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G-Eazy Hairstyle

The G-Eazy hairstyle is a cool twist on a classic haircut inspired by the era of greaser hair. In most instances, the G-Eazy haircut is called a traditional slicked back or comb over slick back hairstyle. However, the rapper varies his cuts and styles to create different looks. If you’re curious about trying one of G-Eazy’s hairstyles, it’s also important to know that the hair product he uses is a water-based pomade. To style his slicked back hair, we recommend you use one of these best pomades for men.

If you’d like to replicate G-Eazy’s hair, check out our collection of his best haircuts for inspiration. Whether you choose a classic slick back or opt for a hard side part with faded sides, the G-Eazy style will certainly get you noticed.

Best G-Eazy Haircuts

G-Eazy Haircut

G-Eazy Hairstyle

G-Eazy Hairstyle - Slick Back Hair

G-Eazy Haircut Name - Low Fade with Textured Slick Back

G-Eazy Hairstyle - Undercut with Comb Over

G-Eazy Hair - Greaser Hairstyle

G-Eazy Hairstyle - Undercut with Tapered Slick Back

G-Eazy Haircut - Comb Over with Hard Part and Low Fade

G-Eazy Slicked Back Hairstyle

G-Eazy Hairstyle Name - High Taper Fade with Slicked Back Hair

G-Eazy Hair - Comb Over Slicked Back Hairstyle

Classic G-Eazy Slick Back Hair

Cool G-Eazy Hairstyles - Taper Fade with Greaser Slick Back

G-Eazy Style - High Fade with Thick Slick Back Haircut

G-Eazy Haircut with Beard