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Do You Use Shaving Cream With An Electric Razor?

When it comes to shaving, the electric razor is a grooming tool that will change your life. Electric shavers are technological marvels that provide a smooth, close shave within minutes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gentleman, knowing when you should or shouldn’t be using shaving cream can be tricky. If you’re using an electric razor, there are times you don’t need shaving cream or gel and other times where a moisturizing product can protect your skin and offer a better shave. For tips and tricks, we’ve compiled this guide on when to use shaving cream with an electric razor.

Shaving Cream With An Electric Razor

Do You Use Shaving Cream with an Electric Razor?

No, you don’t need to use shaving cream with an electric razor when dry shaving. While shaving cream will improve your experience and offer a closer, smother shave, you do not have to apply a lubricant or oil to your face before shaving. If you use an electric shaver for wet shaving, then you should apply cream for a close shave without irritation. To do this, you’ll need a waterproof shaver that can be used in the shower. To get the best shave, make sure to invest in high-quality shaving products including a top-rated electric razor and a good moisturizing shaving cream.

Do You Use Shaving Cream with an Electric Razor

Can You Shave Without Shaving Cream?

Yes, you can shave without shaving cream but you will increase the risk of cuts, burns, skin irritation, ingrown hairs and razor bumps. When you shave without lubrication, you don’t have a protective layer to shield your skin against the sharp blades, thereby increasing friction and minimizing hydration. Dry shaving can damage your skin and prevent you from getting the close shave you want. For a smooth shave, you should always use a pre-shave oil and shaving cream product.

Can You Shave Without Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream For An Electric Razor

Most guys get an electric shaver because this shaving tool is easy to use, offers a close shave and can be gentle on sensitive skin. Whether you’re dry or wet shaving, a good electric razor provides a convenient and quality shave. If you’re looking to take your shave to the next level, you may want to consider getting a shaving cream that will keep your skin moisturized, soft and protected. Getting the best shaving cream for an electric razor will guarantee a cleaner, closer and smoother shave. To inspire your search, we’ve compiled a list of the best shaving creams to use with a shaver.

Best Shaving Cream For An Electric Razor

Cremo Barber is a men’s grooming brand that’s known to make high-quality shaving products. The company’s Original Shave Cream will create a slick thick layer to minimize nicks, burns, bumps and irritation. Made with natural ingredients such as macadamia seed oil, aloe vera, calendula extract and olive leaf extract, this shaving cream is one of the most popular products on the market. For a close and comfortable shave with minimize resistance, you can’t go wrong with this affordable cream from Cremo.

Proraso has designed a premium shave cream that’s great for all skin types but is especially well-suited for men with sensitive skin. Free of parabens and silicone, this refreshing formula will protect your skin before, during and after, nourishing it with natural oils and botanicals. Thick and creamy, you’ll love using this shaving cream with an electric shaver.

Taylor of Old Bond Street is another well-known brand that has a reputation for making premium shaving products. The company offers a Sandalwood Shaving Cream that will prepare your face for a luxurious shave. The formula comes with a masculine scent that smells great and the product lathers up nicely with a brush.

Shaving Tips

Buy A Quality Electric Razor

When it comes to grooming tools for men, investing in a quality electric razor is the best way to ensure a good shaving experience. Most guys know to avoid dull and rusty cartridge razor blades, but modern gentlemen should use high-end shavers to trim their facial hair regularly. Standard razors often leave you with a poor shave and skin irritation. If you’re ready to take your shaving experience to the next level, you’ll need to upgrade to a top-rated electric product.

There are many great brands that are established in the men’s grooming industry, so it can be a challenge choosing the right model for your needs. The best options on the market right now include the Braun Series 7, Panasonic Arc5 and Philips Norelco 3800.

While some guys may compare rotary and foil shavers, most would benefit from using a machine that leverages a foil design. The main difference between a foil and rotary shaver is the cutting motion, where rotary heads move in a circular motion while foil electric razors oscillate and offer a smoother shave.

Buy A Quality Electric Razor

Use A Good Shaving Cream

When it comes to using a moisturizing product, a good shaving cream can make all the difference to your shave. Shaving creams create a protective barrier between your skin and razor. These essential products also prime the skin and keep it hydrated to reduce irritation. While you can shave without shaving cream, you will be increasing your risk of bleeding, razor burn, irritation, ingrown hairs and other injuries. Also known as dry shaving, we don’t recommend shaving without lubrication so always invest in a high-quality cream from brands like Cremo Barber and Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Although it may be tempting to use a traditional canned product from the local drugstore, you’ll find that these creams will dry out your skin due to all the chemicals in the formula. To treat your skin with the respect it deserves, choose thick shaving products that are made with natural ingredients. These creams are less damaging and tend to provide better visibility as they don’t produce excess foam. Good creams also contain soothing ingredients like shea butter to keep your skin soft and smooth.

Use A Good Shaving Cream

Shaving Prep

Preparing to shave your face is an extremely important step to achieving a good result. Before shaving, be sure to clean your face and neck with a gentle, water-based cleanser to remove sweat and grime. Some men will even shower before shaving to soften the skin and hair. After a warm shower, you may want to apply a pre-shave oil to prime the skin and add an extra layer of lubrication.

A regular exfoliation regime will also remove any dead skin cells that prevent a smooth shave. Chemical exfoliators work well for those with congested skin but aren’t advisable for use just before shaving. Instead, use them the night before you plan to shave.

Prepare To Shave

Shave Against The Grain

Once you’ve applied your shaving cream and allowed it to moisten your beard, you’ll want to shave against the grain. Before you start shaving, find out how your hair grows. The easiest way to do this is to move your fingers across your beard until you feel a certain resistance. This resistance will show you that you’re going against the grain. Take note of the direction of your hair growth and use it to your advantage.

A popular way to shave against the grain is by using the three-pass method. This essentially involves shaving with the grain first, then going in for a shave across the grain before giving your final pass against the grain. This method is most suitable for men with significant facial hair. Those who are just touching up stubble should be able to safely shave against the grain with little effort. Shaving against the grain gives the smoothest possible result and is well worth mastering with your electric razor.

Shave With or Against The Grain

Apply An After-Shave Product

Since your skin is likely to be sensitive after a shave, you’ll want to apply some after-shave to boost hydration and reduce redness. Be sure to remove any lingering traces of shaving cream before applying an aftershave product or lotion since mixing these creams is not ideal.

When buying the perfect aftershave, get a cream that contains soothing natural ingredients without alcohol. Irritated skin, nicks and cuts can be aggravated by harsh aftershaves so it’s better to stick with gentle formulas.

Apply An After-Shave Product

Be Quick and Efficient

When shaving with an electric razor, you’ll want to be quick with your trim and use a high-quality machine that will give you a close cut. Shavers are powered by motors, meaning the longer the machine runs, the more your razor will heat up. If the motor gets too hot, you’ll find that your shave will be less precise and may look patchy. To avoid this, be quick and efficient with your approach or just invest in a well-designed product that doesn’t get hot.

Get A Fast Shave

More Razor Heads

The more heads your razor has, the more likely it is to pick up stubborn hairs. Different heads will grasp different hairs, so having a variety of razor heads is paramount to achieving the perfect shave. Many electric razor brands offer blades specifically for trimming or cutting flatter hairs. Therefore, to ensure optimal coverage, you may wish to invest in a razor that offers different heads. If you only have one shaving head in your arsenal, you’re unlikely to finish the job without turning to a traditional bladed razor to catch hairs that are left behind.

More Razor Heads

Faster Shaver Speed Is Better

Fast shavers are more powerful and can cut through thicker facial hair. When choosing an electric razor, you’ll want to get a product that runs faster than 13,000 cycles per minute (CPM) or a model that features a “Turbo Mode” option. High-performance razor blades and motors require less pressure on the skin, which should minimize cuts, skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Guys with sensitive skin will need to be smart about the shavers they use. The best machines on the market come from the leading brands, such as Philips Norelco, Braun, Panasonic and Remington.

Faster Shaver Speed Is Better

Clean Your Shaver Properly

Cleaning your electric shaver properly and regularly will keep it functioning well and taking the time after a shave to clean blades and mechanisms will prolong the life of your product. Use a simple combination of soap and water to remove small hairs and any residual shaving cream. Don’t forget to wash the inner blades.

Keep your razor well lubricated with hair clipper oil or a dedicated electric razor oil, as this lubrication reduces friction between the blades and will result in a smoother shave. Many excellent razors include cleaning stations to help you clean and care for your razor with ease. You will pay for the privilege of this feature, but it’s worth the extra cost if you struggle with maintenance.

Clean and Maintain Your Shaver