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30 Attractive Curtains Hairstyles For Men

The curtains hairstyle has been making a comeback in recent years. Curtains were a very popular cut and style for men in the 90s, made famous by boy bands, movie stars, and international athletes. Like many trendy men’s hairstyles, the curtain haircut has come full circle and guys are pairing this middle part hairstyle with an undercut or fade on the sides and back to create a cool modern look. If you’re ready to style men’s hair with a center part, this guide to the best curtain hairstyles for men will help you find the right cut for you.

Curtain Hairstyle

What Is The Curtain Haircut?

The curtain hairstyle is a cut and style for men where the hair on top is left longer and styled with a middle part to create the appearance of curtains. The curtain haircut is often combined with a taper, taper fade, or undercut. The short sides highlight the long parted hair on top.

Curtain Haircut

Casual and stylish, most guys like to keep the center part neat and leave the hair on the sides of their face loose with a light styling product. Other men style the look messy for a more relaxed, low-maintenance style. No matter what, curtain bangs fashion an edgy aesthetic that looks good on boys, teens and young men.

Curtain Hairstyles For Men

Ultimately, this split down the middle hairstyle is fashionable, smooth and works for a number of hair types, including straight, thick, wavy and curly hair.

Curtain Cut

How To Get The Curtain Haircut

The best curtain hairstyles require short medium to long hair on top but keep the sides and back short. You can ask your barber for a low, mid or high taper fade haircut or an undercut. A curtain cut with an undercut has been particularly popular in barbershops.

How To Get The Curtain Haircut

When styling a curtain haircut, apply a wax, cream, or mousse through your hair and spread evenly. Then use a comb to create a part down the middle of your hair. Keep your curtained hair in the front or brush it behind your ear when necessary. The final look depends on your style.

Best Men's Curtain Haircuts

Middle Part Hairstyles

The middle part for men is a classic hairstyle where the hair on top is parted in the center to achieve a defined look. While middle part hairstyles are not all styled with curtain cuts, the haircut styles are similar. You’ll need to grow your hair out for both since the middle parting can only be accomplished with medium length to longer hair.

Middle Part Hair Men

How To Get A Middle Part

To part your hair down the middle, guys will need to grow their hair out. Make sure you have a healthy diet and lifestyle, and continue to get short trims to remove split-ends that can stunt growth.

Middle Part Guys

Moreover, a high-quality shampoo and conditioner as well as a multi-vitamin can ensure you stimulate hair growth. Hair loss and thickening shampoos can be great at maximizing growth and maintaining a healthy scalp.

Men's Center Part Hair

Modern styles dictate that you get a short haircut on the sides and back with longer hair on top. There are many types of fades to try, but some men prefer undercuts. If you want a flowing long hairstyle, just cut a quarter inch of the tips.

Middle Part Hairstyles For Men

To style the center part, brush to straighten your hair. Thick long straight hair is perfect for a middle part, but men with wavy and curly hair can achieve the style as well. For a natural shine and textured finish, apply a styling pomade clay, cream or mousse.

How To Get A Middle Part

Now use a comb to get a part in the middle. Blow dry your parted hairstyle for an all-day hold. Similarly, you can apply some sea salt spray for a bouncy beachy finish or hairspray for a firm hold and increased volume.

Middle Part Hairstyle with Short Sides

Best Curtain Hairstyles

For inspiration on cool haircuts and styles, check out these trendy curtain haircut styles to get on your next visit to the barber.

EBoy Hair

An eBoy is a guy who has an emo-inspired style and a huge online presence. Blending modern hipster and emo fashion, eBoy hair is usually styled with a curtains hairstyle. The eBoy haircut starts with longer length hair on top and a shorter cut on the sides. The hairstyle is then parted down the middle to achieve curtain bangs, which flow loose and freely to frame the face. Bold, dark and on-trend, young guys and boys can pull off the eBoy look with flair.

EBoy Hairstyle

Fade Curtain Haircut

The curtain haircut with a fade is versatile and modern, allowing guys to change up their style without a cut. Depending on how long you want your hair on top, you can get different kinds of fades, ranging from a low taper to high skin fade. The faded sides contrast the middle parted curtains to accentuate the styling. Use a light to medium hold product to enhance volume and movement for a fuller look.

Fade Curtain Haircut

Middle Part Undercut

Undercut curtains offer a very popular version of the classic look. The middle part undercut is classy and sexy on most men because it’s a timeless clean-cut style. As one of the best short haircuts for men, the undercut will elevate your curtains hairstyle whether you have short, medium or long hair.

Middle Part Undercut

Short Hair Curtains

If you want a low-maintenance style, get curtains with short hair. To style a short middle part, you’ll need a strong styling product to keep the hair in place. With short middle parted hair, guys will need a shorter haircut on the sides and back to accentuate the look. Stylish and chic, short hair curtains are definitely worth trying.

Short Hair Curtains

Long Hair Curtains

Long hair naturally lends itself to a middle part. Styled by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Kurt Cobain, long hair curtains look sleek and fashionable. From thick straight locks to wavy or curly hair, long middle parted men’s hairstyles exude sex appeal and style perfectly with the right product. Alternatively, guys can always try side swept hair when they want to change up their look.

Middle Part Long Hair

Wavy Hair Middle Part

A wavy hair middle part adds personality and texture that is hard to match. Guys with wavy hair are blessed with a unique type that flows beautifully with curtained cuts. Waves also provide another dimension for extra volume and thickness.

Curly Hair Middle Part Curtains Hairstyle

Curly Hair Curtains

While curls can be hard to manage and style, curly curtain hairstyles offer a flattering look you can experiment with. While short curly hair can be tempting, longer curls leverage the weight of your hair. With the help of a good curl-enhancing cream, achieve the center part and get this cool hairstyle.

Wavy Hair Middle Part

Split Hairstyle

Split hairstyles have been around for centuries in one form or another.Whether you split your hair down the middle, prefer an off-center part, or want a side swept hairstyle like the classic side part, this style is handsome and versatile. Grow out your hair, cut it just right, and style a fresh hairstyle that will stand out in any crowd.

Split Down The Middle Hairstyle

Asian Middle Part Hairstyle

One of the most popular hairstyles for Asian men is the middle part. Inspired by K-Pop hair trends, the Asian curtain haircut features tapered or undercut sides and a longer fringe. Asian guys are often blessed with thick straight hair, so the center parting is easy to get and style. Apply a strong pomade to keep the look intact throughout the day.

Asian Middle Part Hair

Boys Middle Part

Cute and nice-looking, the middle part has been a cool boy’s hairstyle for years. From toddlers and little kids to teenage guys, boys love the curtain haircut because it blends modern and classic styles. The resurgence can be partially attributed to a recent revival of 90s fashion. Using a small amount of product, the boys middle part styles best with a soft smooth finish.

Boys Middle Part

90s Curtains

The 90s curtain haircut was a major men’s hair trend followed by celebrities like Nick Carter, Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Skeet Ulrich, Brian McFadden, Robbie Williams, James Van Der Beek, and Jared Leto. Known as a pretty boy hairstyle, women just love curtains for men. Get the split parted cut and you’ll find that the girls all around you will swoon!

90s Curtain Haircut