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Layrite Pomade Review – Deluxe Original and Super Hold

Layrite Super Hold and Deluxe Original Pomades are some of the best water-based pomades you’ll find. In fact, there are dozens of pomades for men, but only a handful of them have achieved widespread legendary status and Layrite is definitely one of them. Developed “for barbers by barbers”, Layrite is obviously popular, but what makes their hair product special and is it a good pomade for you. In this review of Layrite Original and Super Hold Pomade, we will discuss the hold strength, shine, smell and texture of the company’s styling products.

Layrite Original and Super Hold Pomade Review

What Is Layrite Pomade?

Although the company has a number of styling products for sale, including a Natural Matte Cream and High Shine option, this Layrite pomade review will focus primarily on the brand’s top products – the Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade and Layrite Super Hold Pomade. Both have the same smell, consistency, texture and medium shine, with the only real difference being the strength of the hold.

Although the Super Hold offers the stronger hold that may be ideal for curly, wavy or coarse hair, the basic Layrite Original is still acclaimed as providing one of the firmest holds on the market. Ultimately, you really can’t go wrong with any of Layrite’s products – they are all very well-made pomades that won’t let you down.

Features of Layrite Pomade

These two Layrite pomades are both water-based, which means they rarely clump up, are easy to style and restyle, and don’t take much effort to wash out. As for the features of Layrite pomade, here’s a breakdown of what you need to know.

Strength of Hold

Layrite pomade supposedly holds like wax and washes out like gel, and for the most part, this is true. Layrite pomades offer an incredibly strong hold.

The Layrite Super Hold Pomade is best-suited for unruly hair that needs to be controlled. The company recommends this product for thick, wavy and curly hair and hairstyles that require a strong hold to style. However, we highly recommend you start with the Original Hold pomade before buying the Super Hold.

The Layrite Original Pomade already provides a higher hold than most other pomades. We’d even say that the medium-hold at Layrite is equivalent to another brand’s high-hold.


Both of these products are medium shine pomades. This means that, while they’re not a matte finish, they won’t make your hair glisten like grease – it’s the perfect balance.

However, do note that Layrite does offer a medium-hold Super Shine Pomade for guys who like that wet look all the time. Similarly, you can also find a medium-hold Natural Matte Cream for a more natural style.


Although smell is a subjective thing, the consensus is that Layrite’s pomades smell great. Both the Super Hold and Deluxe Original have almost exactly the same smell – a faint, almost floral, sweet vanilla scent. If you prefer a soft scent that isn’t overpowering yet presents a fresh fragrance, this is a plus.


Layrite pomades are smooth and homogeneous. They look like jelly or hair gel but feel slightly waxy and thick without any stickiness.

Layrite Pomade Review

Styling Ease

Layrite is certainly easy to style with. Like other pomades, we suggest you style by applying to slightly damp hair to allow for the product to spread easily and evenly. If your hair is too wet, use more pomade; otherwise, feel free to blow dry after you’ve styled to get a stronger hold with a lower shine. This can work well for messy or textured hairstyles.

Moreover, because Layrite pomades have a high hold, your hairstyle will last all day. If you do need to restyle later, running a wet comb through your hair should do the trick.


As a water-soluble styling product that is easy to wash out, Layrite Pomade’s ingredients are all natural. With no harsh chemicals, you won’t have to worry about this pomade damaging your hair or causing acne on your scalp.

The Verdict

It’s no surprise that Layrite is such a popular pomade brand. Between the Original and Super Hold Pomade, the company has a styling hair product for every man. And with its sweet smell, smooth texture, and quality hold, Layrite is a pomade you can use with any men’s hairstyle. Whether you pick the Original Deluxe or Super Hold variety, there’s no doubt that Layrite makes a great addition to any guy’s styling collection.