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Should You Shave Before or After A Shower?

When it comes to getting a clean, comfortable and close-cut trim, many experts are often asked whether you should shave before or after a shower. Depending on your facial hair, skin type and favorite shaving products, some men should shower and shave after, while others are better off trimming their beard before and washing their face after.

If you have sensitive skin, you can shave in or after a shower to minimize razor burn and enjoy the benefits of a nice wet shave. If you use an electric shaver or just want to trim your beard shorter, then shaving before a shower can save time and protect your skin.

To help you develop the perfect shaving routine, we’ve compiled this guide on whether it is better to shave before or after you shower. From electric razors to using cream, explore the best ways to get a close and gentle shave that will minimize irritation, burns and bumps for a clean look.

Shave Before or After Shower

Shaving Before A Shower

Shaving before a shower, commonly referred to as a dry shave, is best accomplished with an electric shaver. Electric razors are designed to provide a close trim without razor burn or skin irritation.

If you want to skip a wet face or full shower altogether, it is ideal to use a quality pre-shave product like Lectric Shave. A pre-shave oil or lotion will prep your hair follicles to stand up for a closer, cleaner cut while soothing and nourishing your skin.

Similarly, if you have soft fine facial hair and open skin pores, you may be able to shave before showering by simply applying a warm wet washcloth to your face for a few minutes. The warmth and moisture will make trimming your beard easier and irritation-free.

Shaving Before A Shower

Shaving Tools

If you need to shave without showering, it’s best to purchase a top-rated electric shaver or beard trimmer. Shavers are great for a clean shave down to the skin, while trimmers are perfect for stubble. Trimming your beard to get stubble can be helpful in preventing razor cuts, bumps, burns, cuts, and ingrown hair.

However, some guys just like the clean-shaven look and absolutely need to invest in a good shaver. Alternatively, you can still use a straight, cartridge, or DE razor. Just know that, while these traditional wet shaving tools are excellent with the appropriate preparation, we don’t recommend them when you’re dry shaving.

Electric Razor Shaver For Before A Shower

If these are the only tools you have access to, you’ll definitely need to at least dampen your skin and hairs with a warm towel before you start shaving.


A hot wet towel and pre-shave oil offer the best ways to infuse moisture without a shower. If you don’t have a foil-based shaver for your dry shave and will be using a razor, then wetting your face with a hot towel can deliver the necessary hydration to soften your facial hairs and skin. After all, this is what the best shave shops around the world do.

Hot Towel For Shaving

The only downside is a moist towel won’t wash and cleanse your face of bacteria, grease, and grime that could eventually clog your pores and cause acne.

Razor Burn

Razor burn is the skin irritation and tenderness that occurs when you dry shave improperly. To prevent this from happening, moisturize your skin in advance and always shave in the direction that your hair grows naturally. Use short, light strokes to trim the hairs and avoid irritation.

Prevent Razor Burn When Shaving

If razor burn has already occurred, don’t panic. The method you use to treat it depends on the sensation you experience. If your skin becomes itchy or warm, run a washcloth under cool water and apply to the affected areas. Aloe effectively targets these irritants as well and can be applied sparingly across your face to soothe your skin.

Men who experience dryness or irritation should apply a face cream or lotion. Make sure you don’t use any products containing alcohol. Pat your face dry, then gently apply the product of your choice to minimize inflammation.

Shaving In The Shower

Shave In The Shower

Shaving in the shower offers many benefits, including hydration, convenience, and cleanliness. For starters, the hot water and steam while showering will open up the pores on your face, soften your facial hair, give you better access to the follicle, and result in a closer, smoother shave.

Moreover, all the moisture and hydration minimizes razor burn. Because shaving is literally the process of running a blade across your skin, when your razor glides effortlessly and the hair is cut faster and easier, guys naturally adapt and use less pressure.

By lightening up your touch, you get fewer cuts, nicks, and skin irritation. Guys with sensitive skin will appreciate a good shave in the shower.

Lastly, shaving and showering just saves time by being convenient, effective and requiring no clean-up. This keeps your sink and products clean from whiskers.

However, you should only shave during a shower if you have the right shaving tools for the job.

Shaving Tools

Better To Shave In The Shower

Waterproof electric shavers and trimmers are designed to work well in the shower, so if you already have one or plan to invest in a wet-use tool, this method may be ideal. Guys can also use a quality cartridge razor with shaving butter.

Standard razors are safe and easy to handle. Since these products are already manufactured with the optimal cutting angle, you’re not at risk of nicking or irritating your skin. By applying a shaving butter, lotion or cream before you trim, you can also enhance the experience by allowing the blade to glide across your skin.

It is important to note that if you only have a straight razor or a double-edge safety razor, you probably should not shave in the shower. Both types of razors require attention-to-detail, proper positioning of the blade, and can be dangerous if you have a small shower space or can’t see every move you’re making.

Plus, you’ll need to continuously apply cream with a brush, and this can be hard to master in the shower.

Should You Shave During A Shower

Lastly, you’ll need to invest in a heated or fogless shower mirror and one of the best shaving creams on the market.

While the wetness will hydrate your skin, don’t deny yourself the benefits of a good moisturizing product. All-natural shaving butters are healthier and thicker, making them well-suited for dry or sensitive skin.

Even if you have normal skin, shaving cream makes it easy for your razor to glide across your skin while helping retain moisture and hydration to prevent dryness and flakes. From comfort to scent, get a top-rated shaving cream and you’ll never regret it.

Shaving After A Shower

Shower and Shave

Shaving after a shower is the best way to prepare your skin for a good, close shave. The shower then shave method is likely the style your father taught you, too. There are many reasons why showering before you shave has long been considered the ideal routine by experts.

First, showering with hot water cleans your skin and removes bacteria, grease, grime, and pollutants that have built-up on your face throughout the day. Cleansing your skin is essential since the process of shaving removes the hair follicle and opens your pores.

Once your pores are opened, they’re more susceptible to becoming clogged with bacteria that can cause mild to severe skin irritation and acne. By choosing to shave after you’ve showered, you’re effectively engaging in good skincare.

Wet or Dry Shaving

As a bonus, the shaft of your hair follicles swells and softens. With more of the follicle exposed, you actually get a closer shave. Furthermore, your beard becomes easier to cut, resulting in a smoother glide and fewer passes. Because you’ll end up exerting less pressure and force on your razor blade, you’ll also experience less irritation, cuts, bumps, and burns.

Use The Best Razor

To get the best shave, you’ll need the right tools. Fortunately, after your shower, all the best men’s shaving products become options, and that includes all types of razors. The best razors come from the top grooming brands in the industry.

Should You Shave Before or After A Shower

If you want a convenient disposable razor you can use to shave quickly and easily, a good cartridge razor is the way to go. While you may end up spending more in the long-run, blade refills promise fresh new razors at any time. Guys will want to consider the Gillette ProGlide, Dorco Pace 6 Pro, and Gillette Fusion5.

If you want a traditional close wet shave, a double-edge safety razor delivers the quality, control, and comfort you desire. Safety razors are great and effective, allowing you to achieve a super short cut without irritation. DE razors are also affordable and economical since blade replacements are cheap.

Finally, if you don’t want to mess around with a razor, then a top-notch electric shaver is worth the money. The most popular machines come with sharp blades for a close cut, powerful motors for high performance trimming, long-lasting rechargeable batteries, and provide a smooth, close cut without issues.

Well-engineered and reputable, the best electric shavers are the Braun Series 7, Panasonic Arc5, and Philips Norelco 4500.

Best Shaving Products

Shaving creams and pre-shave oils can also enhance the quality of your shave. By applying a pre-shave oil to your skin after you shower and before you shave, you provide lubrication and protection for your face.

Quality pre-shave oils are formulated with natural ingredients to further moisturize your skin and create a slick surface so your razor blade can glide and cut effortlessly. By minimizing friction, shaving oils stop razor burn, bleeding and skin irritation.

Best Shaving Products For An After Shower Shave

Buying a pre-shave oil or cream is advisable regardless of the type of razor you plan to use to shave. The more hydrated your skin is, the less likely you are to experience micro-abrasions and other irritants. The best pre-shaving products are made by The Art of Shaving, Proraso, and Taconic.

Another important shaving product to consider is shaving cream or butter. The top shaving creams and butters are made with the finest ingredients. Applied after the oil, they create a rich lather that makes it easy for your blade to run across your face, while also helping your skin retain moisture.

Overall, guys who use a high-quality shaving cream will be able to feel the difference in their shave. The best shaving creams for men come from Cremo, Taylor of Old Bond Street, The Art of Shaving and Van Der Hagen.

Finally, aftershave balms help seal in hydration without added sting or irritation. Plus, balms help close your pores following your shave to prevent bacteria from seeping in. After your skin absorbs the balm, guys practicing excellent skincare will likely want to apply a face cream or moisturizer for all-day protection.