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35 Short Sides Long Top Haircuts

Short on the sides, long on top haircuts are some of the most popular men’s styles of 2023. In fact, many of the best haircuts for guys start with an undercut or fade on the sides and back, and medium-length to long hair on top. From the quiff to the slick back, pompadour, comb over, and brush up, these cool short sides long top hairstyles offer plenty of contrast, versatility, and styling options. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that these cuts look good with all hair types, including thick, thin, straight, wavy and curly hair.

Whether you want a long or medium haircut on top with faded, shaved or undercut sides, there’s a stylish look for you. Choose one of these trendy men’s hairstyles with short sides and a long top next time you cut your hair!

Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

Best Men’s Short Sides, Long Top Hairstyles

Short sides long top hairstyles for men are the latest fashion in barbershops around the world. One of the reasons these modern haircuts have become part of this hot new hair trend is that buzzed sides are clean, fresh and easy to maintain. And with so many different types of fades (high, low, mid, bald, taper) to get on the sides and back, guys can tailor their cuts any way they want.

Best Men's Short Sides, Long Top Hairstyles - Low Bald Fade + Line Up + Surgical Part + Textured Modern Quiff

The challenge really comes down to how to style the long hair on top. Loose, natural, textured, shiny, or messy, styling longer hair means you need good hair products. A matte pomade or hair wax can be perfect for a textured quiff or comb over fade.

Short Sides Long Top - Taper Fade + Thick Textured Comb Over

A light to moderate hold pomade or wax will allow you to control your hair and style it to your desire, but still offer plenty of volume and natural texture.

Short on the Sides, Long on Top Hairstyles - Low Taper Fade + Thick Textured Modern Quiff

Otherwise, guys should use a shiny, strong hold pomade to style a slicked back undercut or classic pompadour fade. These products work best on short to medium length hair that needs to be structured and neat.

High Undercut Fade + Long Slicked Back Hair

However, for men with long hair that is shoulder length or longer, we highly recommend a light clay or cream. These styling products provide maximum volume, movement, and flow for a beautiful finish.

Man Bun Fade - Short Sides with Long Hair on Top

Whatever your personal sense of style, there’s a cool cut for you. Here are the best short sides long top men’s haircuts to show your barber!

Fade on the Sides, Long Top

Pairing a fade on the sides with long hair on top amounts to getting the perfect haircut combination. Short fade haircuts deliver a great deal of contrast on the sides, focusing everyone’s attention to the medium, longer hair on the top of the head.

Fade on the Sides, Long Top - Low Skin Fade + Thick, Messy, Textured Hair on Top

There are many kinds of fades you can ask your barber for. Although all of them offer buzzed sides that your barber will cut with clippers, the difference is how high or low the tapering process will begin and ultimately how short the trim ends up.

Long Hair on Top with Faded Sides - High Skin Fade + Hard Part Comb Over

Short on Sides, Medium on Top Haircut

Another men’s haircut option is the short sides, medium top. While the hair terminology is slightly different, the cut and styling is essentially the same. With faded sides and long to medium-length hair on top, guys are able to style all the same looks.

Short on Sides, Medium on Top Haircut - High Fade + Thick Shaved Hard Part + Long Spiky Hair + Full Beard

Medium on top hairstyles are among the hottest styles of the year, and include the quiff, faux hawk, brush back, and thick side part. The advantage of having length is that guys can style all the best looks with just one good haircut.

Short Sides, Medium Length Hairstyles - High Skin Fade + Long Textured Comb Over

Long Top, Shaved Sides and Back

Men’s haircuts with shaved sides and long hair on top can be a rugged, masculine idea for some guys. Getting your sides and back shaved can require a razor or zero fade hair clippers. Either way, shaving your hair on the sides can work for both short and long hairstyles on top, including the pompadour, faux hawk, and slick back.

Long Top, Shaved Sides and Back - Disconnected Undercut + Slicked Back Hair

Long Front, Short Back and Sides Hairstyle

Whether you want to style a fringe or brushed up hair, some men prefer long hair in the front and short back and sides. The curly hair fade is one handsome example of short faded sides, a short back, and a long front that leaves the curls tousled and messy. Nevertheless, the hairstyle works for all hair types.

Long Front, Short Back and Sides Hairstyle - Short Low Taper Fade + Long Fringe

Guys with thick, straight hair will want to brush up their hair for volume and a natural texture. Long hair in front also gives you the option to brush back hair when you want to change up your look.

Long Front, Short Back and Sides Hairstyle - Taper Fade + Thick Brushed Up Hair in Front

Short Back and Sides

There are many ways to cut short sides and back. The high fade is edgy and aggressive, resulting in a very short cut that starts high on the sides. High taper fades generally expose more of the back and side of the head.

Short Sides and Back - Long, Thick Curly Hair Fade

On the other hand, the low taper fade starts just above the ear and curves around the hairline down the neck. The low fade is generally more conservative and better for professionals as well as older men.

Short Sides and Back Haircuts - Low Skin Fade + Hard Part + Comb Over Pompadour + Full Beard

The mid fade is a balance of the two and blends in the middle. If you aren’t sure which type of fade to get, the medium fade haircut is a good place to start.

Mid Taper Fade + Long Textured Tousled Quiff on Top

Now that you’ve determined where the fading will start, you need to decide how short to go. A classic taper fade blends short to shorter hair, whereas the the skin or bald fade will gradually disappear into the skin on your scalp.

Short Sides and Back - High Skin Undercut Fade + Line Up + Comb Over

Ultimately, a fresh short sides and back haircut can really make all the difference in how hot your style will look.

Best Short Sides and Back Haircuts - High Taper Fade + Thick Textured Slicked Back Hair

Long Hair on Top

Long hair on top always leaves men the ability to style all the best men’s hairstyles. For example, guys with long hair can get the man bun, top knot, a messy shoulder-length style, or simply keep their hair flowing naturally.

Long Hair on Top with Short Sides - Man Bun, Top Knot, Male Ponytail + Short Taper Fade + Full Beard

However, if you want longer hair but don’t want the trouble of taking care of it, a longer medium-length hairstyle may be the right move.

Short Sides, Long Hair on Top Men's Hairstyles - Medium Length Natural Flowing Hair + Classic Taper Haircut

A cool fade or undercut on the sides and back will highlight the length and styling of the hair on top but still give you the ability to pull off a number of different looks.

Long Hair Fade - High Undercut Fade + Thick Textured Modern Quiff Hairstyle