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The Jared Leto Haircut

The Jared Leto haircut varies depending on the latest men’s hair trends and the actor’s current movie project. As a result, Jared Leto has tried so many different cool hair styles, ranging from his short hair for the movie Suicide Squad to the long man braid he rocked at the Golden Globes to the mohawk he wore a few years ago. And the Oscar-winner’s hairstyles don’t just change in length or style. Leto has been known to try every color under the sun. To prove it, we compiled plenty of pictures of Jared Leto’s red, blue, white, blonde, green and pink hair below.

Best Jared Leto Hair

Whether you want to try his new haircut or style a variation of his stylish short hair, check out our gallery of Jared Leto’s hair. You’ll find every famous hairstyle the actor has cut and styled.

Jared Leto Haircut

Jared Leto Short Hair

Jared Leto Short Hair

Jared Leto Pink Hair

Jared Leto Pink Hair

Blonde Hair

Jared Leto Bleach Blonde Hair

Red Hair

Jared Leto Red Hair

Long Hair

Jared Leto Long Hair

White Hair

Jared Leto White Hair


Jared Leto Mohawk

Blue Hair

Jared Leto Blue Hair

Bleached Blonde Hair

Jared Leto Blonde Hair

Green Hair

Jared Leto Green Hair

Short Hair with Beard

Jared Leto Beard

Man Braid

Jared Leto Man Braid

Man Bun

Jared Leto Man Bun

Short Messy Brushed Back Hair

Jared Leto with Short Hair

Long Hair with Beard

Jared Leto Long Hairstyle

Man Bun with Beard

Jared Leto Beard Style