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Best Places To Get Cheap Haircuts Near Me

If you’re tired of paying for expensive haircuts at hair salons, there are several ways to get free or cheap haircuts for you and your family. As the average price of a haircut for men and women continues to increase, it’s important to find the best places to get cheap haircuts near you as potential alternatives when you want to save money. And while a cheap barber or barber shop may not get you the perfect fade, for many guys, a $10 haircut for a buzz cut is better than dealing with the mess of cutting your own hair at home.

From barbershops to hair salons to other convenient nearby places to get a men’s haircut, if you’ve ever wondered where to get an affordable, low-cost haircut, this guide is for you. Find the best cheap haircuts near you right now!

Cheap Haircuts

Best Places To Get Cheap Haircuts Near Me

Whether you want a free haircut or just like to save money at a cheap barber shop, there are a number of ways to cut costs and still look good. Here are the top ways to get your haircut!

Barber Shops

Best Places To Get Cheap Haircuts Near Me

There is always a cheap barber shop near you. While we think all guys should get their haircuts at good barber shops, the quality of your cut obviously depends on the barber and location. The best barbers charge more or move to expensive areas with high-end clients.

Nonetheless, you can definitely find cheap barbers who provide decent haircuts. For simple and easy hairstyles like the buzz cut, crew cut, or any short regular haircut, visiting your local barber can be an excellent discount option. Most barbers in traditional barbershops have been cutting men’s hair for a long time and are experienced enough to trim your hair well.

Cheap Barber Shops Near Me

However, good barbers can even offer a great trim for a women’s haircut. Naturally, barbershops are best-suited for women’s short hairstyles. If you want to trim longer hair, we recommend a salon.

For men, your local barbershop should probably be your first choice given its convenience and low cost. Barber shops are also the best and cheapest places for kids haircuts.

Generally, you should expect the cost to be more affordable than any hair salon or discount franchise. In fact, it’s very reasonable to find $6, $8, or $10 haircuts here. You may even want to check Groupon to find discounts.

Beauty and Cosmetology Schools

Get Cheap Haircuts At Beauty Schools

Local cosmetology, beauty, and barber schools are a great way to get cheap or free haircuts. Students who are training to become barbers, stylists and hairdressers need to practice their skills through real experience. Under the supervision of licensed and professional instructors, these students will cut your hair.

Because it is a teaching school and the course is generally required to pass, expectations are high and you’ll actually get a good haircut. On the off-chance your barber or stylist makes a mistake, the teacher will walk them through fixing the cut.

Free Haircuts at Cosmetology Schools

Ultimately, you’ll get a good haircut at a low price. After all, the school wouldn’t be allowing them to practice barbering or cutting hair if they didn’t have basic training.

Haircut prices at barber programs and local beauty schools depend on your city, but the cost will still be cheaper than a salon or barbershop. Search for classes and programs in your area to learn about services available to the public.

Hair Salon Chains

Cheap Hair Salons

Hair salon chains like Fantastic Sams, Great Clips, Supercuts, and Sport Clips may be another way to save money on haircuts. How much value these discount haircut franchises provide really depends on your city and how much you are currently spending on your cuts.

Most of these hair businesses have significantly increased their prices and are often not the best places for a men’s haircut. However, these companies have locations everywhere and you can expect a reasonable trim at a decent price.

We suggest you try a local barber first and then consider these chains as alternatives.

Work-At-Home Barbers

Cheap Barber Shops At Home

Some barbers and stylists actually work from home. These self-employed barbers charge low prices because they don’t have the same expenses as traditional shops. Without rent and other fixed costs, they can afford to ask for and work at cheaper rates.

Similarly, work-at-home stylists operate as small businesses instead of getting treated like employees. In addition to the benefits of a flexible schedule, these professionals are able to earn more working for themselves as opposed to only a flat hourly rate plus tips.

Many talents hairdressers and barbers start out running a business from home. To find these skilled professionals, you’ll need to ask family and friends for referrals.

Cutting Your Own Hair

Free Haircut When You Cut Your Own Hair Men

Cutting your own hair has never been so easy. If you want to give yourself a fade haircut or cut your hair short at home, there are numerous online courses and programs. Plus, trimming your hair with clippers can be effortless if all you want is very short hair on top with shorter hair on the sides.

Depending on how serious you are about a DIY haircut, you’ll need to invest in good clippers. There are cheap home clippers that come with sharp blades, a quality motor, and all the attachments and accessories you’ll need.

However, men who want to cut their hair regularly will want professional hair clippers. Barber clippers offer the sharpest blades, powerful motors, corded and cordless use, long battery life, and a complete set of guards and combs.

In the end, you can save hundreds of dollars a year if you learn to cut your own hair at home.


Where To Get Cheap Haircuts For Men

The largest hair salon chains are always offering coupons. Just search online or in your local newspaper to locate coupons for Supercuts, Fantastic Sams, Great Clips, and other top chains. You can even sign up to receive special promotions regularly via email.

Moreover, daily deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial are constantly promoting hair cutting services, salons, and barber shops. When you need a new cut and style, just check out the site to find a deal near you.

Barter With Your Barber

Cheap Barbers For Affordable Haircuts

If you have a unique valuable skill, it might be worth discussing a trade. Consider bartering services with a friend who cuts and styles hair. If you have a large Instagram following, maybe promote their business after a haircut. If you are creative, offer to paint a cool mural at their shop. As a last resort, just work at their salon or barbershop to pay off the free haircut.

Cheap Barber Shop Near Me

Getting a good haircut doesn’t have to be expensive. And while we absolutely recommend you start by finding a cheap barber shop near you, men and women both have a number of inexpensive choices. The cheapest place for you can be a barber school, local shop, or a friend who runs a hairdressing business from home. You’ll just have to look around and find a reputable spot to try.

The most important thing to remember is to not experiment with a new place or hairstyle right before a special occasion.