot shower when your scalp and hair are softer. Be sure to towel-dry until your hair is only slightly damp.
  2. Take a pair of clippers and trim your hair down to stubble. Use a Number 1 or 2 guard size.
  3. Next, apply shaving cream, butter or oil to your scalp.
  4. Using a clean, sharp razor with at least three blades, begin shaving your hair with the grain to avoid irritation and in-grown hairs. Be gentle, go slowly to avoid any cuts, and rinse your blade often.
  5. When shaving the back of your head, tilt your head forward to tighten the skin.
  6. If you miss any areas, try shaving from side to side to hit every angle and spot.
  7. When you’re done, splash some cool water to soothe your skin. Gently dry your head and then apply some aftershave balm or lotion. Make sure your scalp gets plenty of moisture over the next several hours.

How To Shave Your Head

How Often Should I Shave My Head?

How often you should shave your head really depends on your personal genetics. Some guys shave their heads once a month while others do it once a week. Ultimately, how often and when you shave your head is determined by how short you want to keep your hair and how fast your hair grows out.


Whatever the reason for wanting to shave your head, remember that the results are only temporary. If a bald head seems like a solution to any one of your hair problems, then try it. Worst-case scenario, you hate it and it grows back in a month. At least you’ll know you tried and it didn’t work out, instead of having this possibility lingering in the back of your mind.