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James Dean Haircut

The James Dean haircut may be one of the most iconic men’s hairstyles of all time. Although a lot has changed in the world of men’s hair trends, James Dean’s hair remains a strong influence. Known for his classic pompadour, quiff and bad boy persona, Dean’s hairstyle in the 1950’s was really the start of today’s modern cuts and styles. Learn more about Dean’s haircuts that will never go out of style!

How To Style Your Hair Like James Dean

To get James Dean’s hair, start by growing your hair out to a medium length. Now apply a small amount of pomade, wax or clay and spread it evenly through your hair. Using a comb, create some volume while combing your hair back.

For the quiff, style your hair back and up, making sure your hairstyle has a textured look. You may want to consider an undercut or fade on the sides for a modern twist.

For directions and ideas on styling a pompadour, check out these stylish pomps.

Best James Dean Haircuts

If you’re inspired to get one of James Dean’s haircuts and need to know exactly how to style your hair, you’ll love the pictures below. From his classic quiff hairstyle to helping Elvis Presley bring back the pompadour, we highly recommend you try a contemporary variation of Dean’s hairstyles.

Messy Quiff

James Dean Haircut - Messy Quiff

Classic Pompadour

James Dean Hairstyle - Pompadour

Rockabilly Pomp

James Dean Hair - Rockabilly Pomp

Textured Brushed Up Hair

James Dean Haircut - Textured Brushed Up Hair

Long Greaser Pompadour

James Dean Hairstyles - Long Greaser Pompadour