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Men’s Hairstyles For Oval Faces

Picking the best haircut for your face shape can be frustrating if you don’t have cool cuts to choose from. Luckily men’s hairstyles for oval faces are both plentiful and stylish. Compared to other types of face shapes such as round, square, oblong, diamond or triangular, long faces offer balanced facial features that accommodate many different hairstyles, meaning there isn’t just one type of haircut for oval faced men. However, we do recommend guys avoid covering their foreheads with fringes since bangs could make their face appear rounder. This isn’t a hard and fast rule for men’s haircuts and styles, but it can help if you have full cheeks.

Best Hairstyles For Oval Face Men

Ultimately, the best hairstyles for oval faces account for hair texture. To help you find the right haircut for your long face regardless of straight, curly or wavy hair, check out these styles and cuts that balance volume and length.

Textured Quiff + High Bald Fade

Men's Hairstyles For Oval Faces

Classic Taper + High Comb Over

Best Hairstyles For Oval Face

Brushed Up Hair + Short Sides + Full Beard

Oval Face Hairstyles For Men

Messy Quiff + Undercut + Thick Beard

Best Oval Face Haircuts

Slicked Back Undercut

Haircuts For Oval Faces Men

Messy Long Fringe + Tapered Sides

Best Hairstyles For Oval Faced Men

Pompadour Fade

Best Oval Face Haircuts For Guys

Low Bald Fade + Brushed Back Top

Haircut For Oval Faced Men

Undercut Comb Over + Long Beard

Short Hairstyles For Oval Faces

High Fade + Line Up + Textured Top

Short Haircuts For Oval Faced Men

Wavy Slick Back + Fade + Long Beard

Short Cuts For An Oval Face

Comb Over + Side Swept Fringe + Short Sides

Oval Face Haircuts For Men

Low Skin Fade + Textured Fringe + Beard

Low Skin Fade + Textured Fringe + Beard