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The Best Neckline Haircuts – Blocked, Rounded, Tapered

Choosing the right neckline (or nape) haircut for you is a combination of how you decide to cut your hair on the sides and your personal preferences. For example, if you’ve opted for a taper fade on the sides, you should request a tapered neckline; although you’re barber will likely already do this. The tapered nape has the added benefit of staying blended and clean for longer, even as your hair on top grows out.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous, modern day barbers have introduced hair designs for your fade, such as the men’s v-shaped haircut, as alternatives to the typical neckline shapes – blocked and rounded. The blocked or square neckline features sharp lines around the neckline while the rounded hairline has rounded corners.

Ultimately, we recommend getting a good neck trim more often than a full haircut to keep the hair on the back of your neck in check. Look below to see the different neckline styles for men!

Men’s Neckline Haircuts

Men's Neckline Haircuts

Tapered Nape Haircut

For a modern short haircut that will keep you looking young and stylish, the tapered or faded neckline cut is ideal. The advantages of the tapered neckline haircut are that the gradual fading of the hair offers a nicer look and your hair takes longer to grow out.

Neck Taper Haircut

Tapered Back Haircut

Tapered Neckline Haircut

Square/Blocked Neckline Haircut

The square or blocked neckline trim is best for guys with thinner necks. If you have a thick neck, skip this haircut on the back as it will make your neck look even thicker and disproportionate to your head.

Blocked Nape Haircut

Rounded Neckline Haircut

The rounded neckline cut is very similar to the square trim, but the corners are rounded off to create a more seamless transition to the nape of the neck.

Rounded Haircut

Rounded Neckline Cut