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Jimmy Butler Haircut

The Jimmy Butler haircut continues to be a popular style among NBA players and fans alike. Butler’s hairstyle has been mostly the same throughout his career – a low skin fade with short twists, curls, or locs on top. However, black men can choose to keep their hair on top longer or shorter, and get tighter or looser twists and dreads. Guys can even change how they cut their sides by asking for a low, mid or high fade for a unique look.

Best Jimmy Butler Haircuts

If you’re thinking about getting one of Jimmy Butler’s haircuts, you’ll need to know the name of his cuts and styles. Check out his hairstyles from over the years, including his latest style, for ideas.

Mid Skin Fade + Sponge Twists

Jimmy Butler Haircut - Mid Skin Fade + Sponge Twists

Box + Fade

Jimmy Butler Haircut - Box + Fade

Drop Fade + Long Locs

Jimmy Butler Hair - Drop Fade + Long Locs

Low Fade + Long Dreadlocks

Jimmy Butler Hairstyle - Low Fade + Long Dreadlocks

Low Bald Fade + Twists

Jimmy Butler Hairstyle - Low Bald Fade + Twists

Burst Fade + Short Afro

Jimmy Butler Haircut - Low Burst Fade + Short Afro

Medium Length Hair + Skin Fade

Jimmy Butler Haircut - Medium Length Hair + Skin Fade